Fake 1611 bibles & the key to spotting them (KJV too)


Zondervan (Owned by Murdoch and a Knight of the papacy) released a 400 year anniversary supposed 1611 exact copy back in 2011 working with an store called greatsite.com which supply rare bibles. (I have a copy) This bible facsimile unfortunately was a copy of a potential Jesuit counterfeit probably produced to replace the actual 1611 bible around the time of the Gunpowder Plot.

Rupert the Knight! Owner of Zondervan amongst many others.

The Roman Catholic church was greatly afraid of this bible so did an excellent job of making their own with a few slight differences to throw of the scent of the Anti Christ. Most people have no idea about any of this historical information or the counter reformation conducted from the Vatican and foolishly assume that all bible translations are created equally however most have been violated and in particular the KJV.

Song of Solomon proof.

On a previous post called clear and simple and when searching for this term a pregnancy test came up. I had no idea there was such product but this is an excellent lesson in how to test for the correct translation of the 1611 bible. I give you Song of Songs 2: 7 which reads. (See the original here or your own 1611) This might be your go to to begin with as it is a very simple test.

I charge you, O ye daughters of Ierusalem, by the Roes, and by the hindes of the field, that ye stirre not vp, nor awake my loue, till she please.

This verse refers to a man holding a drunken woman in his arms but in the counterfeit 1611 it shows as he. (My fake copy shows this clearly) The King James (not the 1611) shows he. If you check the scanned original copy (verified from the 3rd book off the press) you will clearly see she. Song of Solomon is a type of the church love story so would be an obvious one to butcher in order to destroy its meaning to make it look like Solomon has man in his arms! Clearly this is ridiculous but fake 1611 bible and sadly the Blayney KJV shows this too.

There are many other differences between the original and the KJV which I have seen in a book on the subject which I read and verified by having a 1611 and a KJV however this is “clear and simple” test! Try this one first. If the bible says he than dump it. This of course is not a complete test however Henrickson makes a great Roman font word-for-word bible which has been verified so grab one of those!

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The Ruth Proof

Also check out Ruth 3:15 It should read HE went to the city. See the original book of Ruth to verify on this site or check your 1611 bible. This was changed to she to fit translators understanding of the context. So it was not translated based on the actual Hebrew. (verified by Young’s literal translation) Below is a great video presentation that discusses this subject. Note: Boaz went to the city first.

She did – she didn’t

Also check Ezekiel 24:7 and compare it to the KJV (not the 1611)

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