“KJV” corruption Ezekiel 24:7


Many thump their massive leather bibles and shout, “The KJV is perfect and is Gods Word!” However they would be 100% wrong. When we say KJV we mean the 1769 revision not the 1611. The book Authorised, The Real 1611 King James Bible makes it undeniable in black and white so we can see with our own two eyes that indeed the KJV has many problems. These problems affect core doctrine which therefore affect generations of people and in turn culture and beliefs. The following video presentation illustrates this undeniable fact. This is not an opinion but the documented indisputable truth. I know people say this a lot but you must look at it in black and white by having the two texts side by side and studying the numerous examples using your own intelligence and visual interfaces (eyes) and see it for yourself. I am not really being contentious but pointing out what the original text published in 1611 actually says.

Here is the 1611

7 For her blood is in the middest of her: she set it vpon the toppe of a rocke, she powred it vpon the ground to couer it with dust:

8 That it might cause furie to come vp to take vengeance: I haue set her blood vpon the top of a rocke, that it should not be couered.

Here is the KJV

For her blood is in the midst of her; she set it upon the top of a rock; she poured it not upon the ground, to cover it with dust;

So there it is in front of your eyes to verify for yourself. Here is a copy of the original text of the 1611 bible which people who bash their bibles say is the KJV. So why is there a difference? Was this text wrong? Is is a typo? No. Definitely not because I have seen all of the typos in Gordon Campbell’s summary. This is much more significant and completely changes the sentence and doctrine. Why?


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