Confessing Jesus as only a few can


Transcript: I’m going to cover a subject today that I’ve discussed before, and that is confessing Jesus as only few can. If you look at the screen, I included a picture from Manaus, Brazil, where the Amazon River joins. It’s the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Amazon. And it’s a good illustration of two different colors or types of water. You got more of a muddy water in the Amazon and more of a dark blue water in the Rio Negro, which means black river. But it really ties into today’s lesson.

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So I’m going to ask everyone to look at the screen or turn in your Bibles to James, chapter three. I’m going to read verses eight through eleven.

But the tongue can no man tame, it is an vnruly euill, ful of deadly poyson.

9Therewith blesse wee God, euen the Father: and therewith curse wee men, which are made after the similitude of God.

10Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing: my brethren, these things ought not so to be.

11Doeth a fountaine send foorth at the same place sweet water and bitter?

So my comments before going any further are as we Christians read the word of God, there should be some type of recollection of what the Holy Spirit has taught us in verse eight. We know that Jesus says what comes out of our mouths defiles us, and our tongues in the fleshly nature that we have are full of deadly poison to God. Our flesh and blood is unable to confess Jesus Christ as Lord. And we know that in Mark chapter 16, last few verses that we as born again believers can drink any deadly thing, and it will not harm us simply because when you know the word of God and you hear the voice of Jesus Christ and you will not follow a stranger’s voice, you’re going to reject false worldly doctrine, and it’s the poison that will not hurt us on a spiritual level. And then we are reminded that our flesh and blood curses God when we open our mouths. But if we’re born of the Spirit, we can bless God by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord. And God just gives us a contrast our mouths.

Do we confess Jesus? Is it a sweet smelling saver, or do we have bitterness in our confession? In other words, have we been born again of the Spirit? If so, we can walk in the Spirit and not fulfil the lust of the flesh, and we are able to confess Jesus Christ.

So the purpose today is to discuss what comes from the fountain a person drinks will ultimately indicate their health. I’m also going to discuss why does a confession-of-Jesus-Christ happen to only few professing Christians and then flesh and blood cannot confess Jesus?

That is something that I think needs to be reviewed in the professing Christian community more often because people are misled today by those that influence the masses in many cases and then I’ll give a brief conclusion. So in Romans chapter ten,

9That if thou shalt confesse with thy mouth the Lord Iesus, and shalt beleeue in thine heart, that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saued.

It’s very important that we go precept upon precept because God explains this in other places in scripture. This doesn’t mean that because you think or I think that I’m a Christian, that I can just say Jesus is Lord and yeah, God raised him from the dead. And welcome to the family that only few find their way to.

That’s not at all what the Holy Ghost teaches. The Holy Ghost teaches that few get saved because when God tries a person, he examines whether they’re a true believer in incorruptible seed. So if you’re not sure what Bible is God’s word, pray about it and be convicted. Ultimately, only the Holy Ghost can convict a person. I’m going to talk about some associations of water. God, his sweet water or fresh water gives life, it heals, it cleans, it’s pure, it’s sweet, and it’s associated with virgins. Okay. So when we consume the word of God, it’s like drinking out of a nice cool, pure fountain. In contrast with the mire of the world, the water of Babylon causes death or preserves death, causes sickness.

It’s filthy, it’s filled with disease, it has dross in it which are impurities, it’s bitter, it makes a person defiled, it’s associated with whoredom. And it’s where behemoth and Leviathan’s habitats are. They are in the miry water. And of course I’m talking about Lucifer and the Antichrist. So this is important just as a refresher, because we’ve got the washing of the water of the word of God, which brings Salvation, and the bitter water of Wormwood which preserves death and damnation actions of water. God used water to destroy the Earth with a literal flood and he told us he’d never do it that way again. But he warns us that a spiritual flood will happen before the return of Jesus Christ.

So we need to take heed at spiritual things. God’s word or his water is associated with being a two edged sword of sweet water. And God is a reminder created the King of Babylon. So this idea that there is some type of God versus Satan that the media sometimes throws out there is silly because Satan is a creation. Lucifer is the God of this world, but he was placed here by the Most High. He is simply a creation, but he deceives the whole world. He’s extremely powerful and that power has been given unto him by the Most High, the King of Babylon. He attempts to destroy the Earth, as I said, with a spiritual flood.

