I speak to them in parables


Transcript: (first video in presentation) In order to help people prepare for the upcoming series on the Book of Revelation. Today I’m going to talk about what Jesus Christ says. Speak eye to them in parables. People are confounded on a spiritual level if they have not been born again by believing on the pure word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. And that’s what I’m going to talk about today. I’m going to keep this pretty general. I really want people to develop their own spiritual vocabulary. As the Holy Ghost teaches the individual believer, please look at the screen or turn in your Bibles to Matthew 13. I’m going to read verses 13 and 14.

13Therefore speake I to then in parables: because they seeing, see not: and hearing, they heare not, neither doe they vnderstand.

14And in them is fulfilled the prophecie of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall heare, and shall not vnderstand: and seeing yee shall see, and shall not perceiue.

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This fits so well with today’s Christian professing group of believers that I think it’s really timely to do this. Many people think they understand the Word of God and what we have in the markets today, as I’ve been taught by the Holy Spirit, is just a bunch of dumb idols, a bunch of false Bibles that have been corrupted, leavened lumps that keep changing over time, and they’re copyrighted, and they keep getting dumped down, and there’s no spiritual counsel in them whatsoever. We’re just trying to get more and more natural understanding out of these idols, which are the corrupt Bibles in the markets today. So I’m going to comment further about that. The purpose of this particular sermon lesson is that parables are understood by the power of the Holy Spirit, not the precepts of men. If everyone can just commit that to memory, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to bring that to your remembrance at all times, that would be a good starting spot.

As we move forward in looking at the Book of Revelation in the upcoming months. Spiritual vocabulary is needed for Revelation, I think of as kind of a final exam things that have already been taught to us, but are presented to fill in the blanks, so to speak, of understanding of what is going on with end time prophecy, some of which has already been fulfilled. And then I want to compare the natural understandings of the Catholic Church. And of course, the Catholic understandings have been in many cases transferred over to a lot of so called professing Christian churches or religions. And I want to compare those with the spiritual understandings taught out of the Word of God.

And then I’ll give a brief conclusion where I’ll quote some scripture. So I’m going to start by reading one Corinthians, chapter two, verse 14.

But the naturall man receiueth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishnesse vnto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

Just some things that I think every Christian should ponder. If you read this verse, do you think God is going to allow the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to be sold in the markets, to be copyrighted, to be received among professing believers, but not real believers? I personally don’t believe that God is ever going to allow his wisdom to be sold in the markets. It says buy the truth, sell it. Not so men. Our problem is that we keep dumbing down the Word of God and we look up to these scholars which come out of seminaries which in my opinion are 100% infiltrated by the Roman Catholic Church and there’s no wisdom. Your faith in many cases gets killed when you go to school to learn about Jesus according to the many people that I’ve talked to that have come out of seminaries. So having the Holy Spirit and having faith in Jesus Christ is critical because if you don’t have those, you can’t move forward and receive spiritual things which are going to be needed in order to really understand. The Book of Revelation says in one John, chapter four,

We are of God: hee that knoweth God, heareth vs: he that is not of God heareth not vs, hereby know wee the spirit of trueth, and the spirit of errour.

You don’t need men to teach you. You don’t need men who think they’re wise because they’re foolish to God. What you need is faith in the Holy Spirit and the pure Word of God. You need the witnesses that Jesus Christ tells us about in one John, chapter five, verses seven through nine. That’s what we all need. And if we have faith, then we can understand what the Spirit is saying to the churches because that is something that Jesus Christ tells us seven times when he gives us counsel for the Book of Revelation. I’m going to just briefly comment. I made a very simple chart here. This is important in understanding, especially the Book of Revelation.

I’ve got subjects things strangled fornication blood, meat offered to idols. You’ll find this in Acts chapter 15 and also referenced throughout the rest of Scripture. I just picked some notable verses, but what the Spirit is saying to the churches in Acts chapter 15 is that there is no greater burden put upon a true Christian by the Holy Ghost than to abstain from these things which spiritually the Holy Ghost is telling us to abstain from corrupt Scriptures because many corrupt the Word of God and the Scripture cannot be broken. And if you can keep yourself from these on a spiritual level, from getting entangled with corrupt scriptures, you will do well. Fair Ye, well, that’s the lesson of Acts chapter 15. On a spiritual level, every single copyrighted Bible that I’ve ever read has no wisdom in it.

They love to reference the Book of Leviticus or the Old Testament and talk about how you need to make sure when you consume meat that it’s not from a strangled animal and don’t have any sexual immorality, which I think everyone is guilty of any way. According to Jesus, we’re all guilty under the law of Moses. None of us are justified in the flesh, so we have to have spiritual receiving spiritual things to be able to please God through faith. So meat offered to idols. Jesus says his flesh is meat indeed, but if it’s the meat of idols, it’s a false Christ, the flesh of Leviathan which many consume. See Job chapter 39, verse 30 and die in their inequity. And there’s many other places. He’s parted among the merchants. His flesh Antichrist is for sale among the merchants in the markets.

