The Love of God

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Good morning, everyone. Today’s sermon is going to be about the love of God. If you’re born again of the spirit, you know, the love of God, and it’s a wonderful thing. So I’m looking forward to giving a sermon that hopefully in inspires all of us to really sit back and appreciate what God has done for us. Please turn in your Bibles or look at the screen. I’m going to read John chapter three, verse 16

16¶ For God so loued þe world, that he gaue his only begotten Sonne: that whosoeuer beleeueth in him, should not perish, but haue euerlasting life.

What a promise that is. And how much hope do we have knowing how much God loves us? And I’m excited today to explore in the Bible the love that God has revealed through his word. So the purpose of the sermon today is to study some key events that happened before the physical resurrection and the physical ascension of Jesus Christ. Reference Mark chapter 16. And the reason that I’m quoting Mark chapter 16 or referencing it is because that’s so important. There are signs that follow towards the end of the chapter that are critical and not necessarily embraced as true scripture by some people in the so called Christian Church today.

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In addition, I want to have us further appreciate the love of God. I think in sharing some of the scriptures that I’m going to do this morning, it will hopefully deepen our faith and give us an appreciation for how important every single word of God is to us. The topics that I’m going to cover this morning leading up to a time next week that the world calls Easter. Christians, for the most part, are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and we want to look at the events that led up to the resurrection. I have talked extensively in the past about Easter as it relates to the meaning expressed in the Book of Acts. And I’m not going to get into that this morning, but rather I’m going to cover some topics that really need to be discussed. First of all, Jesus Christ sitting on an ass and a cult of an ass. That’s going to be topic number one, Jesus Christ cursing a fig tree.

Why is that important to understand as part of the events leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection, the Last Supper, Jesus praying at Gethsemane, Peter denying he knows Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ having a Crown of thorns placed on him, the crucifixion itself. And I’m going to talk about next week’s sermon, which will be focusing on the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. And again, I will reflect on why that is so important for us as Christians to reflect on, especially during this time. So the first topic that I’m going to make is the topic of Jesus Christ sitting on an ass or a cult of an ass. It says in John chapter twelve,

15Feare not, daughter of Sion, behold, thy King commeth, sitting on an asses colt.

And I cross referenced Job chapter eleven, verse twelve, because throughout the Bible, scripture always interprets scripture and precept is upon precept. And the 1611 Bible in English is unique in that everything is connected. That’s not the case in modern Bibles, and that’s how we know that we have the Holy Spirit leading us around to all truth. It says in joke eleven, for vain man would be wise, though man be born like a wild ass’s colt. So we’re obviously being taught that man vain born unto trouble from woman is like a wild ass’s cult.

And Jesus came to direct us so that we could be saved. So spiritually an asset cult is equivalent to an unsaved person, and that’s one way of defining it by showing these two pieces of scripture that are connected to one another. In Zechariah chapter nine, it says,

9¶ Reioyce greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout O daughter of Ierusalem: beholde, thy King commeth vnto thee: hee is iust, and hauing saluation, lowly, and riding vpon an asse, and vpon a colt, the foale of an asse.

The fall of an ass very important that we understand that Jesus Christ rode upon an ass, that is to say, directing the lost sheep of Israel and upon a cult the full of an ass, let’s just say the daughter of Zion, for example, the people that need Salvation, but that ultimately will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s the foreshadowing that we see here in the Old Testament. In Isaiah chapter one, it says,

3The oxe knoweth his owner, and the asse his masters cribbe: but Israel doeth not know, my people doeth not consider.

God is again reminding us spiritually to an association of an ass with people that need Salvation. And we’re often very stiff necked and stubborn like donkeys and mules and asses. We don’t want to listen to the word of God. A lot of times we’re guilty of interpreting things for our own selfish means. And the Lord is just reminding us that he came to save that which is lost. And he is lowly and meek, and he loves us.

So in conclusion, with regards to Jesus Christ sitting on an ass or a cult of an ass, he sat on this to fulfil the direction that he would provide people to. The only way of Salvation by believing on him says in Matthew eleven, Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am Meek and lowly in heart, and Ye shall find rest unto your souls. Jesus Christ gives us a spirit of meekness. He doesn’t give us pride. He doesn’t puff us up. He doesn’t fill us with any ambition of trying to profit off of what the Holy Ghost teaches us. Rather, he puts us in a state of low estate so that we can serve Him in spirit and in truth. And he is lowly in heart. So if we have the love of God in us, and we’ve been born again of the spirit, we should have a spirit of meekness in us. In Matthew, chapter 15, it says,

24But he answered, and said, I am not sent, but vnto the lost sheepe of the house of Israel.

