Transcript: Good morning. I’m going to talk about forgiveness because it’s a subject that is important as far as being a Christian goes. And I think it’s good that we all reflect on what forgiveness is, is, and have we truly been forgiven and also have we forgiven others? Let’s turn in our Bibles or look at the screen. Luke Six. I’m going to read verses 35 to 37


This is something that personally means a lot to me. I have been wronged by people that have professed to be Christians. They have used the name Jesus Christ to beguile me. And it is probably the worst feeling. A person can have to be deceived by someone using the name and earning trust, using the name of Jesus Christ. So I have to look at these verses and do a self-examination and make sure that I cast by the power of the Lord all the hatefulness and bad feelings out of my heart and trust in God’s mercy and be merciful myself and forgive. And that’s what this sermon topic is about this morning. So the purpose of this sermon is what is forgiveness? And then is there a difference between secular forgiveness and Christian forgiveness? Examples of forgiveness? I’m going to give some of those.

I’m going to give examples of maybe some thoughts that all of us might have about lacking forgiveness, the inability to ultimately accept forgiveness, and then I’ll conclude it at the very end. So starting with the definition of forgiveness, according to the dictionary, it says to pardon, to remit as an offense or debt, to overlook an offense and treat the offender as not guilty. And then forgiveness is the act of forgiving the pardon of an offender by which he is considered and treated as not guilty. The forgiveness of enemies is a Christian duty that’s coming out of the secular Webster’s Dictionary, as I put the link at the bottom there. And it’s a good thing for all of us to focus on what this word means.

We’ve all been born on the trouble. We’ve all rebelled against God. The ultimate rebellion is disbelief. How many people do you know that actually believe the Christian Bible and are willing to put their lives on the line for their beliefs? Or do most people just say, well, the scholar says this or the lexicon says that, or I prefer this version, or I prefer that version. Where is the faith in this world. We have rebelled against God. He has been merciful slow to anger and he has a lot of forgiveness in him. And he’s going to counsel us that we should have the same mercy and forgiveness in our hearts for others and bear with them. In Acts 26 it says

God has forgiven us. If we believe on Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven. We receive the Holy Spirit. We’re sealed until the day of redemption. And God reminds us that his mercy and dearest forever. And just because we’ve rebelled against him, he doesn’t hold that against us forever and ever. He is a forgiving God and he asks that we acknowledge that and do the same with our neighbours. Because the key here is until you’re born again of the Spirit, you’re under the power of Satan whether you want to believe it or not. You’re under the power of Satan. Some of the nicest acting people in this world are under the power of Satan. They don’t realize what a wretched they are and how unrighteous they are unless they’re born again in the Spirit. And there are some people that are truly by our standards as people, good people that are Meek and humble and help others and have a forgiving heart, but they’re not saved. You’ve got to have the Salvation, the blood of the Lamb, and the word of the testimony of God in order to be saved.

So we don’t judge by appearance, we judge righteous judgment. Every Christian knows the power of the Lord’s forgiveness. When you’re born again of the Spirit, he’s going to bring you down. It’s going to be an experience unique to the individual depending on how old you are and what your life experiences are. But God is going to chasing you when he receives you. And that’s part of the I guess I’ll call it. It’s the horror, but it’s also the joy of becoming a Christian is knowing that God loves you and he’s tried your faith and he’s welcomed you to his Kingdom through chasing. It says in Revelation, chapter twelve.

So what the Devil’s job is the devil is here to accuse us of all of our wrongdoings, especially in the flesh, and to kill our faith so that we never ever believe on the word of God. But we always have doubt in our hearts. Yea hath God said, it says in Mark chapter three,

That should be a very terrifying verse of scripture to everyone. What does this mean? Is God warning against never being born again by believing on Jesus Christ? There’s no forgiveness in this life or the next. If you’re not born again, you must be born again or you’re not going to enter into the Kingdom of heaven. And in order to be born again, you have to believe in the incorruptible word of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. And you have to have faith because without faith it’s impossible to please God. Can a person accept God’s forgiveness for the following? I’m going to talk about some of our problems that we have, and this is part of my own experience.

When I became a Christian, it was so terrifying because I was very aware of what a wretch I was. For the first time in my life, I felt like the worst person ever. And I think that’s part of the chastening that God gave me. He allowed all the accusations to come into my mind for all the bad things that I did in my life. So I’m going to put some things on the slide here that maybe many of us can relate to. And you have to be able to accept God’s forgiveness for all these evil fleshly deeds. For example, a person has an abortion, that’s a horrible thing. But ultimately, no matter what you do in the flesh, God can still forgive you. The one thing he can’t forgive is the sin of disbelief because you’ll never be born again unless you believe the testimony of Jesus Christ. If you had an abortion and you then become a Christian, God will forgive you because you believe on the word of God, you agree with him that killing is a sin.

I cheated on my spouse. By Jesus Christ standards, almost everyone here is guilty. If you lust after another person, you’ve committed adultery in your heart. But even so, if you’ve literally acted out and cheated on your spouse and committed adultery, God can still forgive you. But you must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. The Devil’s job is to convince you before you get saved that you’re the worst person ever and you’re never, ever going to be accepted by Jesus Christ because you’re so bad. I went through that during my experience of being born again and being chastened by God. I was certainly convicted of all the evil deeds that I did up to that point in my life. And ultimately I had to accept God’s forgiveness that God is above all these things and he can forgive and will forgive all sin that you must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I stole from someone.

