Chastening and the Fear of the Lord

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Today’s lesson is on a very important subject that I think is very much misunderstood. And there’s not a lot of focus on it in the Christian community, and that is chastening, and the fear of the Lord. So I’m going to dedicate this lesson to the people that are undergoing chastening because of the Word of God. And my prayers are also for those that are being chastened. But because they are lost people, they have not read or believed on the Word of God. And those are the people that I really want to reach out to the most right now, so that people can get saved. So if you can please look at the screen or turn in your Bibles. I’m going to read Hebrews chapter 12, verses six through eight.

For whome the Lord loueth hee chasteneth, and scourgeth euery sonne whom he receiueth.

7If yee endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sonnes: for what sonne is he whom the father chasteneth not?

8But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sonnes.

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Pretty straight forward. Here, God makes it very clear that if you’re going to open up his word, and read it, or if you hear his word, and you’re a true believer, you’re going to be chastened. And he uses the word scourge to describe that process. Now, the chastisement is going to be based on what God wants for that individual. It’s very unlikely that a small child who has a true faith in the Word of God will be beaten. At the same level is someone that’s maybe, you know, a full-fledged adult that has been entangled with things of the world. So this is important, though, because everyone that is a Christian is chastened in scourged, so that they can be productive in their walk as Christians.

I think my opinion is, because of all the false Bibles, all the satanic Bibles in the markets today, very, very few people are chastened at all. And there is no way that you can fear God except God teaches you the fear. You cannot fear God by the precepts of men. The Lord says that. So the only way to really fear God is by believing on his word, and he’s going to beat you. And that’s the lesson today.

So the purpose is, I’m going to talk about chastening. Now the AV 1611 is in every word testimony. This is God’s unbroken scripture. And it is something that, you know, if we consume if we believe on it, there is real power in this. I do not believe there’s any power in these false modern Bibles. The New King James the ESV, the NIV, the NAS, B, etc. Those are dumb idols. There’s nothing in them but satanic doctrine and false Christ. But if you pick up an unbroken Scripture, the 1611 Bible that underwent an extreme amount of persecution, when it was published, you’re going to now believe on the Most High God and chastening if you’re a true believer will occur. I’m also going to talk about fear. For believers, I’m going to actually give some descriptions of the type of fear that you should be receiving, if you’re a true believer.

I’m going to talk about worldly fear. God doesn’t afflict people that are unsaved. So who does? And then I’m going to give a conclusion. And that conclusion is going to be fear God. And I’m going to take it out of Scripture.

So I’m going to start by talking about chastening. For the few true believers, God will put fear into a person, once they believe in Jesus Christ, a person’s chastening will be unique to what is needed for them. But you have to be a true believer. And that means God tries your faith and find you worthy of being a true believer. You just don’t graft yourself into the covenant of Abraham. God does it by examining whether you have true faith or not. And I think that’s a fallacy in today’s Christianity is I’ve seen a lot of pastors, you know, open up their false Bibles and read scriptures to children and say, you know, bring Jesus into your heart. Now, welcome to the family. That’s not what salvation

In this guy’s salvation is being received by God because you’re a true believer on not corruptible, but incorruptible seed, the Word of God which liveth in abideth forever. And the devil’s job is to corrupt the Word so that people can’t come to faith in Jesus Christ asked the question, when he cometh, will He find faith? Meaning, Will anybody believe His Word, when he cometh? So it gives us something to think about? It says in Proverbs chapter 23,

Thou shalt beate him with the rod, and shalt deliuer his soule from hell.

We’re all born under trouble. We need to be beaten with the rod of the Word of God, to be delivered from hell. Each and every one of us.

In Job chapter five

Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almightie.

If you’ve read the book of Job, Job underwent chastening that I don’t think any of us would have wanted to undergo. What happened to that man was horrific. He lost his family, he was afflicted greatly. And it’s a great book about faith, and how God deals with us. But be happy if you’ve been corrected by the word of God.

In Acts, chapter 19, it says,

17And this was knowen to all the Iewes and Greekes also dwelling at Ephesus, and feare fell on them all, and the Name of the Lord Iesus was magnified.

When you believe on Jesus Christ, you’re going to have fear, because of the reality of God’s Word. If you’ve read the scriptures, you know what I’m saying, there’s definitely a realisation that we’re condemned already. And the only way to escape condemnation of an eternity in the lake of fire is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. And that means you’re going to be one of the few that believes on an unbroken testimony, because the scripture cannot be broken. Very, very horrifying, that only few are saved, as it says in Matthew chapter seven.

