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Transcript: The Revelation sermon series continues with a topic that I think is very important to discuss, the number of the beast. A lot of confusion regarding this particular topic, which is part of the reason why I wanted to cover it today. So please look at the screen or turn in your Bibles. I’m going to read Revelation chapter 13, verse 18.

Here is wisedome. Let him that hath vnderstanding, count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is, sixe hundred threescore and sixe.

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Something that is probably familiar to not only Christians, but non-Christians alike. This is a passage of Scripture which is out there in the media. There’s a lot of speculation on what it means. There’s a lot of misinformation as well.

  • So today I’m going to talk about who has understanding, first of all, because if you don’t have understanding, you’re never going to count the number of the beast. And even if for some reason you’re able to get access to information, if you’re not sealed with the Holy Spirit, there’s simply no way you’re going to avoid the condemnation that is going to come to all those that lack understanding.
  • Then I’m going to talk about, here is wisdom. What does that mean? And why are those three words so important?
  • I’m going to get into spiritual vocabulary and also spiritual discernment.
  • And then I’m going to go into counting the number, counting the number of the beast.
  • How do we do that?
  • Who is the beast?

It’s important that we count the number so we can identify who the beast is that’s being referenced in Revelation chapter 13. And then I’ll give a conclusion. And in my conclusion statement, I will reference some verses that I think will just be a good refresher for many that are true Christians. And if you’re not born again, it will be a great introduction into some of the rules that God lays down for Christians in understanding and interpreting Scripture. So that said, I’m going to first start out by talking about who has understanding. God says you need understanding, which only comes from being saved. You need a pure testimony because the Scripture cannot be broken. You have to be born again. You have to endure the chastening as part of that process because you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you put your trust and faith in Him, because you can’t please God without faith. And if in your heart you truly believe the testimony of Jesus Christ, you’re going to be born of incorruptible seed. And if there’s any drops in your vessel, god will remove it by his power.

Okay? It’s important. I don’t want to get too side-tracked that when you’re born off of incorruptible seed, it means that there’s oil in your lamp. And I’ve got a video on that subject on this channel that you can look at further. A person must also obey and follow the teachings of God by avoiding private interpretation. If Solomon became confused, what does that say for the rest of us if we do not believe God? I will elaborate on this later in this sermon lesson. Once this is done, the Bible must be read so the Holy Ghost can teach a believer precept upon precept, as it says in the book of Isaiah. I’ll give a specific reference later on.

But you have to believe God. You have to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. If you can just do that, you’ll be part of the few that actually do. And then the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost can lead you around precept upon precept around the Scripture so that you can have understanding. And then none of these mysteries will confound a person that is saved if they put their trust in Jesus Christ. Here is wisdom. A believer will be taught by the Holy Ghost. As I mentioned, there are systems and features within the word of God that are not known to the world. When God designed His Word and he says the Scripture cannot be broken, he’s not joking around. One little change in one little area of Scripture leavens the whole lump, and it keeps a spiritual testimony from being seen by even a saved person. Reference Matthew, chapter 25 is just one place in Scripture where this is taught to us. Okay? But if you have true faith and belief and you get an unbroken testimony, the Holy Spirit can lead you around the canon of Scripture and teach you things.

There is a system that states in Revelation chapter 13, verse 18, that the verse must have three exact words. And those three exact words are, here is wisdom.

They cannot be changed. Those words have to be exact, okay? If they’re altered, the text is cursed like it would be in any other place of Scripture where you change one thing a little leaven the whole lump. Many modern Bibles change these words, and I couldn’t find an official Catholic Bible that has these words intact, although there could be one out there, I couldn’t find any when I looked. Okay? Many modern Bibles, as I mentioned, change these words. Not all of them, but many do and consider that only few understand God’s word.

So there is an organized effort, spiritual wickedness in high places to subtly change the canon of Scripture. And it’s been done all throughout the canon. But just in this one little section of Scripture, the canon has been changed just to further conceal and keep people confounded. Okay? So it has to say, here is wisdom. Starting out verse 18. In Revelation chapter 13, I’m going to get into spiritual vocabulary. Wisdom is associated with gold. If you look at Proverbs chapter 16:16, if you’re saved the Holy Spirit should be putting that in your mind that the two are synonyms.

