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I’m going to discuss the subject of prayer based on a viewer request. I would like to thank the viewer for suggesting it. Of course, this is an extremely important topic, and it’s something that I think we can all benefit from. And as a true believer, I pray on a regular basis because I’m convicted to do so. So that said, please look at the screen or turning your Bibles to Matthew, chapter six. I’m going to read verses nine through 13 after this manner,

9After this maner therefore pray yee: Our father which art in heauen, hallowed be thy name.

10Thy kingdome come. Thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heauen.

11Giue vs this day our daily bread.

12And forgiue vs our debts, as we forgiue our debters.

13And lead vs not into temptation, but deliuer vs from euill: For thine is the kingdome, and the power, and the glory, for euer, Amen.

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What was Jesus Christ telling us exactly when he gave those instructions? It’s important, as a saved Christian with a spiritual understanding to acknowledge what is going on. And I’m going to talk about that more in this lesson today. So I’m going to start by just giving a definition of prayer, because ultimately this lesson to get out to someone that has not been saved and is not a Christian, maybe a professing believer or maybe someone that doesn’t believe anything. That’s ultimately who I would like to target for this lesson. So I’m going to define prayer, citing my source, and then how to pray as it relates to instructions from Jesus Christ, the most high God, how not to pray. That’s an important topic as well, because many have fallen into the snares of this world and are way off course in terms of how they are directing their prayers and what their prayers are. I’m also going to bring up the subject of for people that are saved, know that Jesus prays for those who trust him and believe in him. I’m going to give some examples of people’s prayers and a prayer for professing believers, and then I will give a conclusion, the definition for prayer.

You can read what’s on the screen, but it says, in a general sense, the act of asking for a favor, and particularly with earnestness in worship, a solemn address to the Supreme Being, consisting of adoration or an expression of our sense of God’s glorious perfections, confession of our sins, supplication for mercy and forgiveness, intercession for blessings on others and Thanksgiving, or an expression of gratitude to God for his mercies and benefits. A prayer, however, may consist of a single petition, and it may be extemporaneous, written or printed. Okay. So I would like to also say that in God’s Word it says there is only one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. So there is none other. We direct our prayers only to Jesus Christ. There is no other mediator says that in God’s Word. So know that before I PROCEED. How to pray says in Matthew six, verse six,

But thou when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy doore, pray to thy father which is in secret, and thy father which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.

So obviously there is an understanding here that even a natural person can get. But on a spiritual level, Jesus is just telling saved people that they don’t have to show boat and pray and try to prove their faith to anyone else publicly, but to pray in secret or pray on their own when no one is around where no one is paying attention. And that’s important because if you have the Holy Spirit in you, you’ve got a conviction. You’ve got a conviction to pray in accordance with God’s word, and that conviction will never go away. It also says,

44But I say vnto you, Loue your enemies, blesse them that curse you, doe good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully vse you, and persecute you:

I want everyone to realize that as Christians we should pray for those that are our enemies or that have persecuted us or done evil to us. And those prayers should not be in vain, but rather they should be sincere because we realize that those people are under the power of Satan. We want them to be saved. Even my worst enemy, I want to see that person saved. And that’s the love of God, that’s not the love of me or my flesh, that’s the love of God that I have in me. In Matthew chapter 21, it says,

22And all things whatsoeuer yee shall aske in prayer, beleeuing, ye shall receiue.

If you have faith and you have true belief that only God can really validate, then you will receive an answer to your prayer. And that’s very comforting because we have that assurance through the word of God. I’m going to transition over and make a point. Idolatry is forbidden. Idolatry is when you worship a false God. It may be with the intention of worshipping the Most High, but God’s people, Israel, keep falling into a snare over and over throughout the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. And the snare is this that – they have problems because the God of this world, Lucifer, keeps deceiving them and getting them to become idolatrous and worshipping false gods that cannot save. And today, what is idolatry? Well, any worship of God in a false sense. Commonly all these false Bibles that have been corrupted and are flooding the markets.