And that’s going to tie in to some points that I’m going to be making in the upcoming slides. The next event I want to comment on is Jesus Christ curses a fig tree, it says in the book of Matthew chapter 21.

18Now in the morning, as hee returned into the citie, he hungred.

19And when he saw a figge tree in the way, hee came to it, and found nothing thereon but leaues only, and said vnto it, Let no fruite growe on thee hence forward for euer. And presently the figge tree withered away.

Imagine being able to witness that event firsthand and seeing Jesus Christ review a tree, and it will not grow any fruit from that point on. We have to look at the spiritual meaning here, what was happening as far as the spiritual lesson. If we go into the book of Psalms, Psalm 105 says

33Hee smote their Uines also, and their figge trees: and brake the trees of their coastes.

So there’s some foreshadowing in the Old Testament of what was fulfilled in the book of Matthew. And it says, and break the trees of their coast, he Spake, and the locusts came and the caterpillars, and that without number. Now I know, and I don’t want to get on a tangent that the locusts and the caterpillars without number represent the scholars of Babylon that come out of the great furnace and they cast doubt on the word of God. And they’re here to kill the faith of anyone that would believe on Jesus Christ by casting doubt on the Word, by coming up with their own false Bibles, using scholarship rather than the Holy Spirit, and not being obedient to God, but rather the exaltation of in their minds what their own wisdom is.

So a fig tree has a representation here of a person. And if a person doesn’t bear fruit, they’re in trouble with the Lord. It says in James chapter three,

12Can þe figtree, my brethren, beare oliue berries? either a vine, figs? so can no fountaine both yeeld salt water & fresh.

Now in reading that fresh water is like the word of God, you’re washed by the water of the word when you get saved. But salt water is bitter. You can’t sustain your life by drinking salt water. You’ll get dehydrated, it’ll kill you, it’s bitter. So Jesus Christ is just telling us that, look, if you’re a tree, you will bear good fruit if you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, but you will not bear any fruit if you do not. And this takes us back to the Book of Numbers, chapter five, and it says,

23And the Priest shall write these curses in a booke, and hee shall blot them out with the bitter water:

Bitter water represents Wormwood. It represents a corrupt version of God’s Word which is ultimately not God’s Word. I referenced the Book of Revelation where Wormwood makes the waters bitter.

I tie into the Book of Proverbs chapter five, where Wormwood is as bitter as a two edged sword and the same in the Book of Lamentations, chapter three, where Wormwood is what killed the people and prevented them from being saved. Ultimately the lesson here spiritually is you have to believe on the incorruptible word of God, because if you don’t, you’re getting a corruptible worldly Christ in place of it, and his bitter teachings cannot save you and you will not be able to bear good fruit and you’re going to be rebuked by Jesus Christ someday for your lack of faith.

So in conclusion, Jesus Christ assures a curse will come to all those people spiritually who are trees, who do not bear fruit by believing on him because they refuse to come out of the Egyptian Sodom Babylonian delusion they were born into man is born under trouble as sparks fly upwards. It says in the Book of Job reference chapter five and chapter 14. We know also that God calls people out of Babylon in Revelation chapter 18, verse four. Come out from her, my people. He doesn’t want people to partake of her sins. And he tells us in John chapter three that the world is condemned already, that he didn’t come to condemn the world. Jesus Christ did not because he came to save that which was lost. The world has already been judged and condemned.

Every man, woman, and child has a place in the Lake of fire, except they’d be born again of the Spirit and born out of the world. And the only way for that to happen is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, the incorruptible word of God which liveth and abideth forever. You can also reference Revelation chapter eleven, verse eight, because that ties into the verse that tells us that the great city Babylon is spiritually equivalent to Sodom in Egypt. So when God is telling us about Pharaoh, King of Egypt, he is also telling us about the visible head of the Babylonian Church, regardless of the time frame and history. So that’s how we can tie in lessons about Pharaoh. For example, in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 29 or Ezekiel chapter 32, they tie in directly to Job chapter 41, and ultimately they tie into places in the Bible where God describes the Antichrist. So every single word of God is critical for understanding.

