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Transcript: The topic of Bible basics is useful regardless of a person’s Salvation status or even their walk and maturity as Christians, because there’s some basic information that can be written reviewed from time to time, and I hope this benefits many people. I’m just going to comment briefly for anyone watching this presentation that in God’s Word, which we identify as the Authorized Version of 1611 in the English language, go to Genesis, chapter three. We have the fall of man, and in short, it’s because we did not believe God and we engaged in a conversation with the serpent Lucifer, who is far more intelligent, created, full of wisdom, perfect and beauty. And he twisted some concepts and we fell because of disbelief that’s a basic mankind has disbelief in God’s Word. So God in his mercy put a solution in place to keep us from living eternally in a fallen state. He set a flaming sword at the east of the Garden of Eden, which is symbolic of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ being God’s Word in the flesh. And because of this solution there is hope. And I want to talk about the hope that is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh dwelt among us. If we go to John chapter one, God tells us in the beginning was the Word, so Jesus Christ is God.

He and the Father are one, but God sent his only begotten Son to us, so whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. As it says in John chapter three, verse 16. Jesus Christ is also described as a lamp in Psalm 119, in Revelation, chapter one, and in Psalm 149, the word sword is used to describe God’s Word. In Psalm twelve, God’s Word is pure as silver. And in John chapter six, God’s Word, Jesus Christ gives us life, eternal life because he is the truth, the way, and the life. So we must be born again to be saved from eternal damnation. The whole world is condemned already. John chapter three says that we are born not of corruptible seed, we’re not born of corruption, we’re born of incorruptible seed, which is the Word of God, which is pure. We must repent and believe God, and repentance means we turn to God in his mercy and through faith. We are saved by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ because of belief in Him. In his testimony that he is pure, he is righteous.

We have nothing to offer except faith, and we don’t trust our own judgments because we don’t have righteous judgments. God’s testimonies are the judgments that we believe are righteous. Once we’re saved and receive the Holy Spirit and are sealed until the day of redemption. In other words, we earned this only by Grace through faith in belief. On the Word of God Jesus Christ. We see spiritually what the Holy Ghost shows us, the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit being the same, as it says in Matthew chapter 20 and John chapter 14.

God’s speech is no longer simple and plain because of the testimonies in one. John chapter five, C, verses seven through nine, that there are witnesses that bear testimony in Earth and in heaven, and they agree and are one also see one Corinthians chapter two, verses 1016. Natural men are not needed to teach rather saved people. Edify if you have the Holy Spirit in you, you can teach through the power of God’s Holy Spirit to other people. But it’s not our power, it’s God’s power. The Holy Spirit gives us spiritual testimonies and I put a picture on the screen of what looked like pieces. Maybe some people at first might think, oh, they’re chess pieces, and then others might see them as just sculptures or nice pieces of art, but then others might see only the black silhouettes of people in between. We’re going to see what God shows us and no more or no less by his power when we read God’s Word having faith.

So that way a saved Christian can discern things spiritually that if you’re not saved, you’re not going to be able to. And even if you are saved, there is a diversity of spiritual gifts. And God may take his time or put certain constraints on people because of spiritual gifts, but ultimately he’s going to reveal what he’s going to reveal to people with faith. So there’s no worries about people being in disagreement over what God’s Word says. It’s a spiritually discerned testimony. And there’s no need for more than one version of God’s Word because that’s all there is. God spoke to the prophets. God is not the author of confusion. There is one testimony.

Our job is to seek that out and find it by God’s power through faith. I put a chart here that just explains God. God the Father is one of God’s identities. He is one God, but as God the Father, he is a spirit in His Church. One of the names is called Israel. We’ve got Lucifer, who is the God of this Earth, who wants to be like the most High God, who is not of this Earth. And one of his names is Behemoth. And one of his counterfeit names for his Church, Babylon, is called Grecia. Jesus Christ is God. He is the God in the flesh, the physical representation of God to the people of the world. And another name for his Church is Samaria. And to counterfeit this Word made flesh, Lucifer. Although he’s not a creator, he perverts and has an Antichrist always. And that Antichrist has a name called Leviathan. It’s one of his names. And the Church counterfeit one of the names is Egypt.

