1611 Bible Text Readings Audio

These are readings from the original text and not the KJV. (Yes, they often sound the same, but many words have been altered in spelling and meaning) I have not found any 1611 readings yet except an old channel where two books were done. 99.9% of what I have located are professional recordings of the traditional KJV bible or volunteer productions of the same. The quality is good to high, but the best ones are always created by famous actors/narrators for the most part using the KJV text.

These recordings are done with care and with the utmost of accuracy in mind but if you find an error, please leave a comment on the relevant page and it will be appreciated but ensure you have the real 1611 text as once again this is a very common error with versions. (Pronunciations are always difficult, and opinions may vary. Many words in the 1611 text are still spelt differently such as murtherer and it is read it as it was translated. You will not normally find this word as it will be murderer. This is one of numerous examples. These readings will remain faithful to the text as English spellings, definitions, grammar, rules constantly change. I personally think this is intentional to muddy historical waters and keep people ignorant but that is up to you.

These are not professionally created due to the immense amount of time and resources required. If you wish to create studio quality 1611 bible audio, please contact us using the comments.

If you find an errors, please leave a comment below in which book chapter and verse so I can fix them. It greatly pains me to find errors and my editor resigned. (of course, there is no editor other than myself.)

These MP3 files are copyrighted, subject to fair usage policy and you must not distribute them for any monetary gain. You must not sell these in any capacity under any circumstances without expressed permission. However, you may download them for personal use and share the content for others personal edification if you so desire. You may not like them however if you find a real 1611 text audio please comment as many claim they are but according to their texts they are definitely not. I have searched far and wide. If you want a purity test check that Song of Solomon 2:7 says, “she please”. This is generally a very good way to test their text recording source.

1611 Bible File Location

Due to space constraints with my hosting provider and the low usage of this site you can get the MP3 files as I work on them from my shared drive: (Click on it)


The Completed folder means whole books and anything else is being worked on. You can grab them and play them but just not make any commercial gain without permission from me.