So for a new believer, or a corrected existing believer, here is a scale that I put together of chastening and fearing Jesus Christ, after hearing or reading God’s word, and believing the testimony. This assumes that people are true believers, not just professing lip service believers. Okay, so I hope this helps people. I put this together, based on scripture, level one, I will describe this as the least amount of chastening is feeling scared after hearing God’s word. And then I’m just going to cite a, at least one source of Scripture that supports that. But every one of us should have some type of fear after hearing God’s word. I’d like to talk about my children. When I read them the gospel they heard, I read them three out of the four gospels out of the 1611. I never asked them to, you know, say a prayer or anything, they just heard the word. And I told them both, that they it was between them and the Most High, whether they were a true believer or not, I can’t make my kids believe anything.

And after about not quite a month or so, they individually came forward and asked to be baptized. And I did that only after they testified of getting chastened. They felt scared. They described what happened to them, after they feared God. And they both realized independently, it was the power of God that was causing the fear. Now, their testimonies weren’t identical. They were unique. And they came at different times. But this is important because they were young children around the ages of, I believe, seven to nine years of age was the age range to give you an idea. So God dealt with them as believers based on perhaps their chronological age in their natural bodies and what they had been exposed to in the world. So he was very merciful, and He gave them the chastening they deserved.

Weeping in fear.

I’m going to give another account of I was in a church one time listening to a sermon. And there was a young girl, perhaps seven or eight years old, listening to the sermon, and the pastor was talking about how we need to be saved, and he was quoting scripture. And this little girl started weeping in church because she believed the testimony, she got saved. She didn’t have to listen to the sermon, but she heard the word of God. And she believed it. And she wept. And immediately her parents knew what had happened that she had been saved. So that’s just an example of maybe a little bit greater of A Chastening than what I described before.

The third level of chastening as the word is repeated in a powerful voice scares a person greatly. There was a guy named Garth, who I talked to probably a couple years ago now. And he talked about being raised in a Christian household, but being sent away to some type of Bible school or camp, and kind of being forced fed the Word of God. And he had homosexual tendencies at that time. And I don’t want to start getting into his testimony. But when he became a little older, his parents prayed for him out of the book of Joshua, and he was in a nightclub, I believe, and all of a sudden, this powerful voice repeats a couple of verses out of the book of Joshua, and scares him petrifies him greatly. And ultimately, he’s led to the Word of God. Because he was a true believer, he went when he was at bible camp, and a person came up and told him what the true Word of God is, he actually believed that person.

And he didn’t have doubt in his heart from that standpoint. So that’s an example of, he heard a thundering voice in his head, repeat the verse of scripture out of Joshua, and it put total fear in him and changed his life forever.

Physical illness fear hospitalisation

This is the next scale up of chastening. I’ve known a number of people that have gone through this experience, my former pastor, I know a missionary in Mexico, that that they all went to the hospital because they feared God. And God put them there in the hospital so that they could focus on his word, and maybe get a little bit of edification.

And they were filled with fear. And it changed their lives, but God had set them apart from their families for a while, so that they could be isolated in a hospital to work on them. And this was part of being received as a Christian.

The next level up is your fit for a mental institution, you hear voices, you’re weeping, and you’ve got great torment. You’ve been turned over to Satan completely. And God has lifted that protection that he puts on even the heathens, the heathens, are protected. Jesus Christ talks about this in the New Testament, which is a separate subject. But if God lifts any of that protection, and now you’re a believer, he’s lifting that protection up, and turning you over to Satan, to maybe increase your awareness of how much protection you had as an unbeliever, and what it’s like, when you don’t have all that protection. And he’s letting the devil

Have at you for a while, so that you can be ultimately more productive in your walk as a Christian, and not blaspheme and be a true believer, and God’s going to use that person for a great purpose perhaps, but this, this is something that is a reality. And it is, you know, you have to be able to endure the chastening at this point. But this is part of God’s word. This is a reality of when this happens because you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. God is correcting you because maybe you’ve been entangled with certain things in this world that need to be ironed out by God. He has a purpose for everything. The next level up in chastening is you’re beyond a mental institution, you’ve literally flipped out and there’s this no way they’re going to get you into a mental hospital. You want to die. You have no ability to sleep. You can’t sleep weeks might go by and the secular world the world of doctors will say this is impossible, but you have no ability to sleep for weeks. You have no desire to eat. Death is near God’s word keeps repeating over and over and over in your head 24/7 You’re screaming and weeping and are in this constant for weeks or perhaps months. This is a severe chastening for being

In entangled with things in this world, that God again needs to iron out. But he’s beating this person into just into an oblivion because of what God needs in order to produce correction. And this is what happened to me. I had been entangled in the Catholic faith, I was praying to statues, I was praying to a false Jesus. And I had lived in a house with evil spirits that were being channeled. And, you know, just had had no real exposure or belief on the True Word of God, I was taking communion in the same place that I was watching pornographic films in college. So when I read and believed on the Word of God, there was a lot of pain. And I was beyond a mental institution, I can assure you that. And God was merciful in that he kept me isolated, almost 1000 miles away, during the worst parts of it from my family, I was in a hotel room by myself screaming and screaming nonstop, because the pain was so great. And it was very unique, because there was a Christian woman that was actually working at the hotel.