Spiritually God has the Holy Ghost that he sends to people who believe God is a spirit. So when he sends His Holy Spirit to a believer, another name for God’s Church is Jerusalem. And the devil is another name for Lucifer. And his counterfeit a name is called Sodom God is the most High. Another name for his Church is Ephraim. Another name for Lucifer is Bale and another counterfeit name for Dominion of Lucifer would be Tyrus. God says, I am his Church being named Zion. Lucifer as the serpent has a Church called the Vatican and that is discerned spiritually in the pure word of God by a number of places, notably in Revelation chapter eleven where we identify Babylon, which is Lucifer’s Church, as both a city and a country that sits on seven mountains. So using that criteria and knowing that it is a counterfeit Church, it leads us down the path of the Vatican as the identity. God has a named Jehovah and he has a Church called Jacob, one of the names of his Church, Lucifer is called Satan and his counterfeit Church is called Babylon. So these are just some terms that we pick up on as we read the Canon of Scripture. God’s teaching is righteous. Lucifer’s worldly teaching is trying to emulate God, but in a perverted way.

So we have Jesus Christ in Leviathan, Holy Ghost and Devils as a counterfeit incorruptible word and in place in this world. We have corrupt scriptures. We have a flood of corrupt scriptures that God talks about notably in the Book of Revelation coming out of the mouth of the serpent. We have Spirit filled believers that edify the Church by the power of the Holy Spirit. And then we have delusional natural men or people leaning on scholarship and lacking in faith. You can have scholarship and have true faith, but then God by his power will show you the folly of worldly wisdom. But if you rely on God, scholarship ultimately will become foolish in many cases. There’s nothing wrong with being educated and smart, but you have to start by having faith in an incorruptible testimony. Otherwise God will choose and send delusions to people and they won’t get saved. God’s teaching is free. Jesus Christ of the Word of God is a free gift. There’s no Copyright in place for money.

A Crown Copyright protects the text and in the world you’ve got copyrighted scriptures for the purpose of protecting in many cases financial interest of the Copyright holders so that they can make a lot of money off of what they call the Word of God. God’s teaching is free as I mentioned, and people that believe on it will be persecuted and all who live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. And in the world we’re going to have tribulation. These are basic teachings, but a worldly emulation skyrockets people to financial success and being lauded or celebrated as great celebrities in the Christian faith. But do any of these people believe on the pure Word of God? When you’re a Christian, God gives us meekness. God is Meek. Jesus Christ talks about his meekness and in contrast, Lucifer is filled with pomp and Lucifer’s words come out of the mouth of Antichrist.

He has multiple testimonies. God’s is singular. Gods is a lamp. Lucifer has many lamps coming out of the mouth of his Antichrist. God is love. God’s Word is true. Lucifer hates mankind. God talks about this in Scripture and he is the father of lies, so there is no truth in him. God is the Creator. God’s Word is pure. Lucifer is a creation, albeit a very powerful creation, but a creation nevertheless and His Word is corrupt. Yea hath God said, God is not of this world and His Word is described as pure as silver tried in a furnace of Earth. And Lucifer is of this world. He was cast down from heaven and is the God of this world and his word is dross. So when you read about dross, you’re reading about corruption in a pure testimony. Dross in the presence of silver must be removed or the silver is not as precious. So dress in a literal sense would just be less precious elements that are present in silver. So it must be melted and skimmed out with a pots herd much like God’s Word must be discerned spiritually and tried and proven.

His armour to get the dross out of the vessel as God tells people to do. You can see corruption through the eyes of the Holy Ghost. God will get the draws out if you have faith. God decrees truth. God’s Word gives us life. It cleans us and we have no life in us unless we eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus Christ, which is him telling the Church that we must consume His Word through faith. Lucifer does is God has decreed through the prophets. God tells Christians about Lucifer and not to accuse Lucifer outside of Scripture because none of us know anything about Lucifer except what God tells us in His Word.

But Lucifer has decreed lies and cast out on God’s Word and in the end we’re already condemned. So we will see an eternal death, a damnation in the Lake of fire, if we do not believe in God and get born again. We’ve got another subject, Ruth, and there is a book of Ruth. It is symbolic of a saved Church. To counterfeit that, we’ve got Lily as the name of an unsaved Church. There’s a whole lesson there. My purpose is just to go through some of this very briefly today. The mouth according to God. The mouth of people shows that if we’re saved, the mouth has no defilement in it, because what comes out of the mouth pleases God because we’re saved. But the mouth of unsaved people is defiled.