There are other forms of idolatry as well. But Lamentations chapter three is a warning about the consequences of idolatry. It says in verse eight,

Also when I cry and shout, he shutteth out my prayer.

If a person has a hardened heart and they haven’t been given permission to come to Jesus Christ and they just are stiff necked and refused the truth then God shuts out their prayer and he warns us. It says in verse 15,
Hee hath filled me with bitternesse, hee hath made me drunken with wormewood.

16He hath also broken my teeth with grauell stones, hee hath couered me with ashes.

I’m going to explain the spiritual meaning to those that may need to know what’s going on here. God is warning against corrupt scriptures and idolatry because your teeth are going to get broken when you bite down on the false prophets which are pieces of gravel stones. They’re not the prophets of God, they’re false prophets that are giving corrupt and false testimonies. And they’re also likened with making people drunk. And they’re also called Wormwood. And Wormwood is bitter, bitter water and many men die in the bitter water because it’s corrupt. It’s been made bitter. So that is a warning and lamentations about lost people and their great despair because they died in their iniquity. And idolatry is a huge scare. Today I show some images of people bowing before statues and before. I think it may be a portrait of what is called the Black Madonna. We’ve got another image of people kneeling before a monstrance where they think the host is the literal flesh of Jesus Christ. These unfortunate people are ignorant to what God’s Word really is or they are aware of God’s word, but they’re just too hardened in the heart to believe on the truth. They would rather trust the precepts of men and their idolatrous practices worshipping a false God that cannot save. So I wanted to share that before transitioning over to the next subject. How not to Pray it says in Matthew chapter six

7But when yee pray, vse not vaine repetitions, as the heathen doe. For they thinke that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

8Be not yee therefore like vnto them: For your father knoweth what things yee haue neede of, before yee aske him.

God knows what we need before we even ask in prayer because his understanding is infinite. Okay, in the Catholic faith there is something called a Rosary that consists of repetitive prayers that are unscriptural Hail Mary’s which elevate Mary to a deity status, Mother of God and asking Mary to be a mediator for people even though Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and men. So they’re praying to a dead person that is forbidden by God. So it’s complete blasphemy and then the prayers are repeated a number of times. There is approximately 50 repetitive Hail Mary prayers in the Rosary and other repetitive prayers as well, such as what they call the Our Father. So this is how not to pray. But unfortunately this pagan custom has spread out to more than just rosaries. It’s spread out to other types of prayers like Novenas and even going into other faiths. There is a penalty for attempting to communicate with the dead. You don’t want to pray to someone that is not Jesus Christ. You don’t want to pray to someone that you think is a Saint because they’re dead.

It says in Deuteronomy, chapter 18,

There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his sonne, or his daughter to passe thorow the fire, or that vseth diuination, or an obseruer of times, or an inchanter, or a witch,

11Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wyzard, or a Necromancer.

12For all that do these things, are an abomination vnto the Lord: and because of these abominations, the Lord thy God doth driue them out from before thee.

God forbids necromancy, which is petitioning a dead person for prophecy purposes. And what happens is that you don’t pray to dead because you’re going to wind up with an evil spirit imitating a dead person. And God has spoken what we are allowed to do and what we’re not allowed to do. There is no other mediator between God and men except the man Christ Jesus Jesus Christ our Lord. Any prayers are directed only to him and that’s it. So there are severe penalties going on for attempting to communicate with the dead. So when you pray a Rosary and you’re talking to a dead person that you’re calling Mary. That is an example of going against the will of God. Also it says in Matthew, chapter 23,

14Woe vnto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; for yee deuoure widowes houses, and for a pretence make long prayer; therefore ye shall receiue the greater damnation.

Just because someone appears to be Holy or appears to be sincere or has a big audience in no way makes them a Christian. And remember what Jesus Christ says, if you’re a Christian, pray in private, you don’t need to draw attention to yourself and you don’t need to try to put on a show for anyone. And widow’s houses are basically just spiritual example of killing the faith of lost people. A lost person is a widow and a house represents faith. So they kill the faith of people through all their show, and God hates that and we’re warned against it. Matthew, chapter six, it says,

5ΒΆ And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they loue to pray standing in the Synagogues, and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seene of men. Uerily I say vnto you, they haue their reward.