And she that’s like, God put her there. She had complete knowledge of what I was going through, and told me that the word is true. And it’s like God had staged everything for his purpose, then the next level up in fear would be death, you have no ability to endure chastening. I put Acts Chapter Five there that for whatever reason, you believe on the word, but you’ve been entangled to the point where God’s going to just kill you outright, perhaps allow His servant, that king of Babylon to do that. And he does this for a specific purpose, maybe in his great mercy, because your purpose has been served by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, but you’ve done something or you’ve been entangled with something that he chooses to correct by this way. Now, I don’t have any knowledge of anyone other than Acts, chapter five going through this. But there is no question that if we were turned over completely, and all the protection was taken off of us, Satan would kill us instantly. That’s how much power the devil has been given as the god of this world. So if God lifts enough protection off of us, to allow Satan to slay us, then that’s what’s going to happen. So let’s hope that that’s not the option that God chooses.

So existing believers may be chastened. It says in First Timothy chapter one, verse 20, of whom Jimenez and Alexander whom I have delivered unto Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme. God delivered these men unto Satan because they were idolaters. They were making Jesus Christ into an idol. That’s what the Spirit talks about here. And they were turned over to Satan for correction, so that they could be productive and learn not to blaspheme. And that’s what should happen to people if they’re in a false Bible, or if they’re being idolatrous or if they’re not walking in faith, God should correct them if they’re true believers.

And Job chapter two it says so when Satan forth from the presence of the Lord and smoke job, with sore Boils, from the soul of his foot unto his crown, Satan was able to do that because God lifted the protection and allowed Satan to do that very important. Job was a perfect man in the sight of God, in represent spiritually a true believer, but God lifted some protection. He didn’t allow Satan to kill them, but he allowed him to be smitten. And 2 Corinthians chapter 12

And least I should bee exalted aboue measure through the abundance of the reuelations, there was giuen to me a thorne in the flesh, the messenger of Sathan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted aboue measure.

The apostle Paul is talking about all of the edification that was given to him after he met Jesus Christ directly, he outworked all of the apostles, he became the greatest of the apostles, but a messenger of Satan was put on him, to keep him humble, in essence, so that people wouldn’t think he is like God, that he was still a man so he was given a thorn in the flesh. Now, we don’t know a lot about exactly what Paul’s thorn in the flesh issues were, other than it says there was a messenger of Satan put on him to allow God to use Paul in accordance with his will which is very important.

So what is the purpose of chastening a believer in Hebrews chapter 12 11Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be ioyous, but grieuous: neuerthelesse, afterward it yeeldeth the peaceable fruite of righteousnesse, vnto them which are exercised thereby.

If you’re able to endure chastening at any level, you will feel the power of the Holy Spirit, teaching you and edifying you after the chastening passes. But keep this in mind that chastening upon being a new believer is normal, then you could go for a while and not be chastened. But if you start having problems with your faith, or with your walk in Christ, God can put some more chastening on you to correct you. And many of us have undergone that. And that is something that we should be joyous about because God is going to correct those that he loves. So just wanted to point out that scripture.

What about the non-believers? There’s many non-believers in this world, there’s only few real believers. Well, it says In Lamentations chapter three for heat, death, not afflict willingly, nor grieve the children of men. God doesn’t afflict the children of men that you know, if you’re unsaved, or if you know someone that’s unsaved, their god is Lucifer, the god of this world by default, because we’re all born under trouble. We’re born children of the devil. It’s a very offensive thing for people to tell one another. But that’s who we are until we get grafted into the covenant by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ and become saved Christians. It says in Second Corinthians chapter four,

In whom the God of this world hath blinded the minds of them which beleeue not, lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine vnto them.

Unbelievers or non-believers are missing an amazing testimony of pure truth as Jesus Christ tells us about the realities of this world, that Lucifer is the god of this world. Lucifer is the servant of the Most High God. And he also fears God as well.

And he’s not under a delusion, Lucifer knows his time is short. But the people on this world that are under the power of Lucifer under Satan, they’re in a delusion that God has chosen, because they’re not being afflicted in in they, they will buy any lie of the devil. You know, think about UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, werewolves, all this stuff. There are no natural things like that. They’re all spiritual. Yes, we tend to judge by appearance before we get saved.

