Why this site?

If you have arrived at this page you are indeed rare because most of us have preconceived ideas and a extremely short attention span so I will attempt to explain what this site is.

You might ask what on earth is this all about? Your website says the 1611 bible is the only true bible? However I have never even seen it and why would I in the first place? It is over 400 years old and I am not a Shakespeare fan! There are so many great new translations out there that are easier to read and speak in my normal tongue. It seems foolish to have such a web site dedicated to a classical book yes but more deserving of being a beautiful bookshelf monument.

Or perhaps you have read the King James (KJV) Bible your whole life and are certain you have the 1611 version already so why would I go any further with my research. I have the original bible! My leather book is my pride and joy and I have memorised it back to front. In fact my book shelf is overflowing with numerous iterations of the beloved KJV, commentaries and Lexicons. What can this poor attempt of website possibly teach me?

Maybe you have come here because you heard there is only one true English translation that was authorized by King James 1st in 1611 and the one called KJV was published in 1769 well past the death of that king so he could not have authorized its use in England. You would like to find out more and how it changed the destiny of the modern world. You may desire to know why it is so different than all modern translations and perhaps have you missed out on some great teaching it hides within it pages. The same pages that sent shock waves to the Papal seat of Rome.

Or you just need to know the truth of who that man Jesus was, what he did and why so many huge churches exist but seem to care more about designer clothes and selling books than someone so alone like me. I am no-one and I need know if I am actually important to God and how I can read His inspired and preserved word? The churches I went to told me it was lost but this bible here is so cool to read and Jesus is mentioned in it so it is the best you will find. Join our club they said. Wear our brand instead.

The reason this site exists is extremely simple. It seeks to point believers (or those who desire to be) back to the pure source of the water of Gods very words in English. Big claim? Not really. God does not need me to convince you but to present or point you in the right direction as God Himself leads you. I myself have been around for while but started down this road myself fairly recently and wanted to create somewhere I could study, make notes of my journey as I rediscover Gods true Word. Using the resources and research of other men who have been at this for many years I seek to promote their work here and make it easy for you to find it too.

Authors found on this site

Many authors found in the links and resources (or posts) used the KJV and not the 1611 text itself but still provide valuable information about Rome, prophecy and other historical subjects. I include them because there are virtually no 20th or 21st century writers that point out Babylon, Rome and Anti-Christ as was established for 1800 years of church history. This subject has been quietly swept under rug as the church became more open to modern corrupted bibles. I have no idea why these 19th century authors quoted the KJV rather than the 1611 text. I am not an academic (if that wasn’t completely obvious) so have not looked into it as I am flat out learning the 1611 text and brainwashing myself with the pure testimony of God’s word in English.

A word about the links page

NOTE: If you have issues with the books loading try refreshing it a few times and if it is slow, download it once it appears. Until this site gets upgraded there might be occurrences such as this. At the moment I am not looking at doing this (very few visitors) so please persist. This site is hosted on a shared server for economical reasons however most of these books were found on archive.org. Copies of such books do get “cleansed” from the internet and accounts get closed so I uploaded them here – no-where is immune and this has been occurring for many years. I placed them here to centralise and save time. You could copy and paste the name of the book in to a search engine like duckduckgo and attempt to find the PDF yourself. Some are also on Amazon for example in paper form.

To clarify, this page provides some references to books that unveil historical thinking on doctrines taught by early Christians and reformists as apposed to 20th and 21st century teaching from main stream churches as we know them today. Much of what we know as a doctrine is completely opposed to the view of the early church and later protestants. Hence this is why I included some of the more prominent authors so we may read how they saw the world and Rome. That does not mean that everything they believed was always correct but it is more a matter of history – something we must study in order to understand where we find ourselves today and how we got here.

Make no mistake the counter reformation has always been in place and John called it – “Anti Christ” in his letter to the early church. What ever the church does to further the Word of God will always be opposed by the God of this world and is a given. This has always been the case. If we read Genesis 3:15 this is made very plain by God.

And I will put enmitie betweene thee and the woman, and betweene thy seed and her seed: it shal bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heele.

So it is no wonder that the enemy of the woman would employ considerable intellect and resources in to deceiving even the elect. This is fundamental and occurs constantly through every means possible – particularly science.

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shal shew great signes and wonders: insomuch that (if it were possible,) they shall deceiue the very elect.


Do not waste time you do not have with conspiracies. (Speaking to myself too!) Seek the true Word of God and stop arguing your own vain philosophies that will add nothing to salvation. Jesus said (note the capitals):

Iesus saith vnto him, I am the Way, the Trueth, and the Life: no man commeth vnto the Father but by mee.

Jesus is not just a way, truth and life but these are exclusively his titles. I am not talking the Babylonian Jesus that looks like a skinny wimpy hippy or the magical genie portrayed by charismatic preachers that you can be your best self and make more money or other such non biblical positive mumbo jumbo but the Living Enduring word of God.

Further suggestions:

  1. Get yourself a 1611 text from Hendrickson Publishers or Gordon Campbell’s Roman font word for word copy. (not Zondervan’s fake 1611)
  2. View the Lamp in the Dark documentaries and interview series which can be referenced here.
  3. Subscribe to the video channels on the Link and Resources pages, listen and study using your new bible.
  4. Pray and ask God for conviction about His pure testimony as you do all of the above.
  5. Read some of the historical books listed here.
  6. Turn off your TV.
  7. Ditch your Babylonian (modern translations) bibles, concordances and lexicons.


Subscribe to the only author I am aware of that is writing commentary of the 1611 text (Ex KJV user since childhood) His name is Reg Block. Subscribing to his Patreon gets you access to the commentaries, audio books and much more. Alternatively grab his books and read them. More are here. The other place to visit is Lamp in the Dark on YouTube or John Doerr. Reg also has a You-Tube channel. So there you have access to all of the resources I have found that focus on the 1611 text specifically. There are others that focus on the Reformation and use the 1611 text as their foundation. However, 99% still see the 1769 KJV as the same as the 1611 even though they might recommend the Lamp in the Dark documentaries you should watch. (Here in this site)