Wind in the Word


Good morning. This morning sermon will be on the subject of wind. Since it is the early spring, it’s a great time just to reflect again on wind. For those of us that have been outside, especially, we can appreciate the subject and what does God say about it? So continuing on, let’s turn in our Bibles or look at the screen to the book of Ephesians, chapter four, verse 14.

That we hencefoorth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and caried about with euery winde of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftinesse, whereby they lye in waite to deceiue:

God gives us a sober warning that we do not want to hear the voice of the world and get blown by the winds of doctrine. We want to get our doctrine from the Lord. We want his breath to teach us and edify us so that we don’t get carried away in our imaginations and get the wrong idea about who God is. So as I mentioned, what is wind? According to the definition in God’s word, wind is doctrine. In Job, chapter eight, verse two it says, how long will thou speak these things? And how long shall the words of thy mouth be like a strong wind? As we read the Bible, God’s word more and more the Holy Spirit will edify us and make an association of wind or other things related to wind as being spiritually tied into the word of God. Things that are related to wind breath. It says in Psalm 33,

6By the word of the Lord were the heauens made: and all the host of them, by the breath of his mouth.

So again God is making a connection between the word of the Lord being associated with the breath of his mouth. Tempest is another word that is related to wind. A Tempest is a storm. It says in Psalm eleven,

6Upon the wicked hee shall raine snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup.

Very important that we reflect on this. We want an association by the power of the Holy Spirit to be made with a Tempest being trouble as it relates to doctrine. And if we can associate that, we’ve got? Snares, fire and brimstone as well as a portion of their cup. We know that the whole world is drunk on red wine in the cup that is in the hand of the Lord, that he makes people drunk with because they don’t believe his word. He’s also associating a snare with it, as well as fire and brimstone and a Tempest. So our spiritual vocabulary needs to be built up here so that as we read other places in Scripture we have the discernment of the Holy Spirit and not the precepts of men. It says in Psalm 147,

18He sendeth out his word, and melteth them: he causeth his wind to blow, and the waters flow.

Yet another association of wind and word. There are types of wind, for example, north and south. In the Song of Solomon, chapter four, verse 16,

16¶ Awake, O Northwinde, and come thou South, blow vpon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out: let my beloued come into his garden, and eate his pleasant fruits.

At first reading, it sounds like beautiful love poetry and that type of thing. However, when you read the entire Canon of scripture and the Holy Spirit teaches us what is going on in the song, we get an entirely different idea than we get from the winds of the world. Their doctrine is not our doctrine. First of all, we’re reminded by the Holy Spirit that when God talks about wind, he’s talking about doctrine. Reference Deuteronomy, chapter 32, for one example. Garden, spiritually is a place where you get understanding. It’s like your mind, you have understanding in a place, and that place is spiritually called a garden. And you get understanding from words, whether they’re the words of God or the words of men. You have a garden of understanding. And of course, we know from the Book of Proverbs that fruit is associated with wisdom.

So when we read with the Holy Spirit as Christians, we get in the Song of Solomon, here an understanding that there’s winds of doctrine blowing and giving us an understanding of something. And spices often are associated with Babylon because spices are needed to make her idols taste good to eat, so that they’re palatable. They kind of are ear tickling idols. And God is talking about Bibles. It says, Let my beloved come into his garden and eat his pleasant fruits. In other words, acquire wisdom from a place of understanding from these winds of doctrine from the north and from the south.

So that sets up the song in terms of what happens going forward. But the Song of Solomon is about Antichrist building a Bible. And this is just one verse that we get an idea of how God uses wind to edify the Saints. If you take a look at the world, we’ve got wind that blows around the world. We’ve got literal wind. If we walk outside, usually you can feel the breeze someday. It’s an extremely strong wind. Someday, some other times it’s very still and you don’t discern much. But west wind indicates a wind that is non contrary. Usually the winds come from the west and they blow toward the east. That’s very typical. And when that happens, you get your standard weather patterns. However, sometimes you get an east wind, which is contrary. If the wind comes from the east and blows towards the west, then you usually have very bad storms. And it’s an unusual it’s contrary to what is normal. Well, the same holds true for the word of God.

