The Unforgivable Sin

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Transcript: I’m going to talk about Revelation chapter 21. Today the topic will be the unforgivable sin should be of interest to Christians and non-Christians alike that there is a sin that you cannot get forgiveness from. Christians need to understand what that is to be effective witnesses to the loss of this world who will die in their iniquity and be cast into the Lake of fire.

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Please look at the screen or turning your Bibles to Revelation chapter 21. I’m going to read verse seven.

7 He that ouercommeth, shall inherite all things, and I will bee his God, and he shall be my sonne.

8 But the fearefull, and vnbeleeuing, and the abominable, and murderers, and whore mongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all lyars, shall haue their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

When a person reads these words, if they’re a true believer, there should be considerable fear in them. And that fear, if it’s coming from belief in the testimony, is not a bad thing. But if someone reads this and has doubt in their heart and doesn’t believe in this testimony and what punishment is to come, then God will call them a fool. And I will pray that no one seen this testimony will succumb to the sin of disbelief. The purpose today is I’m going to talk about the unforgivable sin. What is that? I’m going to go through some key vocabulary that will help Christians remember spiritual terms so that we can truly understand and be profitable on this subject matter.

  • I’m going to give some scriptural cross references to the unforgivable sin and to the attributes that God describes in Revelation chapter 21.
  • Then I’m going to talk about, well, what should we do? What should all of us do should be a rhetorical question if you’re a born again Christian, but it’s something that we need to be sharp on in terms of understanding. What should we do so that we can be effective in helping people.
  • And then I’ll give a brief conclusion.

So that said, the unforgivable sin. Matthew chapter twelve.

And whosoeuer speaketh a word against the sonne of man, it shall be forgiuen him: but whosoeuer speaketh against the holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiuen him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.

When I first read this, I was very afraid. I wanted to find out what this unforgivable sin was. And God, I believe, purposed it so that I wouldn’t really have the realization of what this truly meant for quite some time, give me appropriate fear so that I could fear and tremble at his word, because I believe it. I believe the testimony when I read it. So I’m going to talk more about the unforgivable sin. It says in one John chapter five.

16 If any man see his brother sinne a sinne which is not vnto death, hee shall aske, and he shall giue him life for them that sinne not vnto death. There is a sinne vnto death: I doe not say that he shall pray for it.

So there is some finality. If a person dies, you don’t keep praying for that person because they die a natural death. And God doesn’t say to pray for them after they die.

17 All vnrighteousnes is sinne, and there is a sinne not vnto death.

18 We know that whosoeuer is borne of God, sinneth not: but hee that is begotten of God, keepeth himselfe, and that wicked one toucheth him not.

Very true words. If God’s seed is in you, you cannot sin because you’re born of God. That’s an important thing for Christians to remember, and that’s a very important thing for nonchristians to understand is that we are no longer in the flesh, but rather we walk in the spirit being born again so that our sins are forgiven. But if we die without being born again, you can’t get forgiveness. And I’m going to talk about that some more.

But first, I’m going to cover some key vocabulary related to this topic. I want everybody to remember that air is symbolic of spiritual power, and that Antichrist. There’s no spiritual power in between his testimonies according to God, and that’s something that we learned in Job chapter 41. It’s not referenced under the cross reference verses there, but I wanted to make that comment.

  • Apple is symbolic of wisdom. Bars are contentions. Doubt against the Word of God. A spiritual prison, if you will.
  • A bed is a place of slumber a Bible or an idol.
  • Blood is symbolic of doctrine, whether it’s God’s doctrine or Men’s doctrine. The blood that Jesus shed for us was symbolic of his word. He shed literal blood, but that blood cleanses us because by his words are we clean.
  • A bow is symbolic of a tongue. A famine is a lack of spiritual nourishment. Fire are symbolic of words. God’s words are even men’s words.The words coming out of the mouth of the serpent, the Dragon out of his mouth go burning lamps, Leviathan the Antichrist fornication idolatry, believing a corrupt deity or believing on a corrupt deity.
  • Gold is symbolic of wisdom. Howl is the sound of the Wolves of Babylon, the unsaved people of the Earth. When they howl, it’s because they’re filled with their own riches, their own conceits, their own belief system.
  • Merchandise would be Bibles or idols. Murderer is a heathen, a killer of prophets of God? Someone that slays the prophets not only literally with a sword, but with the sword of their mouth as well. By casting doubt on the word of God, rain would be symbolic of blessings or doctrine.
  • The sea would be representative of the masses of people in society.
  • Theft would be idolatry. Believing on a corrupt deity vineyard would be people in a spiritual Church, whether it’s true or false.
  • Water would be symbolic of truth, whether it’s man’s truth, which is miry water, or God’s truth, which is pure water.
  • A wave would be symbolic of a person that is a heathen or an apostate. They are filled with strife in their life, and they rage like waves in the sea.
  • Wine is symbolic of doctrine. So you can study the cross reference verses that I put there, which is very important because we don’t want to privately interpret things.

