KJV Store incorrect claims


We see so much poor behaviour in the so called Christian world these days do we not? Some would say that this is because of incorrect doctrines or beliefs that individuals have or character flaws but what if the answer was fundamentally simpler. I would suggest it is the later. As this site is dedicated to the true 1611 bible being Gods preserved Word this is indeed the case. The Christian church is using fake bibles or significantly flawed ones at the very least. If you look at the agenda of the so called mother church it is plain as day why we are where we are. You can view and listen to hundreds of hours of verifiable information if you need real evidence. However one of the most filthy of businesses is that of bible sales which is generally based on copyright without any regard to correct translation. However some stores have struck a vain of gold by claiming that create superb replicas of bibles that have no such copyright.

The KJV store has stated that it has the original 1611 bible text contained within the pages of their replica 1611 bibles and customers can purchase such bibles with confidence knowing that they will obtain a high quality build and an accurate recreation. (I do not speak the Roman font texts they also sell) Of the quality there is no doubt however why would anyone pay for a replica that is not faithful to the original? If I part with many hundreds of dollars for a book shelf piece do I want a fake? That seems to be the case with most of their replicas based on my enquiries to their site which really surprised and disappointed me as I had considered such a purchase myself and at one point almost did. I am thankful I did not as I already made that mistake once.

So what am I talking about? I specifically refer to Song of Solomon 2:7 which in the original Hebrew and the 16111 translation says she please. (As do other previous English translations prior to the 1611) The Blayney butchering being sold there is also fraudulent in its claim that it is a correction of the 1611. To me these claims are false on two counts. The first is stating it is a copy of the original 1611 and the other that the KJV they also sell is a correction which with a small amount of investigation (looking with your eyes at a scan of the original or visiting a library with the third book off the press in 1611 and seeing yourself) you can discover with an objective mind is wrong. The reason this change is so critical is it reveals very pertinent biblical doctrine that has been covered up intentionally. The interest parties are not small and their rewards are significant so this is not by accident. It is very subtle and misleading to say the least in my personal opinion based on overwhelming evidence. (who needs evidence these days hey when we have perception?) I include a video speaking of the second incorrect claim they make.

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I think if a store goes through the extraordinary effort to market such externally beautiful and high quality pieces of physical literature that they should and would have known the subtlety of changes made and certainly such obvious ones as an incorrect word. You cannot view this as isolated as other such “replicas” such as the Zondervan 1611 also knowingly make this deception. Yes it is a deception because I managed to find the original and the evidence and I am not smart man so with considerable more resources such as Gordon Campbell’s research there really is no excuse unless it was intentional.


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