Is your bible the word of God?


How do you know you have the word of God in your hand? That book you purchased from the Christian Book Store, is it the real word of God? What evidence do you have that it is? How can you verify that it is the word of God? One way to tell your bible is the word of God is its internal witness. Do scriptures interpret each other, or do they disagree by way of words and testimony?

It is career suicide for a Pastor to kick against the bible publishing industry…

Who teaches us? Does the Holy Spirit or a man? We are not talking about the gift of teaching that God uses believers to edify the church but what is your internal witness? Will you be accountable to God or the teacher? Do you need a scholar to teach you?

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What doctrine does your bible teacher? Does it teach that Jesus is God? Is there a difference between kneeling down and worship. Is Jesus worthy of worship?

Why do words get changed in modern bibles? Simple answer: copyright. Think about that. What do we care about? We care about truth of doctrine. What does the publisher care about?

Is Your Bible The Word of God? by Reginald Jacob Block : $24.45 :



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