But I want people to remember the spiritual terms as it relates to the lesson here. I’m going to give some scriptural cross references to the unforgivable sin, and these are going to tie into the people that are condemned into an eternity in the Lake of fire, as it says in Revelation, chapter 21. So I’m going to start with Mark, chapter four,

40 And he said vnto them, Why are ye so fearefull? How is it that you haue no faith?

The fearful people referenced in Revelation, chapter 21 are people that lack faith, faith in the word of God, in the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes. You can be bold and rich and beloved in this world. You can be a celebrity. You can be powerful in governments, but you’re fearful to God because you don’t have faith in his word. You’ve not been scourged. He has not received you because you’re a coward. Quite frankly, that’s how God views people that he calls fearful. They’re too afraid to believe on a pure testimony because of the punishment or the chastening or the scourging that may come from belief on a pure testimony. So they make idols to comfort themselves, tickling their ears, telling them that they’re on their way to heaven, or making God in an image of their own likeness, or just being an atheist or agnostic the fearful according to God.

Two Corinthians, chapter six.

Be ye not vnequally yoked together with vnbeleeuers: for what fellowship hath righteousnesse with vnrighteousnesse? and what communion hath light with darknesse?

So there’s some contrasting terms. You don’t want to be yoked with unbelievers. You don’t want to be yoked with someone who is not saved because there’s no light in them. They have darkness in them. I have been yoked in the past with unbelievers that profess to be wise and true believers. And God sent some evil spirits my way to wake me up and have me break those yolks and separate from those types of people. Titus, chapter one. They profess that they know God, but in works they deny him being abominable and disobedient and unto every good work reprobate. Reprobate should bring to your remembrance, like corruption in the word of God, reprobate silver, for example, corrupt words, being abominable is being an idolater, believing on a false testimony, a false deity, a corrupt Bible, etc. A lot of people profess many profess to know Jesus Christ or believe in Jesus Christ, but they’re believing in a false Christ because they have a false, corrupt testimony in their false, corrupt Bible or Bibles.

So God describes them as being abominable and disobedient. There’s another cross referenced in Scripture, Hebrews chapter 13.

4 Mariage is honorable in all, and the bed vndefiled: but whoremongers, and adulterers God will iudge.

And of course, Jesus tells us all that if you even look at a woman with lust in your heart, you’ve committed adultery in your heart. So what type of standard does Jesus put up for us? One that is impossible to meet in the flesh, impossible. And if your vice or weakness isn’t lust for the opposite sex or for the same sex, then it’s going to be something else, because no flesh is justified by the law.

And if you transgress just one part of the law, you’ve transgressed the entire law. So it doesn’t matter. So we all get thrown into the defiled bed of whoredom by God. If we’re still in the flesh, it doesn’t matter how nice we are. We could go to Church 24 hours a day and pray and help the poor and all that stuff. If you’re not born again through belief on the incorruptible word of God, you’re in a defiled marriage bed. On a spiritual level, I’m not even going to get into a natural testimony here because under the law we’re all guilty. First, John, chapter three,

15 Whosoeuer hateth his brother, is a murtherer, and yee knowe that no murtherer hath eternall life abiding in him.

The word is murderer, which is also synonymous with murderer. But I’m going to say the phonetics as they appear. So if you’re born again of the Spirit, we know that we love our neighbour and we love our brother because God’s love is in us. But if you’re not born again, you hate your neighbour. You hate your brother because there’s no light in you. You may think you love them, but on a spiritual level, according to God’s standards, you hate them because you are unable to witness to other people, to your neighbour or to your brother about the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In one Corinthians, chapter ten, it says,

7 Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them, as it is written, The people sate downe to eate and drinke, and rose vp to play.

On a spiritual level, when you eat and drink, you’re consuming doctrine through believing some type of testimony. And if you rise up to play, you’ve been unafflicted by whatever you’ve consumed. You haven’t been chastened. So it has had no effect on you because you are an idolater, you are consuming corruption. If you consume the pure word, the pure truth, you’re not going to rise up and play. You’re going to lay down and weep according to God. And he speaks spiritually to people that are Christians. One John, chapter five,

10 Hee that beleeueth on the Sonne of God, hath the witnesse in himselfe: he that beleeueth not God, hath made him a liar, because he beleeueth not the record that God gaue of his Sonne.

There is only one testimony. God says that his word is a lamp singular in Psalm 119 verse 105 says

NVN. Thy word is a lampe vnto my feete: and a light vnto my path.

Singular. Antichrist has many testimonies coming out of his mouth as it says in Job chapter 41, verse 19 out of his mouth go burning lapse. He is there to counterfeit the true Jesus Christ and many are deceived by Him. So if you don’t believe the record of the one single testimony that God gave us and in the English language that’s the Authorized Version of 1611,

You don’t have any light in you and you are an unbeliever according to God. What should we do? In Acts chapter 16 it says

30 And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I doe to be saued?

31 And they saide, Beleeue on the Lord Iesus Christ, and thou shalt be saued, and thy house.

I want to clarify believe on the true Lord Jesus Christ not the many false Christ that God describes as Leviathan or other names in scripture. You have to find and seek God out and find that testimony that is pure and true through faith. If you pray and seek God out he will make sure that you know his true record that he has given us. Okay the Holy Spirit will bear witness to the record once you’re saved. Colossians chapter one in whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins. As I mentioned earlier, blood is symbolic of doctrine or words.

