God’s Word Before & After 1611 updated!


A historical summary of Gods preserved Word before and after the 1611 Word of God in English presented by John Doerr who produced the triology of A Lamp in the Dark Film Series found on this website.

Gun Powder Plot

A plan was hatched by a joint collaboration of the Pope and the Jesuits to blow up the House of Lords during the state opening of Parliament on 5th November 1605. Robert Catesby was the leader of a group of English Catholics who plotted to assassinate the protestant King James 1 in the failed gunpowder plot.

Guy Fawkes, a key member of the group was chosen to bomb the parliament owing to his experience as a soldier in the Spanish army. He smuggled 36 barrels of gun powder into a cellar directly below the Parliament which was enough to obliterate the entire building thereby killing all the key members of the state including the king and high ranking officials.

A discussion on the promise of having an unbroken testimony available to people throughout time. This will be a multi part series.

Covers the received and critical texts and well as the early Protestant Reformation.

Message covers English Monarchs during the Reformation and the selected contents of bibles during this period in history.

Eye opening information on the division between Catholics and non-Catholics caused by the Word of God. Is deception able to be measured?

Is there an invisible flood in the world? If so, who sees it? Egypt is defined and if possible even the very elect would be deceived.


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