A west wind, spiritually indicates good doctrine and an east wind indicates bad doctrine spiritually. So God explains this in the types of wind the east is contrary to God. In the book of Hosea, chapter twelve, it says,

1Ephraim feedeth on winde, and followeth after the East winde: hee daily increaseth lies and desolation, and they doe make a couenant with the Assyrians, and oyle is caried into Egypt.

In Genesis, chapter 41, it says,

7And the seuen thin and ill fauoured kine that came vp after them, are seuen yeeres: and the seuen emptie eares blasted with the East wind, shall bee seuen yeeres of famine.

And from the book of Amos, we know that God talks about a famine, not necessarily a bread, but of hearing of the words of God. So we’re taught at a spiritual level that the east wind is not a good wind. It often means that spiritual Israel, that is, the-would be professing Christian believers backslides with Babylonian doctrine the world’s winds. Therefore, they’re deluded, which happens to God’s people all the time, all throughout Scripture. Okay, we’ve got a different type of wind called a west wind, which is non-contrary to God spiritually, it is good. It says in Exodus, chapter ten,

19And the Lord turned a mighty strong West wind, which tooke away the locusts, and cast them into the red sea: there remained not one locust in all the coasts of Egypt.

So you can understand what that means on a natural, literal level. But spiritually, God is talking about good doctrine that takes away the Crown of Babylon, those scholars and teachers that have crowns of gold and silver on their head because they’re filled with their own wisdom and understanding, and they mislead God’s people. They don’t use the correct word of God, and they’re all caught up on their own wisdom and understanding. The Red Sea symbolizes the Scarlet woman, the sea representing people in strife. Raging waves foaming out their own shame. As it says in the book of Jude, the locust represents someone that eats up God’s food by corrupting the word. Egypt is Babylon, so God’s word removes the powers of Babylonian delusion caused by her many Bible corruptors. They’re known as the Crown locust. I’ve got a couple of references to scripture there. Nahum, chapter three and Revelation, chapter nine, in case anyone wants to go and do a study on that. Okay, moving on. We’ve got other symbols like wind, and they’re very important symbols. It says in Psalm 148,

8Fire and haile, snow and vapour: stormie wind fulfilling his word.

We want to keep an association with all of those terms. Fire God talks about. Fire are his words, not as fire, I’m paraphrasing, but anytime fire is mentioned, we want an association with it’s, a word typically God’s word, but maybe the word of Antichrist. Same with hail, snow and vapor, stormy wind, fulfilling his word. God has a Tempest, and he often sends it to shake up people that are not listening to Him. Other symbols in the wind. We’ve got an airborne flying roll in Zechariah, chapter five, it says,

2And hee said vnto mee, What seest thou? and I answered, I see a flying roule, the length thereof is twentie cubites, and the breadth thereof tenne cubites.

We know that’s the size of Solomon’s porch, a porch is an entryway into a house. So spiritually we know, taught by the Holy Spirit that this flying role is. We know the size of it, but it is the size of Solomon’s porch, which is an entryway to the household of faith. We know that it’s in the wind, it’s airborne. So that represents that it has something to do with doctrine. So we know that because we have the spiritual vocabulary that natural people cannot receive, it says in the Book of Proverbs, chapter 25,

14Who so boasteth himselfe of a false gift, is like cloudes and winde without raine.

What does this mean? Spiritually clouds are prophets. They drop down God’s doctrine. The rain, the rain and wind are his doctrine. He defines that in Scripture. I mentioned before Deuteronomy chapter 32. But there’s many other places that God mentions this spiritual lesson. So what it really means is whoever boasts of a false Christ in their false Bible is like having prophets and doctrine of Babylon, but no word of God which is fulfilled today in all the counterfeit scriptures that we have in the markets. So these are other symbols in the wind that we need to take heed and pay attention to. I’ve talked about this recently. How do the prophets prophesy if the scripture or circuit is broken? And I referenced John chapter 10:35, Ecclesiastes, chapter one, verse six. It says in John chapter ten, the scripture cannot be broken. Is that something that anyone believes you cannot add to nor diminish from a single word of God without penalty. He blocks people out of the book of life who change anything in his word. His word is pure, it’s true, and it’s not to be tampered with. It says in Ecclesiastes chapter one,

6The winde goeth toward the South, and turneth about vnto the North; it whirleth about continually, and the winde returneth againe according to his circuits.

