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Greetings fellow truth believers in the bible. This is a message for you, especially if you’re part of the institutional church system. That is, you’re part of a denomination or some kind of organized religious group. What I’m about to tell you is not taught in your church. It is not taught in what I call institutional churches. And I’ll explain a little bit more about what is an institutional church as I move through this message, but it is not taught in your church what it means to be an institutional church and what the problems are with that designation. Also, you are not taught the protestant reformation and why the protestants came out of Mystery Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church. They identified Mystery Babylon as The Roman Catholic Church, the Church Of Antichrist. And they got that information because they started reading the bible.

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They recognized that the bible taught Mystery Babylon is a city and a country. It is both. There is no other on earth with that designation except for the Vatican. It is both a country and a city. This was made evident when Mussolini restored the Vatican and the Popes to their former glory. You see, they had been stripped away of all their titles and power by Napoleon Bonaparte. When he conquered Europe, he seized the Pope of Rome, dragged him off and put him in prison, stripped him of all his titles, and took away all the diplomatic power that the Vatican held. It was no more. The deadly wound was struck. Now that’s not taught in your church – why? There are four primary reasons, maybe five, and we’re going to get to those anyway. Mystery Babylon. Your church is heading back to Mystery Babylon if you are part of the institutional system. Mystery Babylon is the Universal Church that rules over the Kings of the world, that is, the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church.

That is the most powerful religious entity on this planet and their objective has always been to assimilate all churches back to Rome and all other religions under the authority of The Pope Of Rome. It’s called Ecumenism fellowship with anybody who names the name of Christ that’s Ecumenism and that’s part of the journey back to Rome. I want to talk to you about these four or five items that will be evident in your church, and they are the trademarks of a church on its way back to Mystery Babylon, or a church that has fully gone into the belly of the beast. Yours may be either, and it’s not easily recognized. And why should it be? The Devil is not a fool. It’s a deception and a strong delusion. And God said he would send a strong delusion.

Now the Reformers they came out of that mess when they recognized Mystery Babylon. They saw it in the pages of Scripture and they heeded Revelations call come out her my people. They knew that the Lord was calling them out and the same is today. If you’re part of that, the Lord is calling you out. Come out of her my people. If you refuse to come out, God says you will share in her plagues and judgments, and I don’t want that for you. But that’s the promise of Scripture. There is a price for playing with Mystery Babylon. Now, I wrote about this in my book the Leavening – Four Reasons Your Church Is Headed Back to Rome – The Leavening discusses those four reasons. I’ll talk a little bit more about those four reasons. What are they? The first reason is institutionalism. That is the corporate church. 99.9% of churches in America and the world are corporations of the state. In America they are under the 501c3 corporate Act. That’s right. Your church sometime in the past signed up for this 501c3 corporation.

Now, within that corporation and that agreement, your church agreed to obey Caesar first and the Bible second. So you have put Christ second in your list of priorities, and your pastor may not know that and he may not want to know it. His income is based on the being part of that system and he’s not going to kick against it. So if your church is a 501C3 church without a question, it’s on its way back to mystery Babylon, if not fully installed in it. Now the second trademark of a church going back to Babylon is the tithe. That’s right, the 10% tithe, which is misinterpreted from the Old Testament. The tithe is a burden put upon Christians. It’s the way revenue is insured for your pastor and your church organization. Tithing is an Old Testament ordinance abolished when Jesus said, I am the fulfilment of the law. All law was fulfilled in Christ.

The Levitical priesthood was disannulled because Christ is the high priest. He’s the prophecy of Messiah that would fulfil that role. And as Peter said in Christ, we are a royal priesthood. You see, each believer is a priest now unto Christ, so the tithe has no place to settle. It was for the sustenance of the Levitical priesthood. It was not for pastors to get big salaries, build churches and big wings and basketball courts and swimming pools and libraries and put in Starbucks coffee and all that kind of stuff. Never for that. It was for the sustenance of the Levitical priesthood. And it was never money, never, always produce of the land.

Money was sometimes taken as an offering, but never as part of the tithe. Is your church a tithe church? 10% of your gross income, that’s what they want. You cannot find that anywhere in the Bible. In fact, there were many tithes in the Old Testament. And if your church’s tithing doctrine was true, then why shouldn’t it acknowledge all the tithes? Why are you only paying one of them? And why have they spun that into cash when that 10% tithe was animals and livestock in the New Testament, we are to give freely out of a good heart. Never under compulsion. The tithe was abolished with the Old Testament Levitical priesthood. Now, if your church is pushing that, you’re on the way back to Rome. That’s part of the Roman ideal. Why do you think Rome is the biggest landowner in the world?

The Roman Catholic Church. It is the wealthiest organization on earth. Thousands of years it’s had to assimilate this wealth. It understands how to do that better than anybody. If your church is part of that, you’re on your way back to mystery Babylon or you’re in the heart of it. Next, another trademark of a church on its way to mystery Babylon is the priest slash altar ritual. Does your church have an altar call? Show me that in the Bible. Not there. Does a man stand up calling himself a pastor and ask you to come forward and do business with God? Is there this altar call whereby he mediates between you and God? That’s exactly what the Roman Catholic Church does. That’s what a priest does. He stands between you and God. And when your pastor does that, he’s taking the place of the Holy Ghost. He’s mimicking Rome, and it’s about controlling the people.