He has a two-edged sword of bitter water called Wormwood because he wants to be like the Most High and he comes up with buzz words like, let’s all be Christlike. Well, that’s the reason he got kicked out of heaven or one of them. He wanted to be Christlike. None of us are Christlike in the flesh. We can only believe on Jesus Christ and be born again of the Spirit and put no confidence in our flesh. And if we want to follow Jesus, we can’t be like Jesus. So has anyone been influenced by the professing believers in the media? Are the miry and bitter waters, the many modern Bibles in the markets today who identifies a corrupt Bible is the word of God. And if the Vatican is Babylon, that is to say, the Church of Satan, why fellowship on a religious level?

Think about that. Their identity has been almost completely removed from the Earth. 400 years ago, persecutions were more public than they are today. So I picked just a couple of examples. Many of you have probably heard of Joel Osteen. It’s hard not to see him on television. This is from a website from Osteen’s website says Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood for our sins. We believe that Salvation is found by placing our faith in what Jesus did for us on the cross. We believe Jesus rose from the dead and is coming again. So it sounds good. It’s a good sales pitch.

But God warns us that only few find Salvation because only few are born of incorruptible seed, the word of God, which liveth and abide us forever. If you don’t have the incorruptible seed, there’s nothing to be born off of. And nowhere that I’ve ever been able to find is the word of God associated with Joel Osteen on his website or in any of the videos I’ve seen of him speaking entertaining and I guess loosely called preaching. So there is no basis for Salvation. Many use the word Jesus. Many come and say Jesus is Lord and deceive many. So we have to turn to the word of God and only Jesus Christ can save us. And if our faith and belief is real, then we’ll receive the Holy Spirit. That’s it.

So I just put down a note that Osteen was among a group of political and religious leaders who met with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thursday. You can research that further online, but it’s interesting that God tells us that Leviathan is a King over all the children of pride. And when I read stuff like this, it just magnifies the truth of the word of God to me. So there’s a source. Now, you may have heard of Ken Copeland. He may not be quite as well-known as Joel Osteen, but he’s pretty well known. And this comes from a blog I believe on his Ken Copeland Ministries website says throughout the years, Brother Copeland has declared Jesus’s Lord. This guy loves to say that at the end of his show I’ve seen him many times. Jesus’s Lord over the world and its nations. Time and again.

He has confessed it over families and individuals. He has boldly declared it over national elections and government leaders on every level. Which sounds great. But again, there is a picture of him hanging out with Pope Francis, who is a King over all the children of pride. I’ve heard Copeland speak and preach. This guy’s lost. He doesn’t know a single thing, in my opinion, about Jesus Christ. He’s preaching a false worldly Christ, and his net worth is in the many millions of dollars, as I am sure Osteen has a substantial net worth as well. So if it’s by the truth and sell it not, then how are they getting rich? Literally, what are they selling?

Whosoeuer shall confesse that Iesus is the Sonne of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.

It’s not truth as it relates to God’s truth and the love of money is the root of all evil. So I guess it’s something to think about because again, Copeland, I have seen that he has used a multitude of different Bibles, although most of the time I’ve watched him, he uses the Blayney KJV. But again, that is the lump in my opinion, though it has oil in it and he just doesn’t know what’s going on. Based on what I have seen, based on the Holy Spirit. Having taught me the precepts of the Most High, it says in one John, chapter four,

One Corinthians, chapter twelve, verse three

Wherefore I giue you to vnderstand, that no man speaking by the spirit of God, calleth Iesus accursed: and that no man can say that Iesus is the Lord, but by the holy Ghost.

That’s very important, especially if you hear somebody quoting Romans that I quoted earlier. You have to understand that nobody can confess Jesus except by the Holy Ghost. You can only have that happen if you’re a saved Christian and you’re only saved by not corruptible but incorruptible seed. And if you’re saved, you hear God’s voice and you will not hear a stranger’s voice. So again, using the metrics of God and what he says, that’s how you can weigh in the balances whether someone is of a worldly Babylonian faith that many professing believers follow, or if someone by their fruits is a true saved Christian.

It says in Romans chapter eight,

But ye are not in the flesh, but in the spirit, if so be that the spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man haue not the spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

I’ve had people come into my Church before. I remember the last guy that came in telling me the early Christians didn’t have the Holy Ghost in them. And then I opened up the Bible and showed him this verse and he graduated from a seminary. What are they teaching? Rome teaches, in my opinion, out of every single seminary ever. There are no exceptions in my opinion. Matthew, chapter seven, verse 14

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth vnto life, and few there be that finde it.

I think that is a sober reminder that it is truly special to be born again of the Spirit because you receive real spiritual power from the Most High. And then you can confess Jesus Christ is the Lord and only then so and God does explain in one chapter, Job chapter 24, why many who think they’re Christians are not Christians because they did not believe on incorruptible seed. They believed on a false price through false scriptures. That is the main subject in that entire chapter.

