Why I Trust that the 1611 King James Bible is the Word of God (not the kjv)


By John Doerr

  1. God, not men, is in control of his Word.  The Lord makes it clear of this throughout scripture.  I believe that God traces His Word through the martyr’s Jan Huss and William Tyndale.  These two men were both burned at the stake and spoke prophecies shortly before their deaths.  Amongs Huss’ last words are “in a hundred years, God will raise up a man whose calls for reform cannot be suppressed.” Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses of Contention to a church door in Wittenberg 102 years later.   William Tyndale was incarcerated for 500 days before he was strangled and burned at the stake in 1536. His last words were, “Lord, open the eyes of the King of England”.  I believe God gave these prophecies to point out the reformation and purifying of his Word which led to the Authorized Version in 1611.
  • I believe Satan has made every attempt to discredit, cast doubt, and corrupt the Word of God.  In 1605, more than a year after King James announced plans to assemble a committee to make a new translation of the Bible, the Gunpowder plot failed as an attempt to kill King James and his family.  No threats that I know of  have been made to subsequent revisions.  “King James Onlyism” is a term used today in often an unflattering and untruthful context.  Why is there no NAB, RSV, NIV or Douay-Rheims onlyism? Why, because they are easily reproved by the Word of God as Idols of Babylon (Rome.)
  • In 1611, the Authorized King James Version of the Bible was completed.  Some say there were numerous printing errors.   However, do we know this to be the case?  The translator notes were destroyed.  Objective evidence shows that a significant amount of changes made to the King James Bible after 1611 favor the Douay-Rheims/Latin Vulgate reading and go against the reformation bibles (Tyndale NT, Coverdale, Bishops, Geneva.)   Further, in the majority of cases, the 1611 readings that were changed at a later time (1620’s, 1630’s, 1700’s) had some degree of textual support from (Tyndale NT, Coverdale, Bishops, Geneva.)  Any changes should have prompted a title change to the Bible since it was revised.  It could no longer lay claim to be the exclusive work of the committee.  Any claim to being a King James Bible would have to be supported by an itemized list of changes with appropriate support from a multitude of accepted Hebrew/Greek manuscripts.  I accept the 1611 “as is.”

I’ll take the difficult outdated font and the sporadic appearance of what some think are printing errors because I trust in the Lord that his Word is true.  The 1611 is true, no need to change a thing! 

Some noted changes:

Serpents Lie Genesis 3:5 (Where our problems began)

1611-“For God doeth know, that in the day ye eate thereof, then your eyes shalbee opened: and yee shall bee as Gods, knowing good and euill.”  This was changed decades later to read: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

God-Most High

Gods-Deity (other than Most High) imagined by a creation (Gen 3:5, Ex 20:3, 1 Sam 4:8) gods-creation (man, angels, idols) Psalm 82:6, John 10:34

Satan exalted Adam and Eve as Deities, not God or creations.  

Song of Solomon 2:7

1611– I charge you, O ye daughters of Ierusalem, by the Roes, and by the hindes of the field, that ye stirre not vp, nor awake my loue, till she please.  This was changed to later read “I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.”  There was never a reference to “he” in any of the reformation bibles or even the Latin bibles of Rome!  The 1611 is correct of course.

This book shows the mark of the beast, fabrication of the Image of the Beast, discusses the Antichrist (Solomon) and his interaction with spiritual Babylon (Queen of the South) at detail.  The consummation referenced in Daniel is graphically described.  Here we see the Queen (she) being changed to (he) for no reason.  Perhaps they were trying to match to the he’s referred to in the rest of the song.  However, they tampered with God’s word in doing so.  The Song of Solomon is powerful in understanding the deception of Rome and the coming Antichrist named Solomon.

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