Warning: The KJV is not the KJV


The King James Bible is not the 1611 King James Authorised Version. Let’s just make that historical statement. The popular bible we see on our book shelves in high quality paper and wonderful leather covers is not the original bible authorised by King James. Now the first words that come to your mind are the following –

“Yes it is, you are wrong!”

May I ask you the following questions?

  • Where did that thought come from and who told you that?
  • Have you ever held the original in your hand to compare it?
  • Have you ever seen a PDF copy of the original 1611 bible in the Gothic font?
  • Have you ever seen a word for word copy of that bible in the Roman font?

Now let me answer the above questions for you based on how you might answer me. You can tell me if I am wrong.

  • I was told that by my pastor who went to a recognised educational institution and his professors provided that information to him so they know more than you a total heathen.
  • How could I ever have done that as they are surely very rare!
  • Why would I bother with that when you just heard me say the first two points!
  • No I have never seen that bible and why should I bother?

Now I am going to answer your replies

  • Where did your pastor study and do you believe that he should be your authority for such an important question and could he be wrong? Furthermore is your salvation dependent on him or Jesus Christ’s word?
  • Did you know replicas exist that can be purchased that are verified exact copies?
  • The PDF is easily obtainable online to download so why not grab one?
  • The Roman font version is available in Christian book shops, online and you should bother as you can compare the text yourself.

Now if you have got this far let me ask you more questions.

  • Have you ever heard of Dr Benjamin Blayney?
  • How many years are there between King James death and 1769?
  • Have you ever heard of the Antiochian manuscripts?

Now you might be more educated and be able to answer the third question. AH HA I got you! The Antiochian manuscripts are the best and most accurate and that is what my beloved KJV is based on. So you are wrong you false prophet! (My imaginative reply to my own question)

Furthermore the KJV was just a modernisation of language and a correction of the 1611 you might say. However how can it be the original if it was modernised? You probably have no idea who Blayney is unless you google him or such. (even then you may not get the whole picture)

Now what if I told you that Blayney edited the original 1611 and changed words from the Hebrew and that he was not even trained in at the time? What if I told you that in 1604 – 1611, 47 of the empires best scholars translated the Hebrew to English VS an unqualified heathen called Blayney over a hundred years after King James death and still claimed a dead man authorised it? Would you be a little bit suspicious? Should you not look in to it further? Or are you satisfied with what your pastor told you?

You might be pretty angry and/or confused but that was not my intent. You see I have looked in to it myself and so has another expert who produced a book that runs you through all of this. If you are in the Americas you can grab one at this store. This book creates tables and comparisons and raises some historical facts that if you are jumping up and down and pointing your finger at me you should really buy. (Yes I have read it)

Finally let me ask you another question that could offend you. So get ready for it. You might want to leave me some good ol fashioned double barrelled railing after it. Ready.

Are you too much of a coward to find out and would you prefer to lie to yourself? (Most of us do surprisingly)

Everything I have said is verifiable but do not trust a word I say. Come to think of it do not trust google either as you will come to a dead end unless you grab the original or do some actual study for yourself. Pray and seek God I could say but let me reiterate this. Do not forget you have a brain too. Historical documents can be found. The above book does a lot of that leg work so seriously save yourself some time and get it if you can.

I will also leave a video below too.

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