I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Only God knows who are – true believers. And if you’re motivated to do things to put on a show for people, it’s not the love of God that’s driving that, that’s not coming from the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ prays for Christians, says in John chapter 17,

14I haue giuen them thy word, and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, euen as I am not of the world.

We are born out of this world when we become Christians because the word of God has cleaned us, okay? It is the Word of God that saves that a person becomes born again from. It’s not looking into the television and praying a prayer with the televangelist and all that stuff. You must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. You must have true faith. You must believe His Word is true and you must read his word or hear his word and believe on it to be saved. There is no other way. It says in verse 15,

15I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keepe them from the euill.

We as Christians have to live in our fleshly bodies, in the world spiritually. We’ve been born out of this world when we died with Jesus Christ and were raised again in our spiritual bodies. But we have to live physically in this world and God wants to keep us from the evil because we’ve been given power over the power of Satan, the enemy. They are not of the world. Even if not, I am not of the world. So Jesus Christ is telling us he is not of this world, but Lucifer is. Lucifer is the God of this world. So when you hear about UFOs and aliens from galaxies far, far away extra-terrestrials, this is an emulation. Lucifer wants to be like the most High and he wants people to blaspheme the Word of God but not realize what they’re doing because he beguiles and deceives the whole world.

So Jesus Christ is reminding us that we spiritually are no longer part of this world when we become Christians. It says in verse 17,

Sanctifie them through thy trueth: thy word is trueth.

Again, bringing it back to the Word of God. That’s the way to get saved. There is none other. Okay? As Thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world and for their sakes I sanctify myself that they also might be sanctified through the truth. God’s Word is true. So it all comes down to believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, having faith to please God and that belief in His Word produces faith. And it’s not possible to please God without faith. Faith that comes by hearing by the Word of God. Jesus Christ is the Word. Okay, so that is a synopsis for all people saved and lost to know there is no other way to get saved except for believing on the Lord Jesus Christ and believing His Word is true. Examples of Prayers I took some of my favorites out of God’s Word in Daniel chapter nine.

Daniel is a truly humble man and confesses that Israel has not obeyed God’s voice. Gabriel is sent to deliver a message and to give understanding. God loved Daniel very much and this prayer I have prayed with tears running down my cheek in private because it’s such a powerful prayer. It’s one of my most favorite prayers in God’s word because it applies to the times we live now. So I invite everyone to read Daniel chapter nine in full. And it is truly a very powerful prayer. Nehemiah’s prayer in chapter one of the Book of Nehemiah is also a powerful petition for the forgiveness of idolatry. And that’s a scenario that I think virtually all of us have fallen into at some point is the snare of idolatry getting off track as it relates to God. We have to trust his word is true and the scripture cannot be broken.

So if you’re convicted, read Nehemiah chapter one. Nehemiah’s prayer is powerful also. David’s prayer in two Samuel seven is an example of God’s love for David and David’s love for God. That’s important because God loves those that love him. And David is a man that is held in high regard by God, who is not a respecter of persons. But when Jesus Christ says, I am the root and offspring of David, that is a title that uses David as an example. And David was a man of great repentance. He was not a coward. He made some serious mistakes, but he repented. He was a man after God’s heart. So Second Samuel chapter seven is a great example of another prayer in the Bible. In fact, I think it’s the first time that the word prayer is used in God’s Word. If you start with Genesis and go forward, that Second Samuel chapter seven, I believe, is the first example of the word prayer appearing examples of answered prayers. I prayed that God would send me an angel to tell me I am saved. Six months later it happened and I prayed this because I was in so much fear.