Rome was very well versed in controlling people. Manipulation is the key word. So if your pastor is one of these guys who stands up there and calls for the altar call, follows a system pretty much designed by a guy named Charles Finney, there’s a methodology. Raise your hand. Yes, I see that hand. Don’t be ashamed. Every eyes closed. No one looking around this kind of nonsense. Come and do business with God. This is the pastor assuming a position that is very much like a Roman Catholic Church. Does your church do that or something like that? Or do you regard your pastor in a superior light to all other believers? Don’t say you don’t, because most do in institutional churches, the pastor is like a little God. He’s like a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. If that’s part of your church, you’re on the way to mystery Babylon.

Number four. Does your church teach futurism? Do you even know what futurism is? Well, for those of you who don’t know and most institutional church goers haven’t the foggiest what that means. It’s a way of looking at Bible prophecy that came about in the late eighteen hundreds. It was generated by two Jesuit priests in the late 1500s, Bellermine and Ribera. It was a futuristic interpretation of all primary prophecies, and it was designed in such a way that they would sell it to the Protestant churches. The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t believe it. They know better, but they know Protestants are ignorant of history. And so Bellarmine and Ribera concocted these ideas whereby antichrist would be some singular person in the future. That’s not what the reformers believed or taught, and it’s not in their doctrinal statements. It’s not what the Confessors taught and believed. Nor Is It The Teaching Of The Church for about 1800 years, historicism was the prevailing teaching that His Scripture unfolds the History of the Church a little at a time.

So if your church is teaching that there’s a rapture that’s out of the pages of Belarmine and Ribera, not in the Bible. The word isn’t even in the Bible. They’ve spun the first resurrection into some kind of bogus rapture. I will raise them up at the last day. That’s what Jesus said. All believers, he said, would be raised up at the last day. He makes no provision for a raising seven years before the Last Day or before the so called Tribulation. It’s not there. And The Purpose of It is to hide Antichrist. Remember, the Reformers Identified Mystery Babylon and Antichrist as The Roman Catholic Church. And that’s the primary reason they came out of the Roman Catholic Church. They realized they were in Mystery Babylon like you. You’re in Mystery Babylon. If you’re part of that, come out of her, my people. There is no rapture. Futurism is a lie of the Vatican next corrupt bible. There are only two lineages of bibles. One is from Antioch, the other is from Alexandria.

There is only One Bible in the Antioch lineage today, only one. And there are Hundreds of Bibles in the Alexandrian lineage. The Alexandrian Lineage are Bibles that are based on Vatican Manuscripts. Sinaiticus and Vaticanus. Those Are the Foundational Documents upon which all Modern Bibles are based. They are approved by The Roman Catholic Church, and they were written by Gnostics back in Egypt. Alexandria, the Other Line of Bibles only has One Bible. That is the 1611 Authorized King James Bible. That’s the only one, and it’s hard to get that’s on the market today. The 1611 Authorized King James Bible, not the KJV. That’s a revision done in 1769, and it has Problems. No, I’m talking about the Authorized 1611 King James Bible approved By King James and the 47 Translators, that’s the one. Now your church if it’s an institutional church, it’s teaching tithing and all the other things I mentioned, then you’re likely using one of the Babylonian Bibles. NIV ESV ISV RSV, NASB. The List goes on. Every one of these bibles, Vatican Bibles encouraged By Rome because they’re based on the Vatican Manuscripts. Those Vatican Manuscripts were redacted by Westcott and Hort, and from their redaction came all the corrupt modern bibles.

The one sitting in your pew probably came from those two guys, freemasons, and they didn’t believe in the Deity of Christ and many other things. They were supporters of the Roman Catholic Church. And John Newman, a Catholic Cardinal that was commissioned to pose as a protestant and effect the protestant Churches In England to adopt Romish ways. And he succeeded. And after he succeeded, he went back To Rome and was appointed Cardinal, given a cushy job for the rest of his life. So that’s one of the driving forces behind your corrupt Bibles. So there you have it folks. If your church is a 501c3, if you have a pastor priest standing up in the front doing certain things, if he’s teaching you tithing, if futurism is your eschatological view and you’ve got a corrupt Bible, you’re pretty much in the belly of the beast. If not on the way, and you’re commanded come out of her, my people. If you can’t see this, there is no help on earth for you. Nothing I say can help you.

You are in serious trouble. Take this matter before the Lord. Anyway, I’ll just remind you I wrote this book, the Leavening, and it’s available on the book patch. You can get it there. Or if you want a copy of the PDF, send me an email and request this book. Don’t send me any comments about this video. Don’t send me any criticisms or any other invective that you want to spew. I don’t want to hear it and I won’t respond. Just send me an email saying reg. Please send me the pdf titled The Leavening. If you do that, I’ll respond. I’ll send you the PDF. Anything else I will ignore. May the Lord go with you and if you’re truly born again, spirit filled believer, may the Holy Spirit guide you in all truth. Come out of her my people.


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