The Rapture is a cultic belief


This is an excerpt from the book quoted below and is posted here to promote this work. For more information on the rapture apostasy see the resource provided on this site or read the book.

“Having in the past been a lukewarm pre tribulation rapture believer, I am intimately familiar with the
doctrine. In those days, I was blind. I believed what compelling speakers and preachers said, even though they produced no scriptures expressly teaching a pre tribulation rapture. None. It just goes to show, if we want to believe something bad enough, we will find a way. And who wouldn’t want to believe they were going to be secretly caught up in the air before extreme tribulation and persecution. Personally, I prefer a pre tribulation rapture, but it’s not taught in scripture. Similarly, I prefer the idea that there is no hell – some people teach that – but it’s not true. Jesus taught more about hell than he did about heaven. So, just because some idea tickles our fancy, does not make it right or true. We must examine the scripture and read what it says. There is no pre tribulation rapture to be found there. Rather, one must concoct fancy charts, diagrams and metaphors to make the pre tribulation rapture work. And some pre trib teachers actually flat out lie about certain things. The lengths to which they will go to convince people amazes me.”



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    • The scripture is the authority and the 1611 text is the only pure testimony. The secret extraction of saints is incorrect and never mentioned by Jesus or taught by Paul or the early church. As matter of historical fact, for 1800 years it never existed so you will not find it. I imagine you did not read the article here about its origins or you posted this comment to have a rail. It is very easy to rail I know that. Jesus will return but the romantic thoughts of the rapture is pure baloney. We will see if your response was not a rail with the next words you write. They will reveal all.

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