Goal of the world “matrix”


Context: God forbid: yea, let God be true, but euery man a lier, as it is written, That thou mightest be iustified in thy sayings, and mightest ouercome when thou art iudged. If anything written here is my personal view or that of another man this truth shall always apply. I care less and less for my own opinion but seek God’s. Unfortunately my mind keeps getting in the way. And bee not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renuing of your minde, that ye may proue what is that good, that acceptable and perfect will of God.

I am thankful for the book written by Reginald Block called Solomon’s Sorrow as it articulates many things, I also have pondered my entire life. Therefore, I have written down a few thoughts which hold no candle to what is already in his book. I am not a writer, artist or a capable orator but desire to not bury my talent. I did however once dream of being a preacher on the world stage, travelling and speaking on the platform as it is called but realised that that indeed is part of the subject of my crude attempt at writing. As Solomon aften said, it is vanity and vexation of spirit.

The goal of the matrix (called “the world”) we live in is complete enslavement and eternal damnation. Let me briefly define world system. This is a construct of the mind more than the physical because the mind controls the physical interactions on the earth where men and others (others=devils) abide in the matrix abide. The laws and rules of the matrix are determined by the King of the world system Lucifer the fallen Cherub appointed by the God of heaven and earth as his servant. Earth is the physical creation of dry land, the heavens the atmosphere and the seas the waters that were separated from the waters above. The firmament is the physical construct that contains the heavens we see with our eyes. You can read about this all in Genesis of the 1611 bible text.

The mechanism of enslavement is sin which is man’s disobedience to God after being deceived by Lucifer the fallen Cherub. It was the entry point for the world systems instituted by Lucifer. It allowed him to implement all philosophy, religion and thoughts opposed to God using his knowledge of the human mind by his interactions with men over time. He saw the creation of the heavens and the earth, everything contained within, mankind and the privileged position intended for them. He knew that if he could deceive mankind than he could use this entry point to create his own kingdom via the proxy of men who were intended for the dominion of the heavens and earth created by God. In essence this would make him like God ruling over his own realm which is physical and spiritual in nature.

Lucifer developed a succession plan through chosen kings in order to proliferate death and destruction upon mankind and draw them away from a knowledge of the Most High God whom he yearns to become like more than any other desire he has. He uses the mind of man for this purpose fuelling the lusts of the flesh as imagined. This is why the mind is the primary vehicle of slavery to sin or rebellion against God by any means customising the approach for each man. He rules through his dictatorial agents who are the Kings on this earth and through their physical presence and submission to himself as the one that can deliver power, riches, fame and control using the illusion of freedom. The very opposite is true. The greater measure of all these temporary things that individuals obtain the more intimately controlled they are by him.

In the final analysis sin is the element or spiritual material used to construct the matrix itself. Without sin there is no matrix. As long as mankind rebels against God which the default birth status of all men the matrix will continue to exist and be controlled regardless of their awareness. The true knowledge of this sin that is being used as the mechanism of enslavement can only be obtained through willing obedience to Jesus Christ and his death, resurrection, ascension to the right hand of God. There is no alternative which is why the Way, Truth and Life are titles of Jesus Christ.

Lucifer also presents himself as the Christ through this culmination of succession of kings on this earth ultimately via the fourth beast of Revelation being Rome which is now his spiritual home. This is his final resting place of power and it will be destroyed and he will be cast in to hell once and for all. The judgement of mankind both the living and the dead will occur prior to the restoration of the New Jerusalem (perfection of earth back to its original state) where the matrix will be no more because sin will not exist as those men who formed it will condemned to eternity with Lucifer in hell. In the new earth the sun and moon will no longer rule day and night as God Himself will be the light for eternity. We can read of this in Revelation 22.

Lucifer has instituted almost limitless variants or avenues of belief, education, wisdom which lead mankind away from God using the natural inherent rebellion enhanced by these alternative ways truths and lives. As already stated the flavours, colours, aromas are adjusted or customised based on culture, creed, age or generational attitudes. There simply is no limit regardless of how new they seem to each generation. Many are resurrected from yesteryear with a brand new coat of paint or hybrids of philosophies and thinking but in the end it matters not which leads men away from God. Jesus refers to this as the broad way. This applies to so-called Christian religions too which come in numerous denominations. So called religions all see each other as heathen or infidels insisting their way is the only. Once again it is of little consequence to the final outcome of enslavement and eternal damnation.

If there was a single component of condemnation it would form the word pride. If all the poison could be distilled down to one single pure source it would be this word which mirrors the heart of Lucifer himself. I will be like the most high. I can make my own way. I am right and you are wrong. I know more than you. You are inferior to me. My opinion is correct. We find ourselves constantly defaulting to this mind set. We believe in what we believe and others who do not agree are wrong.  However this mind matrix of slavery is influenced by an increasingly greater centralisation of thought enhanced by the reach of media via the internet. The World Wide Web truly is what it states with the central spider being Lucifer himself. Technology developed by men is the means of delivery of their demise with diverse potential for distraction from the awareness of pride.

So how can one be delivered or translated out of the matrix system of which we are all born in to and condemned to eternal punishment from birth? I have already provided the answer. Faith in the Word of God. The incorruptible seed of the word of God. Jesus spoke of this specifically in the parable of the sower where he describes the various outcomes of people who hear the word. Our actions upon hearing it will determine this outcome. That word which was spoken in the beginning and that word of God that became flesh and dwelt among us and now is come in the flesh. However only God can reveal this. You cannot work for it or perform certain actions, go on a journey to a far-off place to find it and beg God to show you by convincing him through long and pious prayers. Nothing in fact you can do will assist the seeds germination in your heart. Does this sound ridiculous?