How much better is it to get wisedome, then gold? and to get vnderstanding, rather to be chosen then siluer?

And then once you know that there are synonyms, you can look at the rest of the places I’ve got referenced on the screen and see where God is talking about either wisdom or gold, he’s actually talking about both being equivalent. And then you throw in like an example number three, eyes are also symbolic of wisdom or gold as well. And that’s important because we’re led to these places in Scripture on the screen are all connected and all vital for understanding and counting the number of the beast. So referencing the previous slide that I commented on, wisdom and gold are spiritual equivalents. So in item number one, God is also asking a believer, where is gold? Not only where is wisdom but you should be thinking spiritually about where are you going to find gold at as well.

It’s like a treasure hunt. And this is what the Holy Spirit taught me probably around six months after I first got saved, but it was all God’s power. And then he led me to Proverbs, chapter 17, verse 24

24 Wisedome is before him that hath vnderstanding: but the eyes of a foole are in the ends of the earth.

When I’m saying that’s not what the verse says. The verse says wisdom is before him that hath understanding. But I’m just explaining the spiritual equivalence that God is also telling us to associate wisdom and gold before him that hath the word of God. If you have understanding that’s like silver, as we learn in our vocabulary from Proverbs 16, verse 16, and then once you associate silver, you can understand that God’s word is as silver tried in the furnace of earth as it says, I believe in Psalm twelve. And so you can find gold before him that hath God’s word is another lesson here. It’s a layer of the lesson. And then it takes you on to Revelation, chapter 13, verse 18, where your spiritual mind is thinking these things. You’re reading God’s word, it says here is wisdom, but you’re also associating wisdom with gold. So this treasure hunt that you were put on back in the book of, I’ll say, Job, which led you to Proverbs, which leads you to the book of Revelation.

Finally, God is saying if you have this wisdom or this gold, you’re going to be able to count the number of the beast and there is a number given sixe hundred threescore and sixe. So you’re thinking, okay, here is wisdom or here is gold. Where can I find either sixe hundred threescore and sixe? Reference to either one of those? And then that leads you to First Kings, chapter ten, or Second Chronicles, chapter nine, where you find sixe hundred threescore and sixe talents of gold. So it’s a lesson within Scripture that is completely transparent to the world and you have to have the Holy Spirit in you to understand this stuff. So again, I’m just explaining how a spiritual mind uses spiritual vocabulary for spiritual lessons that are hidden from the eyes of those that have not yet been saved.

So I referenced understanding and silver being equivalent to God’s word here’s the basis for some of the scriptures that give that tie in. So you can look at those and study those independently. But it’s very important to always associate silver, understanding and God’s word together if you have a spiritual mind, and that way you’ll be able to understand spiritual things. And then Solomon is revealed to be the one associated with sixe hundred threescore and sixe talents of gold. As we learn about so it’s revealed throughout the canon of Scripture that Solomon is also the final, the name of the final Leviathan out of the AV 1611. So here’s a bunch of verses that ties Solomon in to being related to Antichrist. And we know that wisdom and gold are equivalent.

As I mentioned earlier in Proverbs chapter 16, we know that God talks about wisdom and gold in Job chapter 28. And then later in that chapter in verse 22, we get a tie into Solomon through a quote that the Queen of Sheba gave Solomon back in First Kings. So it all ties together very neatly, precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little as God tells us. And then I’ve already mentioned Proverbs chapter 17, verse 24, which references the eyes of a fool in the end of the earth.