The next event I’d like to comment on is the Last Supper. As Christians we should all be aware of this terminology. The Last Supper, it says in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 22,

19¶ And hee tooke bread, and gaue thankes, and brake it, and gaue vnto them, saying, This is my body which is giuen for you, this doe in remembrance of me.

20Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the New Testament in my blood, which is shed for you.

Not only did Jesus Christ have to shed his blood literally, physically, but he was talking about spiritual things as well, because if you believe on Him, you discern spiritual things as well as natural things. He says in the book of John chapter six,

55For my flesh is meate indeed, and my blood is drinke indeed.

It says in the book of John, and the Word was made flesh. Jesus Christ is telling us we must feed on His Word, and he is the Word made flesh. His Word is incorruptible, and that’s how we’re born again of the Spirit. If you believe on His Word, you will be chastened by God. You will be scourged when he receives you, but that’s because God loves you. This whole sermon is about the love of God.

He chastens and scourge and everyone that he receives because he loves them. And once that chastening is over with, then you can have the peace of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will teach you and lead you to all truth so that you can edify one another when you assemble with other believers in the churches. So this is very important because the world likes to teach otherwise. So in the Last Supper, the conclusion here is Jesus is eating and drinking with his disciples and speaking about the fulfilment of prophecies. Ultimately, we learn that the Word of God must be consumed with belief if we are to obey Jesus Christ. If we believe on Jesus Christ, we will be saved and we will enter the Kingdom of heaven. It says in John chapter six,

53Then Iesus sayd vnto them, Uerely, verely I say vnto you, Except yee eate the flesh of the sonne of man, and drinke his blood, yee haue no life in you.

You must be born again of belief on the Word of God. That belief can be through someone’s testimony. If the Holy Spirit has given them the words to share with you. That belief can be on getting a Bible and reading it and believing the words that you read it can be done orally through testimonies or it can be done by reading.

But you must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and his incorruptible Word. The world has many false Christ. As it says in the book of Matthew 24,

24For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shal shew great signes and wonders: insomuch that (if it were possible,) they shall deceiue the very elect.

So God warns that biblical corruption would be extreme, especially in the end times. So take heed that no man deceive you because the Holy Spirit is all that you need. If you pray and have faith in Jesus Christ, he will lead you to all truth. He’ll reveal the Word of God to you. And Christians understand that to be the testimony that was recorded once and for all in the English language. In 1611 the dross was removed and unfortunately in our fallen human nature any attempts to try to improve upon it miserably fail because of mankind’s lack of faith. The next event I’d like to comment on is Jesus praying at Gethsemane. It says in Matthew chapter 26,

36¶ Then commeth Iesus with them vnto a place called Gethsemane, and saith vnto the Disciples, Sit yee heere, while I goe and pray yonder.

Then if we go to the Gospel of John chapter 17, we get some additional information. It says, For I have given unto them. This is Jesus Christ praying to God the Father.

8For I haue giuen vnto them the words which thou gauest me, and they haue receiued them, and haue knowen surely that I came out from thee, and they haue beleeued that thou didst send me.

9I pray for them, I pray not for the world: but for them which thou hast giuen me, for they are thine.

It’s very important to remember that Jesus Christ prays for those that believe on him and he knows that God the Father has given Jesus Christ true believers. He’s not praying for the world, he’s not praying for the Heathens, because ultimately God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

It’s important to recognize that if someone is hard hearted and stiff necked and never receives the truth, never believes on Jesus Christ, the true Jesus, not the worldly false Jesus, but the true Jesus Christ and they never get born again. It’s not going to profit them anything to gain the world and lose their soul. So that’s why it’s so important that as Christians we hold to the true word of God and we are aware of the testimonies that the Lord Jesus Christ has spoken and have been taught to us by the Holy Spirit, not by the precepts of men. And that makes us better witnesses when we go out and we share our testimonies and we let people know about the word of God and how you can be born again of the Spirit. And when God receives a person, that’s when they’re born again as a Christian, they may think they’re a Christian by saying, Jesus, I believe on you, but unless they’re a true believer, they’re not going to be received and accepted and scourged and chastened by God.

That’s part of the process. When God the Father determines that they are a true believer and allows them to come to the Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation. Says in John chapter 14,

15¶ If ye loue me, keepe my commandements.

