Servants that pretend

whore of babylon
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My Notes:

When you are a mega church leader there is a lot to lose if you come out with any biblical truth not endorsed by the mother church. By default this is practically anything that would reveal who the anti Christ is and where he originates from. You stand to lose position, power, resources, respect and of course significant income. You would lose your sponsors, your friends, your book endorsements and international speaking engagements staying in five star luxury hotels flying at least business class of course. All of the special tax benefits, government funded constructions, charities, schools and any other perks would be wrenched from your control and you will find your self fortunate to live in a small shoe box in the poorest part of town and potentially face losing your actual mortal life if you pose any kind of threat to the powers you once submitted to.

We who have sat in mega churches for most of our lives were never taught who Anti-Christ was and what early church thought about this most critical subject. In fact for approximately 1800 years the identity and location of the anti Christ was well know by the overwhelming majority of church fathers and was part of their core doctrine. If you had a website back then you would have placed that stance loud and proud in your about section under what we believe. This doctrine is perfectly consistent with the 1611 bible and earlier translations. That is why modern translations cover this up so well. In addition to all of this governments ensure that tax benefits, property and grants all rely on the cleverly concealment of this doctrine because they themselves serve the same master! So it stands to reason that they would want to obey their lord and make sure religious institutions who want all of the benefits adhere to futurist thinking and teaching.

The more I meditate (And love Gods Words in the 1611) the clearer it becomes. It is as though someone illuminated my path. There is verse somewhere about that isn’t there? Something about Thy Word? To get this point you must be willing to let all of your pet doctrine go. Everything you think is fascinating, conspiracies, Nephilim, the mark of the beast speculation, transgender elites and the list goes on and on. Your whole life can be consumed by this. You must allow the Word to be your lamp and God will answer such questions if you ask and if it is relevant to where He wants you. We must subject ourselves to His word because it is our hiding place. We did not over come the world but Jesus did.

When Jesus was was tempted in the desert he quoted the Word of God to the Devil when responding to the offers of power and temptations.Do you think we have any power other than the authority of God’s Word over Lucifer’s works of darkness and his devils? We have been taught all kinds of Apostate teachings by the very servants of Lucifer themselves posing as great holy preachers boasting of the miracles God had done for them. They say God gave them the huge amounts of cash and properties with massive high tech auditoriums with audio quality that rivals the greatest of opera theaters of the past centuries. Which God bestowed this upon them?

Did Jesus speak of such grandeur for his saints? No he did not anywhere! In fact the he spoke the very opposite for his followers (yes real followers not Facebook) lives. Persecution, hate, division and death. Yet we have been inundated by fraudulent mega church leaders telling us we need more money and yes that is the title of the book! The Lord Jesus Christ says come of her my people. (speaking of the great whore of Babylonian church that fornicates day and night with those who trust in her.) Stop submitting yourselves to the Servants of Lucifer and fornicating with the great whore!


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