Wisedome is before him that hath vnderstanding: but the eyes of a foole are in the ends of the earth

And that ties back into Solomon because he admitted that he was an old and foolish king back in the book of Ecclesiastes, that all of his wisdom ultimately did not help him because he stopped listening to God. So man’s wisdom does not compare to God’s wisdom. Man’s wisdom, if you only have man’s wisdom, it will not get you anywhere when it comes to the kingdom of heaven, you need to be born again and trust the Lord Jesus Christ, and by his power he will teach you his precepts so that God can consider you wise rather than foolish. And then there’s wisdom and gold as spiritual equivalence, which I’ve already talked about in Revelation chapter 13. And then that leads us to First Kings, chapter ten, verse 14, and then Second Chronicles chapter nine, verse 13, where we find sixe hundred threescore and sixe talents of gold, which again is spiritually equivalent to wisdom. So we found what we were looking for where God let us. And then in Matthew chapter twelve, verse 42, Jesus Christ tells us about Solomon again and how ultimately the spiritual lesson here is how unsaved people will give an ear to Antichrist, tickling their ears because they don’t have the testimony of Jesus Christ written in their foreheads.

That’s the real spiritual lesson going on there. And that’s how the adulterous generation ultimately perishes is because they just don’t believe God. Okay? And then we learn more about Solomon in Ezekiel, chapter 28, verse three. The Prince of Tyrus is his name there. That ties into 1 Kings, chapter 4: 31. If I remember correctly, God explains to us that he is wiser than all men. Okay? So God’s just referencing the final antichrist that ultimately Lucifer will wind up using because God allows it, okay? And if you go to the Book of Proverbs, it also says that apples are associated with gold. And we know that wisdom is associated with gold. And we know from reading Genesis, chapter three, that fruit and wisdom are associated. We learned that the woman in Genesis chapter three had a piece of fruit. She looked at it because she thought it would make her wise. It’s revealed in the Song of Solomon to have been an apple.

And so that ties into Solomon again. And then if you look at Leviathan, which is ultimately where this is all leading, solomon had a bunch of gold and he had a navy of ships. And so in First Kings, chapter nine, verses 26 and 28, it talks about that. And then if you go to Psalm 100 and 426, it talks about how Leviathan is meant to play in the ships. Now the ships are spiritually equivalent to Bibles, which ultimately produce wisdom, either God’s wisdom or man’s wisdom, depending on what type of believer you are. So it all ties together. This is just a small sampling of what God teaches believers in the canon of Scripture. Okay, there’s additional teachings. I could go on and on and on, but I just wanted to show how important it is that you are saved. You have a spiritual mind, you have spiritual vocabulary, and everything in the Bible is connected and not one single precept can be changed. The scripture cannot be broken. I’m going to go into some of these verses on the screen. It says in Job, chapter 28, verse twelve,

But where shall wisedome bee found? and where is the place of vnderstanding?

Notice that wisdom is coloured as the colour of gold and understanding is as the colour of silver. So I’m associating wisdom with gold and understanding with silver. And because understanding is associated with silver, I’m also associating it with the word of God. So that said, it leads me to Proverbs, chapter 17, verse 24,

Wisedome is before him that hath vnderstanding: but the eyes of a foole are in the ends of the earth.

So God is just teaching me to associate wisdom with eyes, with ultimately gold in man’s wisdom. It says in Revelation chapter 13, verse 18, here is Wisdom. So as I mentioned before, I’m thinking about also gold. Let him that hath understanding which is also silver or the word of God, count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 603 score and six. So I’m associating sixe hundred threescore and sixe with gold as well. So where am I going to find gold that is adding up to 603 score and six? Well, I go to One Kings, chapter ten, verse 14, and it says, now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was sixe hundred threescore and sixe talents. Of gold. It also says that in Second Chronicles chapter nine, as I mentioned before. So that’s how we count the number of the beast. You don’t privately interpret.

There’s no other way to count it. God is telling us that the sixe hundred threescore and sixeis the number of a man and that man is Solomon. I’m going to give another lesson about Solomon. It says in Job 28:22,

Destruction and death say, Wee haue heard the fame thereof with our eares.

The Queen of Sheba came and started flattering Solomon. Ultimately, Solomon stopped listening to God and ultimately the King of Babylon steps in as God’s servant and God chooses and sends delusions using his servant, the King of Babylon. And so Solomon starts getting flattered by the Queen of Sheba and she’s exalting him.

You’re even more famous than I heard. And Solomon starts believing his own hype. He forgets that the only reason he had wealth and wisdom at the levels that he did was because God gave it to him. Because God liked Solomon’s heart and his prayers. That’s it. But Solomon got flattered and we’re warned about flattery. Notably in the book of Proverbs, the flattering tongue can cause problems for us. And that started Solomon’s downfall. And it says in two Chronicles chapter nine, and when the Queen of Sheba heard the fame of Solomon, she came and started flattering him.

