The Baphomet twists, perverts and can be anything you can think of. Its purpose was to change God’s order upside down or pervert. It started when Lucifer convinced man to disobey God. That is when he took dominion over the earth as God has given it to man.

The  Baphomet is the representation of Lucifer. The prince of the air, the one who has dominion over the earth. The Baphomet is a God, a devil , a saint and a sinner.

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So below…

God is the author of order. Creation is an expression of God’s goodness. Creation was without flaw. It was perfect.

Death came because of Lucifer but death is not natural. Death is a perversion of life. That is the beginning of the Baphomet…

If not for Jesus Christ the Baphomet would rule in every heart. Only through Christ is the Baphomet overcome.

“she shalbe called woman, because shee was taken out of man.” It defies this natural order.

It takes every aspect of creation and changes it.

Most everything glorifies the Baphomet. TV, Gospel preachers and mega church leaders glorify the Baphomet.

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