Jesus Christ wants us to keep his word, not accept draws in our Bibles not accept worldly wisdom from the scholars, from the scribes, from the merchants who would love to sell you their merchandise to edify you and what they think Jesus says. But Jesus Christ is reminding us to keep his words because the flesh is not profitable. God is not magnifying our flesh. Rather, our faith must be strong to believe on the Word of God because that’s how we please God. Through faith, it is impossible to please Him otherwise. So in conclusion, Jesus prays for those who believe in his words. He justifies by faith and not the works of the flesh. He is the unbroken testimony of God and the Scripture cannot be broken. Neither were his bones broken when he was taken down from the cross. Reference John, chapter 19, verse 36 Scripture cannot be broken.

So Jesus Christ did not have any broken bones then he doesn’t have a broken Scripture either. That’s the whole point. So don’t trust men. Put confidence in the Lord. Look for the trail of horrific persecution as it relates to the Bible, and there you’re going to find the Word of God back when they were burning people at the stake and doing unspeakable persecutions to Christians for believing on the 1611 Bible or for that matter, the Bibles of the Reformation, the Bishops, the Geneva Bible, the Tyndale Bible. And nowadays we don’t have persecution. At least that is readily discernible, at least in the United States, because where is the Word of God when the Son of man cometh? Will he find faith on the Earth? King James Bible has been discussed not only by me but by others. Is certainly not the same as the Authorized Version of 1611 that King James authorized and was produced back in 1611. There are many subtle changes that have been made, so it’s something for everybody to pray about.

What Jesus do you believe on? What do you believe is his inherent testimony? That’s something that everyone should ponder and ultimately be able to boldly approach God knowing the answer to that question that you know his voice, my sheep hear my voice and they follow me as it says in the Gospel of John in one John, chapter two, it says, but whoso keepeth his word in Him? Verily is the love of God perfected hereby know we that we are in Him. If you keep his word and you’re not yielding and accepting all these scriptural changes and alternate explanations that the world gives, then you are born of the Spirit because you know his voice. So that is God is love, that’s love perfected. You have faith in God to the point where you’re just going to trust Him. Even sometimes if things don’t make absolute sense to you when you read them in the Bible, you’re going to trust God and say, Holy Spirit, lead me to all truth as you say in the Word, because I would like to understand the teachings here.

Some things don’t make sense to me and I think that’s something that every Christian has experience with. It says in one John, chapter three

9Whosoeuer is borne of God, doth not commit sinne: for his seede remaineth in him, and he cannot sinne, because he is borne of God.

Completely true in your spiritual body, not in your physical body. The flesh doesn’t profit anything and we don’t put confidence in the flesh. My performance in the flesh is far better than before I got saved, but I’m still not justified by the deeds of my flesh. Rather, Jesus Christ performed an operation on me when he circumcised my heart during the chastening process, when I was received by Him and born of the Spirit. Now I don’t sin in my spiritual body because that’s what’s justified and sin is my enemy. I cannot perform that which I would, but that’s coming from the Apostle Paul because he cannot do anything that he would either, as it is written in the New Testament. So it’s something to remember that Jesus Christ has a very his yoke is easy and his burden is light. The big problem that mankind has, though, is faith.

You have to believe on the word of God to have faith. There is no other way to have faith because it comes by believing on the word of God. The next topic that I would like to discuss is Peter denies knowing Jesus Christ. This is, I think, an underestimated part of the events leading up to the crucifixion and ultimately the resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. It says in Mark chapter 14, And Jesus saith unto him

30And Iesus saith vnto him, Uerily I say vnto thee, that this day, euen in this night before the cocke crow twise, thou shalt denie me thrise.

And it’s going to happen because the Lord has spoken it. And what does Peter say? Well, Peter told Jesus, hey, no, that’s not going to happen. I’m not going to deny you. Well, let’s see what happens. In Matthew 26, it says in verse 71,

71And when he was gone out into the porch, another maide saw him, and saide vnto them that were there, This fellow was also with Iesus of Nazareth.

72And againe hee denied with an oath, I doe not know the man.

73And after a while came vnto him they that stood by, and saide to Peter, Surely thou also art one of them, for thy speech bewrayeth thee.

I didn’t put verse 73 in there because of space reasons. But the whole point is that Peter was told directly by Jesus. What would happen? Peter says, oh no, it’s not going to happen. I won’t deny you. And sure enough, it happened exactly as Jesus Christ had told Peter it was going to happen. Peter no doubt loved the Lord as much as anyone and was a zealous and never wanted to fail.