So God uses winds of doctrine to describe a circuit that he later fills in the blanks by giving us an idea of an electrical circuit that I show here, you’ve got a power source, a load or a lamp and a switch, and that circuit will cause light to shine if it’s closed, if everything is firing correctly, but it will not shine otherwise. So on this slide we see that the power is being applied. And I’ve got some verses there on the battery. The word of God is in every word testimony, and I’ve got several scriptural references there in Jesus Christ in John chapter eight, verse twelve is the light of the world. So if you’ve got an every word testimony, that circuit will be complete and it will shine the light of the world, you’ll be able to discern spiritual things instead of natural things only.

However, God warns that if you change anything and break the circuit, that light is not going to shine doesn’t mean you’ve lost Salvation. What it means is that you’re in a spirit of slumber. If you have oil in your lamp, if you’re in a Bible that is written by the Holy Spirit and you’ve got oil in your lamp, you’re saved. But you don’t have that discernment spiritually from the light of the world, God has turned off that understanding and you’re in darkness in terms of your spiritual discernment. And one example I give is change a word like she to he in the Song of Solomon, chapter two, verse seven, breaks the scripture, and you don’t have the spiritual discernment anymore, because to someone that has the correct testimony, which is she, it’s a very simple lesson.

God is showing a woman in the arms of a man and the woman is drunk on flaggings of wine. Very critical, very basic in terms of understanding the song. But if you change the word, then you don’t have that discernment. So just a warning from God. So I’m going to go back and give a slide here. Jeremiah, chapter 51, verse 17.

17Euery man is brutish by his knowledge: euery founder is confounded by the grauen image: for his moulten image is falsehood, and there is no breath in them.

So God is talking about how people will be confounded by the Graven image or a molten image. The words of the Lord are pure as silver tried in a furnace of Earth purified seven times. I’m paraphrasing what it says in the book of Psalms, but God describes his word as pure, molten silver. If you have a molten image, you have a false Bible and you’re confounded by it. And God warns that you’re going to be confounded and there’s no breath in them. He didn’t breathe the Scriptures because they’re corrupt. So it says in One, Peter, chapter two,

6Wherefore it is conteined in the Scripture, Beholde, I lay in Sion a chiefe corner stone, elect, precious, and he that beleeueth on him, shall not be confounded.

If you’re a true believer in Jesus Christ, you hear his voice and the Holy Spirit leads you out of idolatry. He leads you into a vessel where the dross has been removed. And that may be a process that takes a long time for some, for others, it may happen in a short period of time, but the dross is removed because the Holy Spirit gives you a conviction when there is a problem in the testimony. I don’t know how many examples I’ve been given by other people that have testified of this, how when they read the Scriptures and there is a problem in it, the Holy Spirit convicts them. And that’s a separate lesson. But if you’re a born again believer and you truly believe that God’s word is true and not to be tampered with and you’ve received the Holy Spirit, you’re going to be led by the Holy Spirit to all truth. Praise God for that. So in conclusion, wind is symbolic of words or doctrine. Do not let the world’s winds of confusion blow you around. It says in Jeremiah chapter 51

16When he vttereth his voyce, there is a multitude of waters in the heauens, and he causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth, he maketh lightnings with raine, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures.

God is just talking about if you believe on his word he will teach you and lead you to all truth. His treasures which are laid up in heaven for us, not here on Earth. His treasures of gold and silver his wisdom and understanding that you can’t get from men because men’s gold and silver is perishable and God says the rust of it will be a witness against them because it’s really like iron. It’s corrupt, it will rust and we just want to make sure that we’re in the right Bible and we have the right faith. So that being said, God bless everyone, enjoy the spring, stay safe and I’ll look forward to talking again soon.


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