Of course, it does! All of the wisdom from the brightest, most highly educated, decorated, celebrated minds in the history of the world combined is absolute rubbish to God and pure grade foolishness. Do you think that our achievements mean anything to the creator and that we can impress or perform good works to get his attention and save us? You could journey to Mount Everest and shout and scream all day or hike to the most inaccessible part of the Amazon and God would not be impressed at all. You must repent, believe on the name of Jesus Christ and receive the Holy Spirit. But nothing you can do can save you from anything. This is the only escape path from the goal of the Matrix. We can all debate and argue until one day we take our last breath, and it will be too late at that precise moment.

The system we dwell in is a prison. Many who serve Lucifer are convinced of the lie of Genesis 3 that they can be and are Gods. They have immense power, influence, wealth and awe of the nations but each and every man will very soon know that their father is incapable of speaking the truth unless he directly quotes the word of God. These men feel secure in the position that most were born in to, traumatised as children and then controlled completely by that very father who promised freedom in this life however the reality is they have the opposite and are condemned unless they also repent. However, their investment is extreme into this Matrix. The reward of this life that they experience now will echo through eternity and they shall be reminded of it in the lake of fire.

From the richest to the poorest, every race colour and creed will stand before God and give account. I am certain at that place we will realise who God is and that no words we can speak will make any difference in convincing the God of heaven and earth of what he should do. As it currently stands, we are all condemned unless we repent and are received as sons by him. Do not forget he must also accept us and the state of our heart will determine this. The state of humbleness and not a sinners prayer. We might say but that means we can do something. No, we cannot do anything to contribute to salvation as Jesus Christ has already done all that can be done.

Everything said here is subject to the Word of God. If one word or letter is contrary here discard it. Only believe on the Word of God. This site provides the source code in English written more than 400 years ago. That statement seems so foolish in itself. How could the God of creation use such flawed men such as those 47 translators in a far-off land and distant culture that we really do not comprehend? We barely understand 50 years ago in our 10 second culture. Cult-ture yes. As I alluded to already the word cult is in that word. We are bound into the rudiments of this world. Some might even dare to use the term – mind-controlled. If this were not possible why all of the attention on programs such as MK or media.

Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances, that was against vs, which was contrary to vs, and tooke it out of the way, nayling it to his Crosse:

An aside: Media. This word comes from the word medium, a middle ground, quality, or degree; that which holds a middle place or position,” from Latin medium “the middle, midst, center; interval,” noun use of neuter of adjective medius “in the middle, between; from the middle. You could see it as the broad way as Jesus describes it. The middle, the majority road in which most travel, believe and think. Now media is the primary means of delivery of information, instruction and direction. Since babies we are unceremoniously dumped in front of the black box called the Tel a Vision. Whose vision are we consuming? God’s? Now we have smaller versions of the black box in our hands that perform the same function. Who are we listening to? Which way do we travel using it as a medium?

 Thy word is a lampe vnto my feete: and a light vnto my path.

There is no medium in Gods Word only His word. There is no compromise or alternative to His word. When people in the world come together, they negotiate however God does not negotiate with man. He is God not a man. The God of this world is a created being and has limitations, but God of creation does not. He is not confined to this heaven, earth or time. If you want to know him you must know his word, his ways, his precepts. But without faith it is impossible to please him: for hee that commeth to God, must beleeue that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seeke him. You think by this that you can actually perform works in order to please God but this is simply not the case. You can take actions as James points out but not please God with these alone. You must receive the Holy Spirit which is something that is impossible for anyone in the world to comprehend. The spirit of this world cannot comprehend the light. And the light shineth in darknesse, and the darknesse comprehended it not

Have you ever noticed that when you speak to someone in this modern day that they can hardly concentrate for a more than a few seconds? He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame vnto him. The words are barely out of your mouth before they are switched off completely and walk away or speak their piece having not heard a word you said. I have been in conversations too many times to recall where I have been in this exact situation. Our pride assumes we know more than the person we listen to. I know more then you we say. My education is superior. Your culture is alien to me and mine is obviously better! You were brought up in this or that country where they are ignorant of such things. And so it goes on. Pride and self-conceit. It is pointless to rebuke a fool but wise man will be yet wiser as he is willing to learn.

The wisdom of this world is utter foolishness to God. He comprehends it but it is like jibber-jabber to him because we speak our vain imaginations conceived from the cult-ture of this world.

For who hath knowen the mind of the Lord, or who hath bene his counseller?

Job 38:4

Where wast thou when I layd the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast vnderstanding.

5Who hath layd the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line vpon it?

6Wherepuon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who layd the corner stone thereof?

7When the morning starres sang together, and all the sonnes of God shouted for ioy.

8Or who shut vp the sea with doores, when it brake foorth as if it had issued out of the wombe?

9When I made the cloud the garment thereof, and thicke darknesse a swadling band for it,

So what must we do to be saved from this matrix of wickedness? How can we avoid eternal damnation? I leave that there. You can surely see the answer.


The way in which the media now operates anyone who speaks about this would be considered a crazy person. Essentially a heretic. They might not use that word precisely. They may use conspiracy theorist. We do not need the be concerned about the opinion of the media because God can defend his own word. He does not need me to instruct Him on the way in which he deals with those that call his word heresy.

As an aside I was listening to someone chat about a certain controversial subject which they seemed rather confident in their opinion. However as they spoke, I ascertained that their opinion was based on that of the “mainstream”, yet they spoke as if it was their own. (They had come to that conclusion, and it was true how could it not?!) I have noticed this in some of the opinions I have personally had too and was surprised at how easily I took that thought process onboard. Upon reflection I released just how flawed and foolish were my thoughts and their absolute vanity. This sounds like a personalised matrix to me. It seems as though we can have a matrix within the matrix itself. Just an afterthought.


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