There is no question about that. But the lesson here is a powerful lesson. So the conclusion is that Peter did what every person will do without the permanent ceiling of the Holy Spirit. He performed three acts that God foreshadows as the sign of an unsaved person. And I’ve got several verses there to cross reference Matthew chapter twelve. Revelation, chapter 13, and Zechariah, chapter five are all examples that you can turn to and see how people get in trouble with their mouths. The mouth is what defiles you, it’s what comes out of your mouth that defiles you. First thing that Peter did is he cursed. Says that in Matthew, chapter 26, verse 74, as I just read, but also reference joke, chapter 31, and where it says something about man wishing a curse to his soul by the problems that come out of his mouth. Suffer my mouth to sin. Zechariah chapter five, verse three, talks about people that are swearing that this flying role is the word of God, but it’s not.

It’s the curse of the Earth that we’re warned about in the book of Malachi. It’s the curse that was foreshadowed in the book of Numbers, specifically Numbers, chapter five. It is bitter water, it is Wormwood. Peter foreshadowed what people do when they don’t get sealed with the Holy Spirit. He also swore. And it says in James chapter five, above all things, swear, not, swear not, God says, because Jesus tells us, by thy words shall thou be justified, and by thy words shall thou be condemned. And the third thing that Peter did as he made an oath. And it said that in Matthew, chapter 26, verse 72. And again, we’re warned in James chapter five about that, don’t make an oath lest you fall into condemnation. These verses are things that I would encourage everyone to study their Bibles, to go to these verses, to pray about it, and to look into this further.

The purpose of this sermon is ultimately to show how much God loves us, but part of that love is his teaching us what is going to happen if we don’t believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Because if you don’t get sealed with the Holy Spirit, your tongue is not going to be able to keep from confessing Wormwood as the word of God. That is to say, a false worldly Christ will be the one that comes out of your mouth. If there’s any belief whatsoever in a God or a Christ or a deity, you’re not going to confess. Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, except that you’re in Dwelt by the Holy Spirit, says that in the New Testament that you cannot confess Jesus Christ is Lord, except you do it by the Holy Spirit after you’ve been sealed until the day of redemption. The next topic, a Crown of thorns, says in John, chapter 19,

1Then Pilate therfore tooke Iesus, and scourged him.

2And the souldiers platted a crowne of thornes, and put it on his head, and they put on him a purple robe,

Now purple is the color of royalty. It can be a good royalty or a not so good royalty, but they placed a Crown of thorns on Jesus head and it certainly has spiritual significance. I’m sure the literal Crown of thorns had to hurt quite a bit. But what about the spiritual significance? If we go back to Genesis, chapter 22, it says

13And Abraham lifted vp his eyes, and looked, and beholde, behinde him a Ramme caught in a thicket by his hornes: And Abraham went and tooke the Ramme, and offered him vp for a burnt offering, in the stead of his sonne.

Did the Ram represent the Lord Jesus Christ? The thicket wasn’t exactly a Crown of thorns, but the thicket was made up of trees and branches and perhaps some thorns in there that we’re trapping the head and we’re rubbing up against the head of the Ram. We know that a Ram represents a shepherd of Israel talks about that in a couple of places in the Bible.

So it’s something to think about. Down at the bottom of this slide, I’ve got some vocabulary defined. Thorn represents Satan. So does a thicket. Reference two Corinthians, chapter twelve, verse seven, and Luke, chapter eight, verse 14. We know that the Apostle Paul was buffeted by a messenger of Satan. Thorn in the flesh is what he had. And so when we read in the Bible about thorns or thickets, we should associate by the power of the Holy Spirit that with Satan a Horn is equivalent to a King or a Carpenter. It says that in Daniel, chapter eight, verse 21, reference Zechariah, chapter one, verse 21, Psalm 18, verse two, Daniel, chapter eight, verse three, and the entire Psalm 75 talks about it. Please check those verses out so that you could see how if you have a Horn on your head and you’re a Ram and you’re a shepherd of Israel that it also signifies that you’re a King and a Carpenter, at least as God defines it in his word.

And that’s yet other reasons that we can discern that that Ram had some representation spiritually of Jesus Christ being offered in the place of Isaac. That’s how much God loves us. This sermon is about God’s love. He just tried Abraham’s heart. God did. And when Abraham was found to obey God and he was ready to sacrifice Isaac, God stopped him because he loved Abraham. And instead, Abraham was able to offer a Ram with his horns caught in the thicket in place, which certainly foreshadowed the Lord Jesus Christ being sacrificed for our sake, for our sins. So in conclusion, God loves people so much that he allowed Jesus Christ to take on our iniquities and sins which are represented by the thorns on his head. All those Yea hath God said thoughts that Satan put in our mind all the time we listened to a false gospel where we had no belief at all. Yeah, hath God said, preventing us from getting born again of the Spirit killing our faith.

