1611 Bible Texts

Below is the original scanned 1611 Bible PDF copy to view. Please note it can be slow to load so be patient. You can download it if you prefer (2 GB) Feel free to try another source of the same PDF if the below is too slow. My locally hosted version turns the pages like a book and is a nice feature. Once it caches it seems to go much quicker.

My recommendation after testing is to download the file to your phone/computer as the speed relies on my web host which is shared with many other websites. The better the host the more costly. If you desire to obtain this information then patience will be required. So please persist as I will always attempt to improve where possible.

Alternatively 1611 KING JAMES VERSION (1611 BIBLE) (kingjamesbibleonline.org) can access the text with original scans so as to verify the current text you are viewing. Please be aware that the website also has the 1769 Blayney altered KJV text where cognitive dissidence applies and most think they are the same. You can see the obvious differences between the KJV and the 1611 and both are certainly not the Preserved and Living Word of God as the website states. Only one is the original and preserved.

The original 1611 Bible Text

Navigation: (Use table of contents)

Here are some examples of page numbers/Books in contents (Click on the contents icon and scroll down and until you see the book you are after or just download the whole thing)
  • Page 78: Genesis
  • Page 649: Psalms
  • Page 1221: Matthew
  • Page 1386: Romans
  • Page 1489: Revelation

Again if it fails to load feel free to download directly or use other resources below. Remember that because of the high quality of the PDF the size is very large.

The original PDF document split in to individual books

This resource contains a table I created with all books/letters of the above 1611 bible PDF appearing as individual flip books. It should help speed if you just want to open one book/letter rather than the whole huge facsimile text. See if it helps.

Here are the Oxford word for word Roman font texts (two volumes only) to view and read online if you prefer a potentially easier to read text. You can compare these Roman font word for word texts to the original Gothic font above to verify accuracy. Gordon Campbell (The Holy Bible: King James Version, Quatercentenary Edition) produced a large leather copy using this text and was verified to be correct but you can compare it yourself. It is usually available on Amazon. Gordon Campbell’s bible reproduction can be browsed on this website too.

I have also found another Cambridge Roman font text series of the 1611 bible in 5 volumes below.

Other earlier translations

I also recommend listening to the Lamp in the Dark interview series with the creator of the film trilogy of the same name for more excellent historical facts. However use the above texts to verify everything you hear. Also this author (interviewer) has very high quality research and commentaries based on the 1611 text so avail yourself if you feel so inclined. (There is no other such content that I am aware of)