I had been raised in a pagan belief and worshiping a false God. And when I was chastened, I almost died. It was so frightening. And I just asked God to send me a message, a messenger, an angel to assure me that I am a saved Christian. And six months God waited and then delivered the message to me through his messenger, his angel. And that was an answer to a prayer that I immediately recognized as soon as it happened. Another testimony is a pastor told me, and this is a man of great faith, not a perfect man as men would count perfection, but perfect in that he was a zealot for the truth of God’s word. And he prayed over and over and over. And I don’t believe that God wants any of us to pray over and over. We can wear him out. And when he didn’t get his prayer answered right away, he kept praying over and over every day for seven years, getting a Church for one dollars. And perhaps it wasn’t the will of God to do this, but he kept praying.

So he wound up getting an envelope in the mail and it says for $1 you can buy this Church. So he bought this Church and I’m not saying everything was bad about what happened, but this whole event served a purpose without getting derailed here. There was a lot of problems in the Church wound up changing pastors after approximately, I don’t know, under a decade, but it is an example of this was a sincere saved man who forgot that you don’t need to keep praying over and over because maybe it’s not God’s will to answer your prayer, but he wouldn’t give up. So finally it happened and it was not necessarily, I think, what he ultimately envisioned in terms of being a pastor of a Church. I do like this man. He’s been to my house before and I did witness to him about the 1611 Bible being the truth and he had in his head that the KJV 1769 was God’s pure word. And as soon as I started witnessing to him, he really started struggling big time with the whole concept of the Scripture cannot be broken.

He was a Baptist pastor who was a zealot against the Church of Rome, but he learned very quickly. He really didn’t understand the depths of the Church of Rome as I do, having been raised Catholic and coming from my background. So I really believe God put me in His Church for a time in order to help him out. And it wasn’t too long after that where he wound up leaving the Church as a pastor and I don’t believe he’s a pastor anymore. However, I have no doubt that God is using him in a capacity where he can be profitable for the Kingdom of God. There is no question about it. I just wanted to explain that a little bit because sometimes when we pray for something and we don’t get our prayers answered immediately, it can become a snare pray with bold confidence and if it’s the will of God, your prayers will be answered. Okay.

My wife prayed that God would unite us in the true Christian faith when I was a lost person and it happened, I wouldn’t be talking right now if it weren’t for my Christian wife praying to unite me with her faith in truth and God answered her prayers. He gave me a hunger and thirst for righteousness that I never had before and drew me to Him, which would have never happened if God didn’t give permission for that. My wife had a prayer answered and one prayer of any of us could change the course of events and could wind up having very powerful effects. So I want to encourage everyone to pray. But keep in mind, when you pray, ask in accordance with God’s will, don’t pray so that it’s only for your personal benefit I guess is what I’m saying.

Take some examples out of God’s Word where Solomon prayed that he would be a good King for Israel to lead them. And God liked his prayer because he wasn’t praying for his own gain. He wasn’t asking God to give him all the earthly riches that he could ever imagine. He was actually praying for the benefit of others so they could be united in truth to serve God. So that’s what I’m trying to get out here. There are countless answered prayers of true believers. As much as I could go on and talk about my personal prayers that have been answered, I am sure every single person that is a true Christian has had a long list of answered prayers because of their belief and faith in Jesus Christ. And I’d like to comment that even before I became a Christian, there is a snare of the devil and his fallen Angels are trying to imitate God. And some of these pagan prayers, a lot of those get answered. People are praying for various things and they’re misguided because they don’t know that they’re doing vain repetitions.

They’re praying to dead people, praying to St. Jude or Mary or whatever. And when the prayers get answered, they think it’s from the Most High, but it’s the most high of this world, the God of this world, Lucifer, if you’re not a saved person. And I prayed for material gain before I got saved.

I prayed to a statue of Mary and my prayers got answered and I got what I asked for did not make me a saved Christian.

So I just want to throw that out. That just because someone thinks they’re Christian and pray and their prayers are answered doesn’t necessarily mean at all that it’s coming from God. If you’re a true Christian, it’s because you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. His word is true and the Holy Spirit is in you, and your convictions are to pray for others and to advance the cause of the gospel to benefit the Kingdom of God. That’s the primary conviction.