What comes out of the mouth of unsaved people is going to reveal them as lost people and that leads to damnation. So it’s not what goes in the mouth, but what comes out that defiles person according to Jesus Christ. Wine. There is wine for Salvation. Drink a little wine for your Infirmity’s sake. God says wine is symbolic of doctrine of the word of God. But in a perverted counterfeit sense, wine makes people drunk because if it’s corrupt, if people are drinking too much, they get drunk and it leads to damnation. And spiritual drunkenness is when you don’t understand what the Holy Spirit teaches the churches because you’re drinking wine that is corrupt. The wine of Babylon, which makes the whole world drunk. God is not of this world. His place is the heavenly realm, the heaven of heavens, and Lucifer is of this world. That’s very important because to counterfeit what God tells us about fallen Angels, there is a being called an alien.

The idea that we live in a small little spinning marble like planet that is in this big universe and we’re being visited by beings called aliens rather than what God tells saved people that the Earth cannot be moved and that everything is beneath the firmament as far as what mankind deals with. And these beings that visit us are not visiting. They’re of this world. They’re fallen Angels cast down from heaven and their Dominion is of this world, and they are far more powerful than we are. They can manifest themselves in different forms according to the word of God, and it confounds people that don’t get saved Saints. God calls saved people Saints.

That’s the meaning of it. The devil wants to counterfeit that. So he has a perversion of Saints and God calls them lilies. And a lot of times in the French language you’ll hear the term flirtily, but that is a counterfeit to a Saint and it means you’re damned. God has his Saints and the devil wants to be like God. So the devil has what he calls his own Saints, which are people that are unsaved by default because no one is born. Saved. Solomon is the offspring of David, and Jesus Christ says he is the rude and offspring of David. But to counterfeit and pervert that Solomon, the name of Solomon, is used by Lucifer to represent Antichrist in a literal sense.

God gives us an account of Solomon and he loved Solomon. But when Solomon disobeyed God, he wound up becoming a devil worshipper because of the strong delusions that God sent. And God allowed that to happen because of Solomon’s disobedience. But he loves Solomon. But it’s a great lesson for all of us that if we don’t walk in the spirit, if we don’t believe in God and gets saved, if Jesus Christ is not our Saviour, we’re going to have a strong delusion sent to us. And even if we’re saved, we have to make sure that we are obedient to God by not yielding our faith, by trusting Jesus Christ always. So we don’t want to be part of a counterfeit. In John chapter one, we learn about Jesus Christ as God’s word. This is just a quick review. The counterfeit references in Job chapter 41 called Leviathan. So God’s Word is a lamp. In Psalm 119 and in Job chapter 41 and revelation, chapter eight, we have a counterfeit lamp called Wormwood or many lamps.

There is both a singular and plural given to that in Revelation chapter one and Psalm 149, God’s word is described as a sword. And of course the counterfeit sword is given to us in Zechariah chapter five and Proverbs chapter five and that’s called Wormwood, the curse of the Earth. Psalm twelve. God’s word is as silver in Isaiah chapter one, we get dross of Wormwood there in John chapter six, Jesus Christ is the life. In Revelation, chapter 22, Lucifer trying to counterfeit brings death to the world. So in conclusion, everyone starts in a fallen state of disbelief in the word of God. All of us are born into trouble as it says in the book of Job. And we are condemned already, as it says in John chapter three. But once saved, basic teachings lead to spiritual understandings so we can get off the basic teaching, off the milk of the word and on to solid food by being mature in our Christian faith, by God’s power of the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. In Hebrews chapter five, it says in verse 13, for everyone that uses milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness, for he is a Babe.

Milk is symbolic of the word of God, the sincere milk of the word. So when you first get born again, you don’t have a skill set immediately. That takes time, it takes a spiritual gift and it takes time reading the Canon of scripture, reading the scriptures, even those that are not necessarily the Canon of God’s word but are used to sharpen reproof skills. The books of the Apocrypha can help sharpen retrofit skills. And it says in verse 14, but strong meat belongs to them that are full of age. Even those who by reason of use have their senses exercise to discern both good and evil. So God gives us the power to see through the way of things. Through his power, through his wisdom, we see the world as God teaches us so that we no longer lean on our own understandings and trust our own unrighteous judgements. But we judge everything righteously. It says the Saints shall judge the world, so we are to judge a righteous judgement using the word of God. And that is a command given to us in God’s word. So I pray and hope that this was a nice brief review session for some and a great introduction for others, and I’ve got a very nice topic to start next week and I’ll look forward to giving that then.


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