Going back to Genesis, chapter three, verse 18, where God told us that we’re going to have a problem with thorns and thistles because we don’t believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. We didn’t hear God’s voice and believe on it. Rather we listened to the servant. So God, because he loves us, provides a way of Salvation. Check out verse 24 in Genesis, chapter three, for a symbol of the Lord Jesus Christ. A flaming sword goes out of his mouth, goes a sharp two edged sword, and God says, Are my words not as fire? So we know that that is also a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ. How much does God love us? It says in Isaiah, chapter 28, Woe to the Crown of pride. The Crown of pride and the Crown of thorns are spiritually equivalent our pride. We are children of pride, as it says in Job 41, verse 34 specifically. And it’s because the Antichrist has a problem feeding on thorns, as it says earlier in that same chapter. And if he’s feeding on thorns and we’re listening to Antichrist and not believing on the real Jesus Christ, then we are children of pride because we’ve got inequities or thorns on our mind, as represented by the Crown of thorns that had to be placed on Jesus because it says in Two Corinthians, chapter five.

21For he hath made him to be sinne for vs, who knewe no sinne, that wee might bee made the righteousnesse of God in him.

Jesus didn’t have to go through this, but God purposed it because he loved us. Again, the common theme of this sermon is God’s love for us. So look what Jesus Christ did. He took on not only the physical pain of a Crown of thorns, but think about the spiritual suffering that he endured as he was separated from God the Father while he was being crucified, something that I don’t think any of us can fully appreciate, and hopefully someday we will. The crucifixion in John, chapter 19

17And he bearing his crosse, went foorth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrewe, Golgotha:

18Where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either side one, and Iesus in the middest.

So what a powerful image this is. There’s two beside him. Jesus is in the middle, and he had to endure all of this scourging prior to being hung up on the cross. And he suffered for us. But again, I appeal to everyone. God loves us so much that Jesus just did not endure only the physical suffering, but a spiritual separation from God the Father as he cried from the book of Psalms, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? He felt that separation and God is not subject to our idea of time. We don’t know in full the complete price that was paid, but he paid it in full for our sake. So there’s nothing we can do to repay the Lord. There’s nothing that we can offer Him except faith in his word. So I would appeal to everyone, if you love God, have faith in his word and don’t let anyone in the world take that faith or cast out on the word of God and diminish your faith at all. It says in Isaiah chapter 53.

5But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was vpon him, and with his stripes we are healed.

So in conclusion, Jesus Christ was crucified for the disbelief of mankind. This goes back to Genesis three, Where God put a flaming sword in place. In addition, we see countless prophecies fulfilled. God loves those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. It says in one Peter two,

24Who his owne selfe bare our sinnes in his owne body on the tree, that wee being dead to sinnes, should liue vnto righteousnesse, by whose stripes ye were healed.

So the sacrifice of Jesus Christ makes believers rich and says in Proverbs 24

4And by knowledge shall the chambers bee filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Chambers spiritually represents the mind as well as the soul. God is going to give you his wisdom and understanding from the word that you believe on. Next week I’m going to be commenting on the physical resurrection and the physical ascension of Jesus Christ. It’s an important time. A lot of people are going to be celebrating Easter. I personally don’t have a problem with the word Easter Because I realize that it represents to me a time to be released from prison, as was the time that was noted in the book of acts When Peter was released from prison at the time of Easter. But that also means to me a time of Salvation to be released from a spiritual prison. And that spiritual prison holds people captive until they believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. And the only way to be born again of the spirit is for Jesus Christ to be able to send the Holy Spirit to us.

But he had to be resurrected and ascended into heaven in a physical state in order for that to happen. So I’m excited to talk about that and why both are needed for Salvation. And why are some Christians now doubting the physical resurrection and ascension? There’s more than one source in the world that is talking about well, he must have been spiritually resurrected or spiritually ascended only maybe he was physically resurrected but only spiritually ascended Because the scholars are getting closer to the truth. Well, that’s not what God’s word says. So I’m going to explore that next week and I’m going to try to release my sermon the evening before Sunday, per request from some of the listeners. And until then, God bless everyone and keep safe and have faith and remember, God loves those who put their trust in him. Amen.


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