But you’re going to need an AV 1611 to discern that because the first verse was tampered with in what is called the KJV today Romans, chapter 15

13Nowe the God of hope fill you with all ioy and peace in beleeuing, that yee may abound in hope through the power of the holy Ghost.

Christians are supposed to have joy and peace because you believe you’re not putting confidence in your flesh, you believe Jesus Christ. That’s all that we can offer the currency of faith from the circumcision of our hearts. It says in Matthew chapter 16

17And Iesus answered, and said vnto him, Blessed art thou Simon Bar Iona: for flesh and blood hath not reueiled it vnto thee, but my Father which is in heauen.

That’s when we are shown that Peter was able to identify Jesus Christ as the Son of the living God, and it wasn’t because Peter was a smart guy or figured it out, it’s because the Holy Spirit ultimately revealed it to him by the power of our Father which is in heaven, as it says in Matthew 16. It says in John chapter 20

22And when he had said this, hee breathed on them, and saith vnto them, Receiue ye the holy Ghost.

That’s when Jesus rose from the dead. And it’s a reminder to us that Scripture is God breathed and cannot be broken. So it’s incorruptible. Every word of God is pure and the scripture cannot be broken. You break the Scripture, you incur penalties. As long as you have oil in your lamp, you’ll get into the Kingdom of heaven, but you might walk in a spirit of slumber and suffer great loss. So in conclusion, saved people, the few that are true Christians, speak with a new tongue by the power of the Holy Spirit because they have a spiritual body and a spiritual tongue and as a result can confess Jesus Christ, they hear God’s voice. John chapter ten says that saved people hear God’s voice and they will not hear a stranger’s voice.

The Holy Spirit gives us the power of knowing what is incorruptible and shunning corruptible seed. Everything I Know I’ve been taught by the Holy Spirit since I’ve been saved, and every time I’ve picked up a modern Bible, it’s been nothing but a fierce rebuke showing me that it’s man’s wisdom, it’s a dumbed down idol. There’s no prophecies in any of these modern Bibles and even the KJV that people use today is 11th lump. It has oil in it. But the scripture cannot be broken. So people that use the KJV Blayney. 1769 will not be able to follow the Lamb with whatsoever he goeth because there’s broken prophecies contained therein.

Saved people have endured chastening could be a few stripes or a near death experience being fiercely rebuked and reproved and chastened and scourged by the Lord Jesus Christ. It depends on the individual and what they need and what their purpose is. But ultimately all of us that are saved Christians endure the chasing. We have the spiritual discernment a parable. So when Jesus Christ speaks in a parable about Lucifer like in Job chapter 40, and is telling us about how Lucifer comes up with propaganda and serves it up to the Antichrist to disseminate it throughout the world, the parable is cloaked. Jesus Christ uses an elephant to cloak that parable. He’s describing an elephant as he’s teaching the Saints of the Most High about Lucifer. Now a lot of people will go to their lexicons and see, well, there’s no real Hebrew word for Behemoth or Leviathan, but we understand through many of our great Christian leaders that they are dinosaurs, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, monsters of chaos, etc etc. Well, no, they are who God describes in a multitude of counsellors.

There is safety. Thy testimonies are my delights in my counsellors. God teaches us precept upon precept. So you know that Behemoth is the King of Babylon, because when he introduces Behemoth in verse 15 of that chapter, it’s just a cross reference to Daniel chapter four somewhere around verses 30 to 35. And that’s one of the many connections made to the King of Babylon. So that’s how we have spiritual discernment. The Holy Ghost is in charge and he teaches us. We don’t learn by the precepts of men and we don’t give ourselves flattering titles because there is no PhD of the Holy Spirit given to men. Everybody that has the Holy Spirit has the wisdom of God and a unique spiritual gift. But not a flattering title other than you have the Crown of Life.

And God uses each one of us in our spiritual gifts for his glory. We did nothing to earn them except by believing on Jesus Christ, and we were saved by Grace through faith. We also put no confidence in the flesh because we realize that we can’t please God in the flesh. No flesh is justified by the law. Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. So the just shall live by faith. Faith that comes by hearing, hearing by the word of God, which is incorruptible and pure. It’s not mirey we want to drink out of a pure fountain, sweet water, not a mirey fountain of bitter water, so that we ultimately can confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord rather than the default cursing him by blessing Leviathan with our tongues, which are natural because that’s the default fault state that we’re born into a false worldly Christ that cannot save us. Thank you for listening and I will speak again soon.


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