The Greatest Apostasy right there on your TV.


¶ Enter ye in at the strait gate, for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which goe in thereat:
14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth vnto life, and few there be that finde it.

Are you in an institutional church? Adoring your pastor like a celebrity and listening to Christian music with all of its symbolism from Mystery Babylon embedded in the content? What was Jesus speaking of? For those for us in institutional churches we saw this as the world and all of those sinners out there. “Out there”. Think about that. Is Mystery Babylon inside or outside churches? Where does it start?

Let me give you a clue. False bibles. They look like the real deal and talk about Jesus, but they are based on very subtle and hard to detect counterfeit content. How can you tell if they are false?  Surely, I do not mean my modern translation you say? Yes, these bibles are false, and people have no idea. When you deal with counterfeit you must first know what the pristine and authentic looks like. You have to study it, memorise it, handle it, and touch it for some time. Once you know it so well you can see from a hundred miles away then you are ready to examine the expertly crafted counterfeits. The pieces that look so real that unless you are an expert you will always fall for it and never notice that it was not real.

The 1611 text is that pristine original. It is the one you can compare all of the others to. Word by word, book by book, comma by full stop. You know it is real because it is consistent in its message, wording and doctrine from the first words in Genesis until the last in Revelation. You can also study its origins back to the original manuscripts distributed and used by the early church and preserved in the Hebrew by the scribes going back millennia. We cannot go into all of that here as we would be here for many hours. I suggest viewing the Lamp in the Dark documentary series or many other sources found here. It is not a five-minute study and will take months to begin to understand all of the history of the scriptures, the early church, the early translations, the reformation and its translations of which the 1611 was the culmination of all of the texts that came before.

So how else can you know that you are in Babylon? I suggest reading and/or listening to this post. Or refer to this book. Why should I pay for something I am not interested in you might say? Well, if you are reading this you probably are. The author has produced a factually verified book that might indeed save you many months. Together with the others piece of work, most with foot notes for verification of sources and an actual 1611 text to see for yourself such as the one published by Hendrickson will set you on your way. Why should you trust this author as he not well known and in all of the Christian book shops I frequent, and he is not endorsed by my pastor you might ask? There indeed lays a huge issue right there. You are unwilling to question the establishment. I cannot help you with that.

Well, my pastor is a great guy, well respected in my community and loved by all. He does many awesome things for charity and is a mighty preacher. Not only that, but he has also written books which are amazing, and he has a DVD series which teach about incredible things. I recommend YOU listen to him. In response, I have listened to some of the best and famous preachers in the world. So, I know what I am talking about and so does the author of the book. (Far more than me – and yes, I read most of the related books)

However, the greatest preachers of the world can also use corrupt bibles and therefore is the doctrine that they teach correct or not? In my observations many of these preachers are entertainers first and servants of God second which begs the question. Can you be both? The obvious answer is no. Name one person in biblical history found within that entertained. You will not find none. You will also find none of the methods used by modern preachers taught or demonstrated by Jesus Christ anywhere at any time in scripture. So therefore, these men are liars if their actions report to be biblical but cannot be found in the bible.

Of course, these words will be exceptionally unpopular ones especially coming from an unqualified, (arguably) backslidden heathen (defined as not a current member of a modern institutional church) like myself and therefore I should not be making such commentary nor should the author of the book I refer to and I certainty agree with you there with one stipulation. Does the real text first published in 1611 conflict or agree? I am not more important than anyone in God’s eyes, but his Word is final and in order to know the word you must have the pure testimony.

God forbid: yea, let God be true, but euery man a lier, as it is written, That thou mightest be iustified in thy sayings, and mightest ouercome when thou art iudged.

Most of those including myself reporting to be believers in institutional churches rarely read and studied their “bibles” at all and the vast majority of the bibles they own are corrupted or leavened. So, we have two problems here. We rely on the preachers for all of our teaching which we do not verify from the bible and the sources of scriptures are also impure. This is what leads to apostasy. Listening to DVDs, YouTube videos like the ones found here are good but we must have the pure testimony in our our hands and read it from cover to cover asking the Holy Spirit to teach us. We do not need any man to teach us. (Dangerous words from a backslidden heathen?)

But the anointing which ye haue receiued of him, abideth in you: and yee need not that any man teach you: But, as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is trueth, and is no lye: and euen as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

Yes, it goes without saying that there are those gifted in teaching, but their doctrine must come from the same place and be taught to them by the Holy Spirit. God never disagrees with his own word and scripture interprets scripture from beginning to end if you have the correct source to refer to. You cannot rely on the New Testament alone but must learn from the old as well. All prophets better also speak from scripture as that door is closed and the Word of God is finished and completed.

For I testifie vnto euery man that heareth the wordes of the prophesie of this booke, If any man shal adde vnto these things, God shall adde vnto him the plagues, that are written in this booke.
19And if any man shall take away from the wordes of the booke of this prophesie, God shal take away his part out of the booke of life, and out of the holy citie, and from the things which are written in this booke.

In the end we all must stand and give account to God. Our Pastor or leaders’ word will be no justification. We cannot say that we were submitted to our leaders, listened and believed our Pastor and therefore we will find favour with God at that time. I am sure most who read this would agree on that statement. However, if we look at the modern institutionalised churches or any denomination, we see a Pastor standing in front of the people on stage, making alter calls and teaching their doctrine, asking for tithes and telling what God revealed or gave to him for them. This arrangement is no different than a mini pope or priest who says he is the proxy to God while preaching there is no proxy to God. If you disagree or point out biblical doctrines that are contrary to the Pastor’s he will point to his position, experience and education credentials. Something like, “I have been a Pastor for 20 years, studied at ABC, written x books, traveled the world on invites from large churches and lead 2500 people to the Lord personally. What have you done? Who are you to question me. If you do not believe in the vision of this church, you are welcome to find one that you can.” Or statements that might vary in one degree or another depending upon what you question.

In conclusion Jesus Christ is not interested in well-dressed hugely respected people who are great preacher/teachers that travel the world in private jets, making alter calls, prophesying amazing things unless they are submitted to the true word of God and taught by the Holy Spirit. (According to his own words which you can read freely in the four gospels) He certainly is does not submit to the Roman Church of which 99.9% of modern pastors in institutionalised churches around the world. (According to their submission to those systems, such as tax agreements and Roman mandates that oppose the word of God that incidentally generate significant income and prosperity for them and their “churches”)


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