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We’re here to learn about God’s word. And God is the intelligence, and that intelligence is conveyed through the Holy Spirit. He quickens our minds. We don’t need to be smart. We need the Lord. John, chapter 14:6. Everybody knows that verse.

Iesus saith vnto him, I am the Way, the Trueth, and the Life: no man commeth vnto the Father but by mee.

John 14:6 AV1611
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Now, a couple of things that you need to acknowledge before you start studying that particular verse and determining its relevance to your life as a Christian is what is the correct rendering of that verse. And the verse must have capitalizations. The way the word weigh must be capitalized. Truth must be capitalized, and life must be capitalized because those are proper names for God.

  • For Jesus Christ, only he is the truth.
  • Only he is the way,
  • Only he is the life. Right?

These are unique unto Him. These are not general descriptions. And the problem with most of the modern Bibles is they remove the capitalizations so that this becomes a general description, but not titles for the person of Jesus Christ. And it’s important that when we talk about Jesus Christ, we understand this is the person of God, the way, the truth. There is no other truth. And the life, there is no other life. And these three titles must be capitalized. So if you’re using a KJV Blayney, the guy who revised the 1611 imposed lower case letters, so that’s a corruption, it’s wrong. It demotes Jesus Christ and turns him into a general description. And that’s not what we want to do. We want to understand Him in the full context of His Godhead, his divine uncreated nature, the way, the truth and the life. Now, what does it mean that he is the way? The way to what? The way to eternal life? Yes, the way, the forgiveness of sins, the way to communion with the Father, these types of things. He is the way to all these things and many other things, but he is ultimately the way to the life. Eternal life is only through Jesus Christ.

Eternal life with God is through the way. Now, this is taught very well in the institutional churches. They know the way, they teach the way, and that’s about as far as they get most of the time. They don’t know what the truth is, and they certainly don’t understand the life. But the way that is what Paul would have considered milk, not strong meat. That’s very basic. Every Christian in every institutional church that I’ve been to understands that Jesus is the way to eternal life. They all get that. And that’s about where they stop in their understanding of this text. And so they’re feeding on milk. Now, when we move to the title The Truth, what does that mean? What truth are we speaking of? Well, in the context of that being Jesus Christ and the truth, a name, a title for Jesus Christ, it means everything that is true is in Christ. We know that. So we identify the way.

Now we identify him as the truth. And let me just quickly turn to another verse. John wrote this Jesus speaking. How be it when he, the spirit of truth, has come, he will guide you into all truth, for he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak, and he will show you things to come. This is Jesus speaking the spirit of truth. Okay, we’ve identified the way. So the institutional church has done pretty well with that. Jesus is the way to the Father, the truth they’re not very good at. He will guide you into all truth. Who will guide you? The spirit of truth, the Holy Ghost. Now, this implies a journey. Just because you get saved does not mean that automatically, through some kind of osmosis bang, you know the truth about everything, about every doctrine, about every item in the Bible, and you have this great discernment.

That’s not what that means. You are now on a journey. And Jesus is very clear. He will guide you into all truth. When we’re on a journey and we have a guide, it means we’re going somewhere. We have not arrived. None of us has arrived. We’re all on a journey. So we identify, yes, we know the way. Now we’re on the journey. This is the issue of faith. Jesus said, he who endures to the end shall be saved. We must keep the faith. It’s great to identify the way. Even the devils at Gergesenes identified the way. They said, you’re Jesus, the Son of God. They got it. The next step is faith. You must keep the faith. Paul said, I have finished the course. I have kept the faith worthy of receiving the prize at the end of the race. The people who worked in the vineyard, they came at different stages in the day. Those who work to the end of the day receive the wage. That’s eternal life. You see where we’re going? The way, the truth, and the life.

You must endure in the faith right through to your death. Jesus said, he who endures to the end shall be saved. Paul reflected, I have kept the faith. I finished the course. You are saved by faith. Everybody knows that. That’s the way. Follow me. You’re saved by faith in Jesus Christ, his work on the cross, his finished work. That’s the way. Everybody gets that. But now comes the faith. Many fall away. Paul wrote about it, but there’ll be a falling away. You fall away from faith. You’re saved by faith. You are unsaved by falling away from the faith. Nothing to do with works. It says nothing to do with works. And so in that course of the truth, it’s like pulling teeth, because we are stubborn, prideful people, all of us. And we learn very slowly, and we learn best through extreme adversity. And I hate to say that because I don’t like going through trials and tribulations and adversity and being chastised so that I get taught by the Holy Spirit.

I don’t like it. It’s not fun, but it’s necessary. And I’ve learned to be content with it. So this is what Jesus is talking about, the spirit of truth guiding you. You’re not arriving at truth except through a journey. And so pulling teeth, getting us to put our pride aside and other things. This is the process of faith and many fall away. And Paul wrote of that in Second Thessalonians the apostasy. It’s very straightforward. So we must endure to the end. If we endure to the end, our prize, our reward for working faithfully in the vineyard, keeping the faith, believing in Jesus, no matter what happens, is eternal life. So we start with the Way. We must identify the way. And as I said, the institutional church is great at that. They’re not very good at the truth because that is painful. Every one of the disciples, twelve apostles, except for John, who died likely on the Isle of Patmos all of them were brutally murdered by enemies of the Gospel. Faith wasn’t about works.

They kept the faith to the end. That’s the truth part. That’s the difficult part. Our walk with God is difficult when we’re in the truth mode. And Jesus is the truth. He tells us he’s going to send us the spirit of truth, the Holy Ghost, and he’s going to guide us. Now, most institutional church Christians are only on the way. That’s all they know, and that’s great. And many of them are saved. But many fall away. There’s a great falling away from the faith all the time. And that is because the truth is not taught in the churches. The Way. They’re firm and they’re good at it. But this simple verse, when the titles, the capitalizations, are removed, you no longer have the truth of that text. The text has been corrupted. So what happens in the institutional churches that largely use KJV? That is a corrupted text. The capitals have been removed.

The NIV, the capitals have been removed. And the other Bible, bibles, you can look them up yourselves. All those capitals have been taken out. So that verse is not correct. And getting past the way so that you can move on in your walk with Christ means you have to have the right text. And that verse is critical. I am the way, the truth, and the life. The life is that prize that Paul talks about. I finished the course, I finished the race. You finished the race and you get eternal life. You’ve kept the faith, you’ve kept the course, and you’ve endured to the end, as Jesus said. You’ve kept the faith. You’ve worked in the vineyard, you believed. And there you are on your deathbed. Now you die in the face if you fall away. You do not get the reward, you drop the faith. It’s not by works. You’re not saved by works, and you don’t lose your faith by works. It’s all by faith. And so Jesus is the Way, capital W. He is the truth, capital T.

And if you’re not in that journey, the truth journey, and if it’s not painful at times and sometimes excruciating what God must bring us through to get through our thick skulls, if you’re not in that phase, you may not be in the faith. You might be, I don’t know. But you may not be. But you must endure to the end. Keep the faith no matter what happens. You may sin, you may do all kinds of stupid things, but you keep the faith in juror to the end. If your Bible doesn’t capitalize the Way, the Truth and the Life, then you need to throw it out, because it’s a corrupt Bible. Go on, bible gateway. Do a search, John, chapter 14, verse six and have a look at all the top Bibles and see which ones demote Christ. Turn him into a general description the Way, the Truth and Life, in which acknowledge his divine and unique titles away the Truth and the Life. Thank you for listening. God bless.

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