So blood is the corrupt doctrine of the Babylonian Church that reigns over the Kings of the Earth. And you get all this literal stuff, especially people that have been given strong lexicons. They all line up with the teachings of Rome, as far as I’ve seen, where they want you to focus on only literal meanings. And again, my comment would be one Corinthians, chapter two where it says that you don’t see that natural men do not receive spiritual things. So keep that in mind. And then we’ve got Jezebel which is symbolic of Babylon or the Vatican, and a Jew which is really a Christian, someone that’s been grafted into the Covenant of Abraham. But these are spiritual terms and I don’t argue with people over them. They can believe. I don’t impress my understanding on anyone. I can talk about what the Holy Ghost has taught me, and it’s up to the individual and their relationship with Jesus Christ to take care of the rest.

I’m just sharing the vocabulary that I’ve been taught. I’m also going to comment on some other subjects like Behemoth. Behemoth is the King of Babylon. He is a major character in God’s Word and he is the God of this world. He’s reigning supreme. And if you don’t have faith in Jesus Christ, he’s going to step in and teach you all about a false Jesus Christ. And of course the Catholic Church teaches that Behemoth is a hippopotamus or a dinosaur. Or maybe now they constantly change. Maybe it’s a monster of chaos. They don’t know, but they want to focus on the literal meanings. Only the same with Leviathan. Leviathan is the Antichrist. Every verse in Job chapter 41 and other places in the Bible where Leviathan is mentioned are simply cross references to how Antichrist manipulates people through false doctrine, through things strangled and meets offered unto idols. His flesh which is parted among the merchants. Again, they teach about crocodiles and dinosaurs in the Catholic Church. And that’s what you find if you use a strong lexicon. And they don’t want you to understand that Jesus Christ is talking about the Antichrist who corrupts the world through false scriptures. So you can read my comments there. The horse Leech Proverbs, chapter 30 is about Babylon. That’s another name for Babylon.

But the Catholic Church just says, okay, it’s in a literal Leach, and they’re confounded as all these modern Bibles are. The scholars don’t know what the Spirit is saying to the churches because they lack faith. They approach Jesus Christ through an intellectual level, not through faith. The just shall live by faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. The scripture cannot be broken and a little the whole lump. So if you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is in every word most high God, then how do you even go forward in understanding spiritual things? And then you’ve got the daughters of the horse Leech from Proverbs 30, Jerusalem and Samaria is what God is talking about. In other words, the believers and would be believers of the Christian Church. But the Catholic Church thinks they’re small leeches. I don’t know if the Pope wants us to think about going walleye fishing, which leeches are good for or what’s going on there, but it’s laughable to a born again believer. There is no wisdom. These are dumb idols in the markets.

The Song of Solomon is about the building of a book of wisdom, the image of the beast. That’s what the whole song is about. And we learn about how Antichrist defiles the world through corrupt doctrine. The Catholic Bibles talk about being an allegory of Christ in the Church, and it is, but it’s their Christ in their Church, which is the allegory it’s absolutely about Christ in a Church, but which Christ in which Church. So that’s what we learn about in the Song of Solomon in the AV 1611. Of course, Babylon.

The Holy Spirit should teach you that it is a city and country on seven mountains, which is the Vatican or Rome.

And everybody in the professing Christian community and even the Catholic Church, everyone seems to agree that it’s Rome, which probably would surprise a lot of people. It’s just old pagan Rome, not the Rome that we have today. Well, quite frankly, the Vatican, if you’re familiar with their teachings, they are directly against the Lord Jesus Christ.

Out of the AV 1611 Mark of the beast, you probably hear people talking about giving commentary on the Mark of the beast, that they’re not going to be forced to take it and all this nonsense. But it’s a spiritual Mark that is put upon a person from their oath that Wormwood is the word of God, or that a corrupt scripture is God’s word. And why are they marked? Because they do not have the ability to confess Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost. So God marks, ultimately they receive a Mark in their foreheads or in their hand spiritually because they testify on a false God. That’s all. And that teaching is taught in many, many places in God’s Word. But mankind is confounded on the subject matter, whether it’s a literal stamp or tattoo.

Did it happen around the time of narrow as some Catholic Bibles speculate, is it something that’s going to be forced on us? We’re not going to take it, that type of stuff. But Jesus Christ says nothing about that. He teaches spiritually to blind those that think they have sight. So in Ezekiel chapter 20, I shared a verse which really stuck out at me when I was reading the book of Ezekiel. It says,

49Then said I, Ah Lord God, they say of me, Doeth he not speake parables?

