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Welcome, fellow Bereans. This is an Aiken/Block video production. We cover a wide range of biblical topics. Our purpose is to shed light on errors taught by the mainstream churches. We trust you will find this video informative and beneficial. God bless. How to Succeed in the Christ Business and Get Stinking Rich there is a narrative in the business of institutional Christianity. To be successful as the world measures success, you must teach the following principles number one pre-tribulation rapture. Everybody in apostate Christianity loves the pre-tribulation rapture. They love the idea that you won’t have to be here to face Antichrist. You’ll be raptured out, and you will not suffer any tribulation or persecution, but you’ll be gone, taken up miraculously into the sky before any of that matters. People love that. If you teach that, you will increase your demographic considerably. Number two you must teach futurism. That is, Antichrist is exclusive to the future.

You must teach that Antichrist has never been with the Church but shows up for a short period of time just before Christ returns. This, too is very appealing, because people love to glorify their own intelligence and speculate endlessly about Antichrist, and they look for him under every rock. The Church taught for 1850 years that Antichrist came out of the Church. As for One John, chapter two Antichrist was with the Church. Antichrist went out from us because he was not of us. 1850 years of teaching of the Church solid biblical doctrine must be thrown in the garbage to teach futurism. But people love it. They’ll love your Church. If you teach that, it also appeases Rome, and Rome has some serious control over your success in the business of institutional Christianity.

Number three, you must teach that tithing is still in effect for the Church. For some strange reason, people in the apostate Christian Church system seem to love this doctrine, despite the fact that nowhere in the Old or New Testament does it teach that you should give 10% of your gross income to the Church or to your pastor or to whoever it’s not there. In the New Testament, we are commanded to give freely, without compulsion. The tithe was abolished with the Levitical priesthood. It was put in place by our Lord to sustain the Levitical priesthood. When they were no more, Jesus fulfilled the role of high priest. The tithing with the Levitical priesthood was dissonant. Number four if you want to have a really large demographic reach, you must teach once saved, always saved. Every apostate Christian loves this. Everybody who walked the aisle at a Billy Graham crusade or some other event loves this idea, the idea that you can just say a few words and then go on and do whatever you want, live however you want, and your ticket to heaven is guaranteed, and nothing can change that. That’s a lie.

The Bible doesn’t teach that, but it’s very appealing. And as a pastor, if you’re in the business of institutional Christianity, you must teach this. Number five is the altar call. The altar call is a late 19th century invention, and it was designed by a guy named Charles Finney. It puts the pastor into the role of the priest, and he mediates between you and God. This gives him control over you, just like a Roman Catholic priest. You need to go to this pastor, to this priestly order for this altar call. And there they say you do business with God. It’s not in the Bible, but it works. People love the touchy-feely sensation they get when the pastor pulls your heartstrings about doing business with God. It’s a manipulation, but it appeals to the emotions of the unsuspecting, foolish Christians.

Number six, you must teach that all Bibles are the word of God, but they have errors. This appeases the industrial Christian publishing industry that publishes thousands of Bibles, different versions, all kinds of study Bibles, and all kinds of other materials based on corrupt Bibles. They love it. It makes them so much money. And the guy who runs most of these companies is Rupert Murdoch, a papal knight. So this too, appeases Rome. Number seven, you must teach that Roman Catholicism is just another denomination with some serious errors. Rome loves this because it includes them within the pale of believers. That is to say, anybody who names the name of Christ is a fellow believer, a brother. Bible doesn’t teach that. The Bible teaches that the truth divides. Division is a good thing in the name of truth. Number eight, you want to be really successful, make sure your church is able to issue tax deductible receipts. The greedy Christian community loves tax deductible receipts.

They love to save that money on their income taxes. This, again is contrary to what Jesus said about giving, that it should be private and keep it secret. Tax deductible receipts makes you giving the business of everybody that wants to look up your tax file, and especially Caesar. Number nine, to be wildly successful, you must teach that Armenianism and Calvinism are the only two options available to you within the pale of general theology. There are no other options. You’re either one or the other in the institutional church system. Well, I’ve got news for you. There’s a third option they never mentioned. That is what the Bible teaches regarding free will. It’s not consistent with Armenianism and Calvinism. So all you institutional pastors, if you’re having trouble getting really popular, having trouble making lots of money, follow these nine principles, work on them diligently, and you will rise up in the industrial Christian complex. And if you make YouTube videos promoting these subjects, you will garner thousands upon thousands of listeners tickle their ears, and you will be successful. This has been an Aiken/Block video production. Thank you for watching. May the Lord guide you into all truth. God bless.

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