So what we see on television or what we hear from people, we judge by our own unrighteous judgments, but once you’re a believer in the light of the world shines in you realise that this is all the line works of Satan and the fallen angels. Yes, there are appearances of what people might describe as aliens. Yes, there are appearances of werewolves and yetis, and monsters. And there are things in this world that are still natural that we’ve not discovered. But there are also spiritual things, and manifestations that the heathen world simply cannot understand. Because they have no light in them. So yes, Satan has been given power to deceive the whole world. And all these sightings and all these recordings of that were saturated with UFOs or dogman, or werewolves or Yeti, or or any type of monster that causes fear which is not of God but of men, is all because of the power of Satan given unto him by the Most High God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

It says in Isaiah chapter 14,

20Thou shalt not be ioyned with them in buriall, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slaine thy people: the seede of euill doers shall neuer be renowmed.

Okay? He’s talking about Lucifer, God is and he Lucifer is the slayer. He’s a murderer. He’s the father of lies. He is the father of all unbelievers. And unbelievers will believe in their idolatrous satanic Bibles like the New King James or the NIV, or the New American Standard or the English Standard Version, or they might be agnostic, or they might just be an atheist. They might be some false Eastern religion.

They might be some false religion of any kind, including being a Jew. But if you don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you’re not getting into the kingdom of heaven. You must be born again, according to Jesus Christ. And until that time, you’re under the power of Satan and you’re walking in the imagination of your heart. Judging by appearance, you’re not judging a righteous judgement by the word of God, the Word of God completely turns upside down. Anything we ever knew about. In our natural walk is people. God starts revealing things that resets and recalibrates our understanding of the realities of this world.

So nonbelievers, it says in John chapter eight

44Ye are of your father the deuill, and the lusts of your father ye will doe: hee was a murtherer from the beginning, and abode not in the trueth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his owne: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

There’s no truth in the devil. I’ve heard Pastor say, well, the devil will tell you the truth nine times to sell you a lie the 10th time. Well, that’s satanic, because the devil is not going to tell the truth to any mankind type of creation. There is no truth in him if you believe in Jesus Christ.

So non-believers, when I was a heathen, I would get all scared after hearing a scary story sometimes. And you know that, physically I, you know, I was big, strong guy, and athletic and all that. But still titillated by scary stories. Of course, I lived in a room with devils, and had slamming doors and all sorts of weird stuff going on in the house that I lived in, because spirits were being channelled there. So I was a little bit fascinated by horror in the occult, maybe more than I normally would have been weeping in fear of evil. You know, sometimes, if an evil spirit is put on a person, it can just cause them to weep, because maybe it puts an evil thought in their mind. But this is Lucifers job. I mean, He’s the god of this world, and he’s going to emulate the Most High and since we’re all born his children, he wants you to fear him, not the most high but fear Lucifer, and, and that’s what the devils game is.

The word is repeated and a powerful voice scares a person greatly. So maybe an evil spirit will stay on a person and put evil thoughts in their head and get them to break down. Maybe they go into some type of institution. Maybe they have physical illness fear hospitalisation.

Maybe they’re fit for a mental institution. And maybe they’re beyond a mental institution. Maybe they want death. Maybe they can’t sleep, they can’t eat. Maybe they are just beyond help.

And I referenced Legion there. In Mark chapter five, there was a guy named Legion are the devils were named Legion. Many of them possessed this man who had supernatural strength. Nobody could have taken him to any type of institution, he was too powerful. It took Jesus Christ to cast the evil spirits out of him.

An even the evil spirits acknowledge Jesus. And they, said, What will you have to do with us Jesus Son of the Most High God, they acknowledged him because all creations know the Creator, and Jesus cast them into the swine went down into the water, and drowned. Of course, you know, the spirits may have wandered the earth somewhere else, but they fled because of Jesus Christ because that’s the only power that can make Satan flee. Ultimately, we have nothing to do there with casting out Satan except by the power of Jesus Christ. And even the non-believers can use the name of Jesus Christ to cast out devils as it says in Matthew chapter seven.

And then death Satan you know if you get entangled with sorcery are certain things where you start wilfully worshipping the devil and then for whatever reason, the devil maybe doesn’t like your level of worship, I’m speculating a little but he’s given power to slay he is the Slayer and if you don’t have any protection from the Most High God, you know, it’s open season the devil can slay a person with you know, the greatest of ease and he is the Slayer and he’s slaying in all, but few, ultimately by the sword, both naturally and spiritually.


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