This is any magnitude. Steal a pencil from someone in school, steal someone’s life savings because they trusted you. But if you steal from someone in any capacity, you’re a sinner, you’re a sinner. No matter what. No flesh is justified by the law, but you’ve got to be able to accept God’s forgiveness that he will forgive this sin. I lied to someone. Same thing. We’re all guilty of it. Especially if God says every man is a liar. And if you offend or break one part of the law, you’ve transgressed it all. So we’re all guilty here. I killed someone. I can’t imagine how a person would feel, especially if they killed someone in a bit of anger or maybe unintentionally or maybe out of malice. But God will still forgive you. If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, anything is possible with God. The one thing that God will not forgive is the sin of disbelief. You must accept the free gift of God being born again of the Spirit by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. I used illegal drugs.

Maybe this is the sin that is convicting someone. They’ve used illegal drugs. They’ve opened themselves up to dark things, dark spiritual attacks. God will forgive all of those deeds. I encourage someone to commit a crime. Same thing. That’s almost worse than committing a crime. If you encourage someone to do something but you don’t act it out. You’re a coward because you’re trying to get someone else to take the blame for something or to do something that you’re not willing to do, but God will still forgive you. I’m a sexual deviant. That can be a very inappropriate or vile thing. But God will still forgive people for those sins because they’re not sins of disbelief. I fornicate it. Same thing. God will forgive. I physically injured someone intentionally. God will forgive you.

I listened to evil music. God will forgive you all these things. God will forgive. However, once you get born again of the Spirit, are you going to want to do these things over and over? Well, that’s kind of a rhetorical question, because if you’re chastened by the Lord and he convicts you that all these things are an offense to him, you’re not going to want to do them again. You can’t escape the flesh, but now sin becomes your enemy. You realize your flesh will never be justified by the law, but you feel sorry for all of these evil deeds. When you become a Christian and you’re going to do what you can to avoid any of this, will you be able to ever escape all the uncleanliness of the flesh during your walk as a Christian? Literally, no. Spiritually?

Yes. Because you’re born again of the Spirit. You will not fulfill the lust of the flesh because you’re justified in your spiritual body, not your physical body. But you’re going to sin is your enemy. And that’s something that I think all of us can relate to when we become Christians. A few more things I wanted to talk about. There’s some people that have played with Ouija boards. I’m not one of them. I was never fascinated with any type of practices there some people are some people just cannot resist the temptation of talking with the spirits or tampering with witchcraft. There’s people that claim they sold their soul to the devil. You can’t really do that. That’s a lie of Satan because people are born under trouble. You’re born a child of the devil, you’re already on your way to hell. You’re going to the Lake of fire, and that’s 100% guaranteed. And the only way to avoid it is to be born again of the spirit by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, the incorruptible word of God which liveth and abideth forever.

That’s it. Other than that, it doesn’t matter if you think you’ve sold your soul to the devil or not, you’re already a child of the devil if you’re not born again with the spirit. And all these packs that people think they’re making for Fame and fortune are nothing more than an illusion. They all are going to end tragically without Salvation from Jesus Christ. I am a witch or a werewolf. That kind of goes hand in hand with this occult theme. There’s people out there that get involved with Satanism witchcraft and can get occult power either to make themselves rich, to shapeshift, to take vengeance on their enemies, to do things that they couldn’t do in a natural body. And God can still forgive all this behavior because the Lord is merciful and his mercy and dorath forever.

And we are all under the power of Satan until we get born again. So I can’t emphasize enough, if somebody is watching this video and thinks they’re too wretched or vile of a sinner to accept God’s mercy, that’s a lie of Satan. So you’re either going to believe the lie of Satan or you’re going to believe Jesus Christ that he can forgive all manner of sin. But the one sin that God will not forgive is the sin of disbelief. Not being born again of the Holy Spirit because you’re resisting the Holy Spirit in this life and there is no forgiveness for that or the life to come. So be advised, God can forgive any sins. You just have to accept his forgiveness. In Colossians chapter two, it says,

We were all dead in our sins before we became Christians and God forgave us all trespasses, not just some. And no, there’s not a constant everything you’re going to do in your flesh is going to be unjustified because no flesh is justified by the law. But if you’re born again of the Spirit, you can walk in the spirit so that you’re not fulfilling the lust of the flesh because God looks at you as a spiritual person, a new creature in Christ. Having believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and having been tried and having true faith, it says in John chapter three,

God performs the operation. He separates the spirit from the flesh. You’re justified in the spirit. Your flesh will never be able to perform that which you would Because the flesh is going to pass away. But your spirit will live on. So you must be born again. You must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. So in conclusion, it says in one John chapter two,

If you are sorry and have repented and accept God’s mercy and forgiveness Accept the fact that God has the ability to forgive all sins no matter how vile or wretched they are or that we think they are, Then you can be forgiven of anything in this life. Don’t wait because time is short don’t let the devil convince you that you are unworthy of Salvation that’s a lie that is in many people’s heads that they just don’t think they’re good enough to be accepted by the Lord. What God is above all that he knows all things and his mercy endures forever.

So the final thought I have for everyone is we have all transgressed the law in our flesh. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. There’s no righteous. No, not one except the forgiveness of God be born again. Walk in the spirit so that you can do God’s will with the time you have left in this world and be profitable for his Kingdom. I’m going to pray that anyone listening if you’re not saved that you’ll accept God’s forgiveness and that if you are saved that you’ll be profitable with the time you have left So that many can come to the knowledge of the Lord Lord Jesus Christ. I’m going to close by saying thank you for listening And I’ll look forward to talking with you soon. God bless everyone. Take care. Bye.


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