So those two verses are tied in together and ultimately God is telling us that the Queen of Sheba represents destruction and death. It also represents the world of heathens that are going to meet their end because they don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. And then the whole Queen of Sheba lesson is continued in the New Testament with Jesus Christ telling us the Queen of the south, which is synonymous with Sheba, shall rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation and condemn them. For she came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the Wisdom of Solomon. And behold, a greater than Solomon is here.

Remember, when God tells us about the eyes of the fool or in the ends of the earth, he’s also reminding us here Jesus Christ is that this is foolish wisdom. But what’s going to happen is the final antichrist is going to flatter the people of the world and beguile them and they will all be caused to receive his mark because of what is going to come out of their mouths, because they don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, they’re going to be defiled that way. And nobody is going to be saved and enter into the kingdom of heaven unless they’ve been born again of the Spirit. You need to be born again of incorruptible seed, the word of God, which liveth and abideth forever.

The Lord Jesus Christ, you have to believe on him. It doesn’t matter if a person knows what is going to happen. God has already spoken what will happen. And Peter was our example. Peter knew ahead of time that he was going to betray Jesus, but he just didn’t believe it. But it happened anyway. The same with these people and the evil and adulterous generation. When the final Antichrist rises, it doesn’t matter if a person even recognizes them as Antichrist. They’re going to be beguiled and be caused to receive the mark of the beast if they’re not born again. Because nobody can do anything without the Lord Jesus Christ sealing them until the day of redemption.

It says in Revelation chapter 22, verse 16, i, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. And then it says in Isaiah chapter 14, verse 14, Lucifer in his heart, God tells us, he said, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, which are the prophets, which is the word of God. He’s beyond the word of God. He’s not going to be subject to the prophets in his heart at least. And then he says, I will be like the Most High. So if Lucifer wants to emulate Jesus Christ and be like Jesus Christ and be Christ like, if Jesus says he’s the offspring of David, well, who is the most famous offspring of David? That’s Solomon. So Solomon was turned into a devil worshiper over time because he stopped listening to God and Lucifer stepped in and there was no match.

Solomon had no match. No wisdom, no dominion, no power. Lucifer mowed him down with the greatest of ease. And it’s a lesson to all of us that we have to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s the only way we can overcome this world. So Solomon God reveals the name of Solomon as the final Antichrist in the book of Revelation. Solomon was wiser than all men, but became a devil worshipper in his old age because he did not obey God. He went after strange women, which today represent all these false, corrupt churches the mother of Harlot’s has given birth to, and the mother of Harlot’s being Babylon, and I’ve talked about that extensively in other sermon lessons. Solomon later admitted to being an old and foolish king.

All this wisdom and all this wealth can’t take it with you. God still loves Solomon, but it’s a great lesson for all of us that worldly wisdom amounts to nothing according to God. And that if you don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, ultimately you’re born a child of the devil anyway. You’re never going to get saved unless you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. And even at that, there’s still snares. Once you get saved, you don’t want a spirit of slumber. You want to keep a pure testimony. You want to keep God’s commandments by having faith in the pure word of God and not relying on your own ability in the flesh to perform righteousness, okay?

And then God explains that Lucifer has wisdom, power and dominion that far exceeds anything that Solomon had. As I mentioned earlier, Lucifer wants to emulate Jesus Christ. So his antichrist plural represent man’s wisdom. Okay? All this seminary nonsense and apologetic nonsense and all the bookstores filled with all of men’s knowledge, it’s all foolish to God. God designed things so that a believer can learn things through faith, by the power of the Holy Spirit and freely give to others to edify them, not to sit there and by silly apologetics in the markets, which is one of Jesus Christ’s biggest hot buttons, he doesn’t want anybody to make merchandise in his temple and it says, buy the truth and sell it. Not if Jesus Christ is the truth, he’s not for sale. So God designed things so that the true believers can be taught by the Holy Spirit and edify one another based on their spiritual gifts. Solomon represents man’s wisdom in its ultimate form, and he is the name that is ultimately given to the final Leviathan, which is another name for antichrist.