And it’s not for selfish purposes and just wanted to state that it’s important before I close to talk about prayers for the lost and or professing Christians because ultimately, if anyone sees this video that’s the ideal target audience that I’m hoping to reach out to, it says in Acts chapter eight, now when the Apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John, who when they were coming down prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Ghost, for as yet he was fallen upon none of them, only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. The people in Samaria heard the word and they believed, but they were beguiled by Simon the sorcerer.

Their focus and attention was more on Simon rather than the truth, the Lord Jesus Christ. So they did not receive the Holy Ghost. And then the Apostles laid hands on them, prayed for them, and witnessed to the people about Jesus ultimately is where this is leading. And the Holy Ghost in this chapter fell on them which believed so it’s an important lesson for everyone that you have to be a true believer, and you have to understand that there is no other mediator between God and men but the man Christ Jesus, as it says in God’s Word. And you have to believe on Jesus Christ. You don’t put your confidence in men. So this is an important lesson for those that profess to be Christians. You have to believe in the Word of God.

If you’ve got a corrupt scripture and you think you’re a Christian and the Holy Spirit, if you really are a Christian, then the Holy Spirit should be leading you out of the vessel filled withdraws that you’re in. But it’s likely that the Holy Ghost has not yet been sent to you, and you may have all the sincere and best intentions in the world, but you need to get in the Word of God, the pure Word of God, so that you don’t have a problem with idolatry. And that’s one of the lessons here in Acts chapter eight. So in conclusion, as it relates to prayer, pray with conviction and faith in Jesus Christ. Of course, do not pray in vain repetitions. And that is not just targeting things like rosaries, which require a certain prayer to be said over and over and over, up to 50 times in one Rosary.

This goes far beyond that, far beyond Novenas, which are said repetitively over nine days. And this extends out to Christians. If you ask God with conviction and belief for something, do you need to keep praying every day until he answers your prayer? I would submit to you that God’s Word is contrary to that ask. And if you are a true Christian, you don’t need to keep asking. Ask with bold confidence and God will hear your prayers. And you must follow your conviction for prayer in accordance with what God is doing inside you, because your conviction is not going to be the same as mine or somebody else’s. But take it back to the Word of God. Does God tell us to keep asking and asking over and over, or does he say just whatsoever you shall ask in the name of Jesus Christ shall be given you. So you have to know the Word of God and that will guide you in your prayer request. Pray in Privacy, not in public, to draw attention. I don’t open these lessons with a long prayer to God. I don’t need to put on a show for anyone.

Do I pray before I do these? God knows, and that’s all that matters to me. So I’m not putting on a show for God, and he sees everything that all of us do anyway, so it’s a waste of time. You’re either a true believer or you’re not a true believer, so don’t draw attention to yourself. Pray in private. And when God gives us opportunities to pray, if there’s someone that is in need that he puts in our lives absolutely pray with them and where there are two or more gathered in the name of Jesus Christ, he’s here with us. But it doesn’t mean to take it to the extent where you’re going to fill stadiums and have everyone applauding because they think you’re a great person of God. I don’t know that God works that way at all.

Pray for the lost and for those that hate you. It’s really important to pray for people that have not yet received the Holy Spirit as I talked about in Acts Chapter eight because we don’t want our worst enemies to perish and we just don’t want people that are our neighbors to perish either. So pray for the lost. You know, I pray for a lot of people that I know that I don’t believe are saved and I pray in private about that but I don’t keep praying over and over and over. I may pray for someone more than once, there’s no question about that. But I’m not going to wear down God and pray this same prayer every single day of my life because someone I know is not saved and God has not yet drawn them to him. I’m going to ask once, maybe twice, and trust that God will take care of what he has spoken through the prophets. So I’d like to thank the person that suggested this topic. It’s one that’s very important and it’s one that I have given sermons on in the past in Church but I think this is really the first time I’ve addressed it on the channels through a video lesson and I will look forward to doing a different topic next week. Thanks, everyone, for watching. God bless


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