It was just kind of a wakeup call towards the end of that chapter where it was a reminder by the Holy Spirit to me that you’re going to receive spiritual things as you’re reading my word, not only literal but spiritual. And I just wanted to share this verse because I think it’s for me personally, a very important verse in the Bible. Okay, I’m going to comment on Proverbs, chapter 31. I talked about this recently. A virtuous woman is being described, but spiritually, God is describing the bride of Christ. So a lot of times people are only focusing on the natural meaning of what a good wife is. And they’re forgetting that it is a spiritual lesson about the bride of Christ, which is made up of both male and females who have been born again of the Spirit. In John chapter two, Jesus made wine out of water. Why did he do that? Was it to symbolize people getting born again? He was at a wedding. Something to think about. Job, chapter 28. I think it’s my favourite chapter in the entire Canon of Scripture, molten materials, treasures in the Earth, or is it the announcement of Salvation by the word of God, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ? Because that’s what it is in Joel, chapter 28.

In my Bible, God is talking about the solution to our problems, Jesus Christ. And there are some powerful prophecies, end time prophecies in that chapter. Psalm 104, verses 26 to 27. The natural person might discern that large boats are being attacked by a sea monster maybe called Leviathan. And I totally understand natural teachings and I don’t disagree with them. I think that this Earth has a lot of natural creatures and spiritual creatures that we’re not yet aware of. But the whole point of this at a spiritual level is that false Bibles, which are the ships are keeping the unsaved of the Earth diluted until they’re called by God. So that’s what the Spirit is saying to the churches. And it’s important to have spiritual discernment when you read God’s word. It says in Isaiah two, verse 20,

In that day a man shall cast his idoles of siluer, and his idoles of golde which they made each one for himselfe to worship, to the moules and to the battes:

Okay.The Spirit is telling us the moles and the bats on a literal level, they’re blind creatures that exist mostly in darkness, the moles being underground in the Earth, digging tunnels, and the bats living in caves and coming out at night, very nocturnal. They love darkness. Okay, so do unsaved people love darkness? They have no vision because Jesus Christ is the light of the world. And because they have no vision and no faith, he can’t direct their paths because there is no light in front of their path, because they’re under the power of Antichrist, who shines a light behind them, who shows them the past but can’t show them the future. There are no prophecies in these dumb idols and idols of silver. Silver is symbolic of the Word of God. But if it’s an idol of silver, it’s a false, corrupt scripture. In idols of gold. Gold is symbolic of wisdom, which is acquired from faith in the word of God. But if it’s idolatrous gold, it’s really Fool’s gold, it’s men’s wisdom. And so you get all this, these idols of gold and silver, these molten images, spiritually are the corrupt Bibles in the markets today, which even if you change one word, you leave in the lump.

And I’ve mentioned many times, if there’s oil in the lamp, if the Bible is written by the Holy Spirit, if it says Jesus Christ is come in the flesh in one John, chapter four, then Salvation can happen, but a spirit of slumber will likely be sent to a person. So that’s why we need an every word testimony, so that we can hear what the Spirit says to the churches because that is emphasized multiple times in the book of Revelation by Jesus Christ. So in conclusion, John, chapter nine, it says, and Jesus says,

¶ And Iesus said, For iudgment I am come into this world, that they which see not, might see, and that they which see, might be made blind.

In other words, Jesus Christ comes for the poor of the Earth, rich in faith to give spiritual sight to those that were previously blinded. And then those that are wise of heart, that think they’re smart and think that they want the praise of men, they’re blind, they have no idea which is what is going on.

And that’s what’s so amazing about being a Christian is that Jesus Christ is in control of what we know by the power of the Holy Spirit as we feed on the pure word of God has nothing to do with your natural intelligence necessarily. You have to have faith and the Holy Spirit will lead you to all truth. In Revelation, chapter two, verse 29,

He that hath an eare, let him heare what the Spirit saith vnto the Churches.

That counsel is given to everyone who professes to be a Christian. In the book of Revelation, Job, chapter 41, speaking of Antichrist Leviathan, he is a King over all the children of pride. God is not talking about a crocodile, he’s talking about Antichrist. To the whole point of the chapter is every single verse spiritually tells us about how Antichrist is corrupting scriptures flooding the world with false teachings deceiving people as he’s fed on the wisdom of Lucifer and as a result, people are made drunk. The Earth is desolate and empty because of a lack of faith. That’s the purpose of Antichrist to kill faith. And God says people without faith, their children of pride. So I wanted to just give this brief sermon lesson, keep it kind of general as a preference to the upcoming series on the book of Revelation which I will start next week and I look forward to giving another lesson. Thank you, guys. God bless.


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