So Solomon, the original, the offspring of David, was loved by God. But there’s a great lesson there that we learned from Solomon’s folly. When he stopped listening to God, he became a Devil worshiper and then obviously he recognized the foolishness that had happened. And God loves Solomon, okay? But the Devil is going to use that name as his final antichrist because it represents the ultimate in man’s wisdom, okay? Jesus says he is the offspring of David. Lucifer wants to be like Jesus, all ties in perfectly.

  • So in conclusion, how does a person count the number of the beast?
  • Number one, you have to be saved and have understanding. You have to have a pure testimony. If you don’t have a pure testimony, you get a spirit of slumber, as I’ve talked about earlier.
  • Number two, they need to obey God precept upon precept, as it says in Isaiah chapter 28, verse ten. It also says that elsewhere in that chapter.

But that’s important. And what that means is you’re going to learn something in one verse of Scripture and then it will be taught somewhere else in Scripture. It’s going to be in the same spiritual language, but it might not be in the same natural language. So that’s how God designed His Word, so that natural people can’t receive spiritual things, but it has to be done precept upon precept, line upon line. Here a little, there a little number three, they cannot privately interpret Scripture by making up doctrines.

Scripture interpret Scripture. You can’t just say, well, I stepped into a cave and this revelation came to me and God spoke with me and he says, you’re a prophet, give this message to my people. No, God doesn’t work that way. Jesus Christ says it is finished. The word is complete. And any further revelations given to individuals, god says the spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets. In other words, everything has to be in complete harmony with the word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

You can’t have additional scriptural revelations given to an individual that conflict in any way with the canon of Scripture. That’s how cults are born or started. So Scripture interprets Scripture. Number four. They realize that in a multitude of counsellors there is safety. I think that’s repeated a couple of times at least in the Book of Proverbs. What does this mean? This means that God’s testimonies are the counsellors, and the prophets reveal the doctrine. God says, Thy testimonies are my delights and my counsellors. In other words, you learn something in one place of Scripture, and then that counsellor is going to take you somewhere else in Scripture. What it does not mean is consensus Christianity. It doesn’t mean that, well, nine out of ten pastors agree that this is the number of the beast and blah, blah, blah. Don’t put your confidence in men, trust in the Lord, or trust in the Lord.

Don’t put your confidence in men, as it says in the Book of Psalms, I believe so. We want to remember that, first of all, men are confounded. Natural people don’t receive spiritual things. So even if a pastor or somebody in authority in the Christian church is truly saved, they need to have the complete canon of Scripture. They need to have the appropriate spiritual gifts, and they need to follow God’s rules and demonstrating that Scripture interpret Scripture. And they also need to freely give, because God is not giving any of us all the wisdom and understanding so that we can turn a penny of profit off of our neighbours or our fellow believers.

Okay? So freely give. That’s what God produces in terms of a believer. And then lastly, when a saved person can count the number of the beast, god may teach them more about what the beast does with his false Scriptures. For an example would be in the Song of Solomon. How many people really know what the Song of Solomon is about? But if you’re a saved person and if God purposes it, then he’ll teach you what the Song of Solomon is about. It’s about how the final Antichrist manipulates the drunk world of heathens.

Off of his false doctrines, god goes into how he builds a final book of wisdom and the consummation that we learned about in the Book of Daniel that happens, and at the end we learn that the world feeds off of Satan’s wisdom. That’s taught through the Song of Solomon. Now, the Papacy likes to throw out their own doctrines about it. They call it canticles and use your own discernment, pray about it. But that’s what the AV 1611 Song of Solomon is about. Too many people read the apologetics from the bookstores or listen to men talk about what it means, or read commentary in the margins and don’t trust in the Lord to teach them precept upon precept. So once you understand the name of the beast and you can count the number of the beast, God may teach you further things, because there is a complete theme about this, in God’s word. So thank you guys for listening. I hope that this provides some good, steady material for people, and I appreciate you watching the video today. God bless. And I’ll give a different subject next week.


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