Jesus Christ shed literal blood for forgiving our sins. He also has a spiritual testimony, his words that clean us from all unrighteousness. So by shedding his blood he’s also giving us the words where we have eternal life if we believe that. It says in John chapter five,

24 Uerily, verily I say vnto you, Hee that heareth my word, & beleeueth on him that sent mee, hath euerlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation: but is passed from death vnto life.

It’s really quite simple. You just have to believe the testimony and only God can try a person’s heart or try a person and find them to be a true believer. You can tell someone you believe a testimony, you can pay lip service to God but only God knows if you’re really a true believer and if you are he’ll chasing you as he receives you and scourge you. But once that chastening subsides you’ll have the peace of the Holy Spirit in you and you’ll understand spiritual things in God’s record to us. His word that he published great was the company that published His Word. Okay in conclusion, a person must be born again and receive the Holy Spirit before they die their natural death to avoid eternal condemnation in the Lake of fire.

Everyone’s on their way to hell by default. You have to be born out of this world to escape an eternity in the Lake of fire. Okay? Not receiving the Holy Spirit by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ is unforgivable in this life and also the next. If you have the sin of disbelief that is unforgivable. If you have disbelief right now and you haven’t been born again, you’re not forgiven. What you have to do is overcome that doubt. Pray and ask God to take the hardness off your heart so that you may receive the truth.

And only God can do that. No man cometh to the Son but by the Father. No man cometh to the Father but by the Son. Jesus says I and my Father are one. It is something to pray about and you have to believe an incorruptible testimony and the scripture cannot be broken. Okay. In order to create deception in this world, many corrupt God’s word and create false idolatrous. Christ that cannot save the modern Bibles today have no oil in them. You can put them to test one. John, chapter four. If they don’t say Jesus Christ is coming in the flesh, they’re not of God.

They weren’t written by the Spirit of God and there’s no oil in them because the oil is symbolic of the Spirit. If it’s not the Spirit of God, there is no oil from God in those vessels in those Bibles. Few are getting saved. Look around this world we live in and ask yourself who’s saved? Few and many who think they are Christians will be cast into the Lake of fire which if you’re a Christian, you don’t want that for your worst enemy. That’s horrific to think about.

That’s why we love our neighbours. We love our brethren. We want people to come to the knowledge of the truth. It’s God’s love that is in us that does this. It’s not our natural abilities for up to me in my natural state. I’d be laying up my treasures on Earth here and going on vacation for six months in the Caribbean and not caring at all about anybody else. But the love of God has changed my life completely to where my desires are the opposite of that. That’s by God’s power, not my power. Okay, so get the correct Bible which is the Authorized Version of 1611 in English.

The King James Bible that is sold in the markets today is not the same exact text. You need to get a 1611 Bible.

You can look it up. I’ve advertised the Hendrickson Bibles are faithful to the original text. Gordon Campbell 1611s that you can get on Amazon are faithful. You can look at the Oxford 1833 Reprints where they put into a different font the original text that is faithful to the original testimony of the 1611 Bible. There’s lots of apologetics on the two channels that I have that go into the subject matter further. But you need the correct Bible and you need to believe the words of Jesus Christ a true belief that only God can measure.

You’re going to be scourged if you are received by God. God chastens all whom he receives and that’s a good thing even though it might be fearful in the moment and might be very horrific when the chastening subsides. You’ll have the peace of the Holy spirit and you’ll feel and understand the edification that only God can provide when it comes to discerning his word. You will read things that the heathen mind can’t comprehend. You’ll read Job chapter 41. You’ll be reading about the Antichrist putting out all the false Bibles in the markets. You’ll read the song of Solomon and you’ll understand this is about Antichrist building a final ecumenical Bible that people will confess as the word of God and they will be beguiled. You’ll read Job chapter 40 and understand that God is talking about Lucifer the King of Babylon you’ll be able to discern spiritual things throughout God’s word. There are systems in place. There are things that I could talk about for hours that the Holy Spirit has taught me that would be impossible for any man in a natural sense to teach me from.

I could search the internet for an eternity and not learn anything but if I belong on the Lord Jesus Christ getting rid of the sin of disbelief and having true faith in incorruptible seed and putting my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ anything’s possible with God’s power so thank you for listening. This has been a very powerful week for me. It’s been a difficult time. We had a death in the family. My father in law passed away this week. He was a saved Christian but the circumstances are still tough for us and his death inspired me in part to do this topic today because if he were still alive he would want people to know this subject matter because it’s so important to have the correct testimony and he was a believer in the authorized version of 1611. So I will give a topic next week. Thank you guys for watching. God bless.

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