NIV – The devil’s bible?


Could this be biggest deception ever perpetuated on unsuspecting protestant believers in history? (Yeah yeah this is a 1611 website so of course I would say this) However is it Catholic bible masquerading as a legitimate mainstream translation? (If this offends Catholics then they should persist here) Let’s bring on the men who have studied this subject and compared the NIV to the 1611 and the catholic publications and see if the claim of being the devils bible is true. (Could calling it the devil’s be over dramatic and ridiculous?)

Of course the material here will provide the platform for you to spring in to your own study. Ask the Holy Ghost for His input and perhaps you will be surprised/shocked or both! Don’t forget you have the original texts that you can compare and read along with these videos right here on the web site. (or use your own 1611 – don’t trust me)

The Studies

These three video studies are from John Doerr and Reg Blok. All credit to these men for their excellent collaboration. I listen to these over and over again because I am a bit thick. I dare say this post will be added to as time progresses unless we have run out of it.

Here is something more that is mirrored from Rescuing The Church channel on You Tube. It is short and concise.

Would you like a free study Ebook to study this subject to see it all writing?

Further studies from You Tube

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Alternate source in case You tube censorship – happens all the time.

and another,

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Alternate source in case You tube censorship – happens all the time.

Finally I include the bible chart that shows where most translations come from.

Read the book don’t wait for the movie! Here are some more resources!

More research:

Was Codex Sinaiticus written in 1840?


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