1611 conference


I saw a bunch of Independent Baptists holding a 1611 Authorised Version conference and could not believe my eyes. I only needed to watch it for a few minutes as all these men went up to the platform in their elevated authority with their KJVs in their hands and under their arms like idols. Holding their large leather bibles, it was obvious that they would not be actually examining texts and coming to the only conclusion history would afford. That is the modern KJV was never authorised by anyone. They need to stop reading it and get the original text in order to start correcting the resulting errors of interpretation.

However, that will never happen as most men in the pulpits placed into this position are cowards. (I cannot speak for these men personally and speak generally) They say they refuse to conform to this world, rightly point out the position of Rome but still refuse to give up their idols which means Rome has already won. They can talk Anti-Christ all day but if they use his leavened lump then they may as well join him. How many of them have died for the gospel? How many were strangled while being burnt to translate that word of God they claim to hold in their hand?

The spirit of Anti-Christ is happy with our actions when we compromise Gods Word, reading leavened lumps created by the enemies of God. They will allow you to thump and preach from that book all day every day and never take any real action because they smile at the foolishness of Protestants who always were an easy target for their agents. You can see this throughout history with doctrines such the Rapture as one shining example of the gullibility of the so-called Protestants.  You can also see the way they embraced men like Billy Graham whose son now promotes all kinds of Apostasy. Billy Graham himself clearly worked for the the unification of the church under the papacy.

Many of these men in the conference are of course very well-meaning souls and possibly even brothers in the faith. That is not my point. It is simply that when you come to the knowledge of obvious error and take no action when in the position of the influencing of thousands of believers, you’re not only misleading yourself but possibly generations of believers. This in fact is what has occurred. Many great men over the past 200 years used that leavened lump for their “theology”, preaching and teaching from it as though there was no Authorised Version. However there it was collecting dust in museums.

It is poignant to me that in fact scholars such as Gordon Campbell who may not even be a believer promoted the original text on its 400th anniversary and pointed out these very obvious differences. He even wrote a book which I have not read yet. (I have read several others on this subject) Publishers such as Hendrickson also released a copy for public consumption, but I have yet to hear famous platform preacher speak about it. So, we see that God has promoted his word and potentially used unbelievers to physically publish the texts. I even located one on Amazon Kindle of all places that is true to the Roman font text used in these bibles.

I heard another very well learned man dismissing the KJV only movement (whatever that means) and telling his friend in an interview that he was not a fan of the KJV but of the received text. Yes, he is undoubtedly correct however has he examined his KJV word for word and compared it to the actual text printed in 1611? (Or even previous reformations bibles) I cannot say as I do not know the man at all, but he is far smarter and better educated than me and could run rings around my poultry biblical knowledge! I could berate myself all day about that. Having listened to much of his work he still reads from the KJV. Why then can he not see the plain and obvious? It leaves me scratching my head.

Here is precisely the point. If generations of men before me understood the received and majority texts and the fraudulence behind modern texts while comparing them to the real 1611 they would have taught me from a child all of these things and I and many believers potentially would not been so pitifully ignorant of bible history and the original doctrines of the church. However so-called pastors went with the secure income, well respected positions in society and the corrupt bibles they were handed in their infiltrated seminaries. All of this came from just a little leaven didn’t it? Just a tiny trace of leaven is all it takes. Oh I know my KJV is not quite the same but I love it so much. Its wonderful red letters and commentary in the text. The wonderful diagrams and maps are my delight. The paper is so crisp and beautiful and I love how it sounds as the pages turns. Like I said, idols. For it is not the paper or its form but the Word of God itself that has power. If the internal witnesses are broken how you can truly perceive what God is saying to his church. This is what I speak of when I refer to leaven. This leaven has led to the absolute and complete Apostasy of the entire modern church. It would be better if these men used the Geneva Bible of 1560 than the KJV. (I have heard a Baptist preacher holding his KJV be highly critical of the Geneva too so that is the pot calling the kettle black!) However that base is also covered as the publishers promote the KJV for profit.

Now we are at an impasse. There is a wall of solid granite before us and no fain of ignorance or excuse we can use. We cannot refer to an academic source because we have the eyes in our heads and history to refer to. We can sit in conferences all day long hearing how wonderful the modern KJV bible is, patting each other on the back, whispering. “Well preached!” But it will not impress God. Go to Him and not me when you complain that all of these people keep comparing the original and ONLY authorised bible to the very KJV you love so much. I did not create the differences nor was I alive in 1611 or 1769. Ask God. I am a very simple man using the eyes that God gave me.



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