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This presentation is comprehensive and indisputable and can be verified however it will offend most because it confronts traditional modern bible study. It is very consistent with the early church and the protestant reformation doctrine. The reformation occurred because of this content. The current state of the so called church is essentially “dark age” which is evident in its fruit and obsession with money, mega stars and false bibles. Most pastors are in error as they are taught by Vatican doctrine in seminaries and use the Blayney KJV. The presenter, John is a Baptist pastor technically but not like any you will ever hear. If you do find another please post them here but I would venture to say that although they say we use the AV1611 they simply do not. (They use the 1769 KJV which is a very long time after the year 1611 and has been significantly altered) People seem to have great difficulty with common historical sense.

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I see web sites where they promote the Lamp in the Dark film series however use the Blayney KJV bible produced well after 1611. King James authorised one bible not the one called the KJV. Yet on a video channel recently someone asked to prove my point. This is a defensive and passive aggressive stance. We do not need to worry about such challengers because the testimony will prove itself if you read it. After all the so called KJV allegedly came from the real 1611 so why not take up the challenge and actually look with your eyes. There are numerous books written about this very subject that you can go through one by one and compare for yourself. Why do you stand back and deny without looking at the original 1611 like I did? I wanted to witness with my own eyes and noticed a significant difference although subtle in those I saw and studied.

What’s more interesting is people make very comprehensive studies of modern bibles such as the NIV and compare it to the KFC (pun intended) but neglect (a very large error) to the actual book first published in 1611. Yes these comparisons are effective but promote the KJV onlyism cult. I am not all interested in this way of thinking although you might think that is what I do here but it is not. I want people to do their due diligence, study history and see for themselves. If after seeing the evidence you want to continue along your way then it is entirely your choice. My goal is that you find the bible printed in 1611 that was actually authorised and culminates all of the previous English translations and you know the real Jesus as a result.

I have been reading this book for myself for just over 7 months now so am squarely behind the eight ball so to speak (no that is not some kind of numerology morsel and yes I have looked at numbers myself although not very much) What I mean to say is I am late to show or am the 4 o’clock labourer and the presenters have been slugging it out for decades. That is why I promote their work first. Please take a look at this presentation, grab yourself a PDF and see what happens.


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